Below is Orijen’s response received just moments ago.  And a bit of clarification/rebuttal to their response.


On March 24th, 2014, Susan Thixton made an inquiry with our Customer Care team asking for additional information on one of our local suppliers of wild boar.  Our team promptly responded to Susan and requested she allow us time to thoroughly investigate her questions to ensure she receive an accurate response. We expected and understood that we would be allowed the time needed to provide a complete response, and regret that time taken has caused concern.

We value the trust of all pet lovers, including Susan. We respect much of the work Susan does in helping ensure pet food makers are honest and transparent.  We regularly respond to her inquiries, support the First Alert program, and are working on her Pledge to Quality and Origin.

We’re also committed to using local ingredients that are sustainably and ethically raised. Hog Wild Specialities supplies us with fresh Wild Boar that is raised on open pastures in Mayerthorpe, Alberta.  Susan’s concerns were regarding ‘canned hunting’, or hunting animals in a confined space, such as in a fenced-in area.  While Champion does not endorse hunting of any kind, Hog Wild Specialties does operate a separate business that offers hunting, which is run on 25 acres of land. Champion is working with Hog Wild to better understand their hunting operations.

It is also important to note that Champion does not utilize any meat from any hunted animals. All animal ingredients featured in ORIJEN and ACANA are processed exclusively in federally licenced facilities regulated by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, all are from animals passed fit for human consumption.

We value your trust and we’re dedicated to upholding the highest standards of authenticity. If you have any questions regarding any of our ingredients suppliers, please feel free to write back.
Kind regards,
Customer Care Leader
Champion Petfoods LP


My recollection of the conversation with Bonnie on Tuesday March 24, 2014 was that Bonnie specifically asked “give me till Thursday” to get back to me.  I assumed this was two days later, the following Thursday, March 26.  There was no further follow up stating they were investigating and to ask me to be patient while they investigate.   Champion Pet Food set their own respond by date – not me.

And with regards to the Pledge to Quality and Origin, consumers were promised this Pledge way back in July 2012.  Certainly Champion Pet Food can understand our frustration with the delay.


I do thank Bonnie and Champion Pet Food for investigating the hunting at Wild Boar Specialties – and I ask they provide us with the result of their investigation.