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Pet Food Ingredients to Question

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  1. We have lost 4 dogs (3 Boxers, 1 Belgian Malinois) to cancer. We have suspected the commercial pet foods being linked to this, even the so called “Veterinary Suggested” foods. We are now cooking our own pet’s food as we no longer trust ANY and ALL brands, regardless of their CLAIMS as to the “benefits and or safety”
    It seems that the most common cancer seems to be Hemongyosarcoma (not sure if I spelled it correctly) or the so called “silent killer” because by the time it is diagnosed, it is too late! So for us, no longer will we rely on commercial pet foods, we just do not trust ANY BRAND! We are also now making our own treats with ingredients that we ourselves would eat.
    When I was a kid, our pets died of old age. They ate table scraps (with limits), they NEVER died of CANCER!
    It angers us that we have been poisoning our beloved pets by trusting that we were feeding a “good proper nutritional diet”, even though we added chicken, sweet potatoes, brown rice, beef, etc. to their kibble.
    All of this just for pet foods manufacturers and their liaisons (meat packers, chicken growers, lobbyists, etc.) to make MONEY! I will, with no regard as to the consequences, include veterinarians in the bunch!

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