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Pet Food Consumers Deserve a Warning

The trade association that represents Big Pet Food states: “Pet owners should take heart that cat and dog food is the most highly regulated food product, with the possible exception of infant formula.” This is not an accurate statement.

The truth: federal and state authorities turn their head – look the other way – at serious violations of law with pet food. An estimated 30% of the pet foods sold in the U.S. would be considered adulterated if law was enforced.

Law has been ignored for so long, the pet food problem is out of control. Each day in the U.S. an estimated $19 million dollars worth of pet foods are sold to unknowing consumers that contain one or more illegal/adulterated ingredients.


Ask your Representatives in Congress to require pet foods that include an illegal/adulterated ingredient to place a Warning on the label. That’s the very least authorities can do for pet food consumers. The very least.

To read the details of law being ignored, Click Here.

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