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Another Pet Food Advice Article that Doesn’t Have a Clue

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  1. John Huff

    Susan… What trash! I WAS appalled that a vet would make such a statement…Then reality set in. It’s all about the money. They will say anything if the price is right. If she didn’t get paid for that statement of stupidity, then she will earn even more profit from constant visits from clients who are suffering needlessly due to poor diets.
    Case in point: Friend’s Terrier was suffering from an itchy allergy…vet put the pup on steroids. I informed her about the food she was feeding him and asked her to check your “LIST.”
    She did…changed food to one on the “LIST” and no more allergy. She asked her Vet why he did not go the diet route…response: “I would miss your monthly visits.” read that as missing the $$$. Fools. The law of Karma will apply to them one day. In the meantime. Thank you so much for what you teach us for our canine family. ♥

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Did her vet say ‘I would miss your monthly visits’? Oh wow! I hope she has found a new vet. There is no excuse. I agree with you on Karma…it will turn around on them all one day.

  2. KT

    I recently read an article from either Tufts or Cornell(can’t remember which) that was touting corn as an appropriate source of nutrition for dogs. Go figure..if a vet school supports the use of grain as a nutritious source of oils and small wonder that vets are fairly clueless when it comes to feeding our dogs and cats.

  3. Lynne Manjengwa

    I think we all need to move away from the medical model and the myth that, somehow, vets and doctors have a clue about what is good and what is bad for humans and pets. Nutrition is so important yet how many vets and doctors have a clue or even care about it? They prescribe their drugs and treatments, the pharmaceutical companies get richer and more powerful and everyone and everything gets sicker. We need to empower and educate ourselves to keep ourselves, our families and our animals healthy.

  4. Winston's Mom

    I was just berated on a FB cooking board by 2 vets who care greatly about non-GMO, organic and non processed foods for their human family but recommend crap dog food for their clients! I was responding to a post from a new dog owner about what type of dog food they should feed. I recommended they look for the best quality food they could afford (based on reviews) and I stated that I made my own dog food. Both vets told me it was a waste of time and that it did not matter what food dogs ate! They both feed Iams b/c they get a discount! I was totally shocked since they make fun of people who eat processed foods and skimp on quality human foods. They would probably also tell me I was a bad owner since I do titer testing instead of vaccines. Sad really!

  5. Jeri

    I appreciate your statement that these types of vets are indeed a dying breed, as that is my belief also. The AHVMA is gaining ground and providing grants for alternative modalities training in vet schools and vets are learning about a far better way from their own clients and their pets! Times are changing and more pet parents are refusing to buy garbage for their pets. They are getting educated about what constitutes a “species appropriate” diet and are acting accordingly. Naturally this is putting a kink in the long-time monopoly the PFI has held and I really believe the FDA crackdown on raw pet food companies via “salmonella” intolerance stems from the drop in profits experienced by the PFI. Likewise the increase in commercials touting “natural” and the marketing over nonsense like “feather meal”. The PFI is working hard to convince savvy educated pet parents to “pay no attention to that man behind the curtain”!

  6. Paul

    GA protein of 18-20%???

    Even ol’ roy & Pedigree have GAs of 21%

    What would this vet like me to feed my dog sawdust?

  7. Peter

    So-called news outlets will develop stories on anything that can take the notice of viewers, especially a topic that can be shoved into a quickie 90 second spot. Pet food manufacturers will fight back with propaganda as the only means to defend themselves as consumer awareness grows about the junk they market. And they will need vets and other “authority figures” to shill for them.

  8. Lynn

    This video is appauling to say the least. The fact that a vet publicly stated that it’s ok to feed this garbage to your pet really doesn’t surprise me. They have been spilling the same useless rhetoric for years and as long as people are stupid enough the believe them we will continue to have sick animals. The same principal applies to pets that applies to humans…you are what you eat and if you put garbage in you’re going to get garbage out.

    I’ve come to the conclusion that vets are only out to line their pockets and don’t give a rats ass about their patients. If they did they wouldn’t continue to push Hill’s, Iams & Purina (the gruesome threesome I like to refer to them as). There are some vets that are the exception to this way of thinking and two of them are Dr. Lisa Pierson ( and Dr. Karen Becker who is a holistic veterinarian who both believe in raw diets. If anyone has any doubts I encourage you to watch this video. Perhaps it should be sent to the birdbrained vet who endorsed these god awful products. Here is Dr. Karen Becker’s video. Please watch it. It educates pet parents about what to look for in pet food and what to avoid at all costs.

  9. KAH

    I would like to thank “Lynn” who made this particular Dr. Becker video so easily available. It was one of many available at the end of Susan’s By-Product parody. Along with Ann Martin’s “Foods Pets Die For” and an interesting narrative promoting “Dog Food Secrets.” All should be required reviewing for learning about commercial PF. I feed whole food, but used Dr. Becker’s video to review a couple of my backup kibble choices, and brands that friends are using. None really passed the test. I found the message about the first 5 ingredients most important, eventhough Susan has been teaching this forever. Somehow the way Dr. Becker explained the “whole” meat moisture factor suddenly hit me. You’d be surprised at how many commercial PFs out there do post “___meat” as the first ingredient, then follow it up with carbs. No wonder grain-free is becoming more popular. Anyway, as a result, I was disappointed in Fromm’s and I can’t understand why Champion Foods will not return the Pledge (does anyone know the story behind their refusal?) because Orijen contains a LOT of useful protein and they “seem” to be doing things right… . Once again, Nature’s Logic tops the list, including making the Pledge. And because I can’t use a chicken product, NL Beef is my choice. Thank you again for posting the Dr. Becker quick check video!! I hope a lot of other readers will view it too!

  10. Lynn

    To KAH – You’re very welcome. There is a part one to that video I posted but for some reason it didn’t post. I love vets like Doctor Karen Becker, Dr. Lisa Pierson and Dr. Fox. They dispel the myths other vets have been telling their furry patients’ pet parents for years. I just wish they were near me so I could take my animals to them. It’s vets like these and Sue Thixton that make consumers aware of the toxic stews available disguised as commercial pet food. Knowledge is power! Here is that part 1

  11. Marsha

    Very informative. We have been feeding grain free for several years. And as far as dog treats go we only use Pure Bits. Freeze dried and only one ingredient!

  12. Dragon77

    I love Dr Becker! I’ve practically been *begging* her to join up with Sue to help educate petsumers! 🙂

  13. Amanda

    Funny how they always talk about cost, and percentages.. Not Saying say Hills is a good food.. But as it has a HUGE amount of corn.. something that cost like pennies. a pound.. it is WAY to expensive biased on the ingredients in the bag… so if cost is the only issue how about the fact they use ingredients that are frankly cheap and charge a “premium” price for?? works both ways however.. think of the foods who claim the world are expensive, however they use X,Y,Z a their Specific majority ingredient.. and yet.. way lower. than the cost for such meats? Defies logic.. too…. FYI I feed only a kind of mid grade kibble.. plus a TON or majority of fresh.. why.. I want to spend my money on real food.. Not overpriced “processed” pet food.. I don’t trust either.. I only use “commercial” as a snack, some extra calories, and when I am limited due to travel on options.. not the choice for all.. but works well.. for me..

  14. Amanda

    Not all and there is a lot of deception.. But at least cheap food= cheap ingredients.. there are a few “expensive” foods many of us know of.. where are yup.. not better just more expensive..
    In cheap foods price equals lower quality ingredients.. Sadly once one gets out of the base.. the price DOES NOT indicate quality… Sigh..

  15. Lynne Manjengwa

    I visited a friend recently and her dog is limping around with a ligament injury. I pointed out that the dog is grossly overweight and this obviously won’t be helping. She wasn’t feeding her much so I checked the ingredients in the food. Cereal, meat derivatives, vegetable derivatives, grain, sugar. I asked whether the vet had mentioned the fact that the dog is clearly obese and he hadn’t said a word. Just keeps prescribing metacam and suggesting they X ray her. Once I explained that the dog is eating pure crap, she agreed and is going to buy a better food and substitute one meal with raw chicken wings.

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