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Only FDA Can Stop This Clock

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  1. Ann

    I am watching the clock.

  2. Nina Wolf

    anyone know how we can all embed this clock on our own sites and FB pages?

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      I purchased a program – plugin – called ‘The Countdown Pro’. But looked and looked for something that everyone could share – never found anything. I think we’ll have to find a programer to take this on. But it is my hope we can do it. The best share would be the ticking clock. If I get it – I’ll let everyone know.

      1. Nina Wolf

        thanks – would love to get it up on all kinds of pages and sites with link back to you!

  3. Cathleen A. Combs

    I’m so sick of the FDA’s excuses. I lost four dogs, one of them my Service Dog, Bruiser. He had eaten Waggin Train & AKC’s jerky treats. I’m so sick to death with these “American Owned” companies committing genocide to a species, that is the reason they are in business.
    They should all be charged with Felony Animal Abuse, they know that dogs are dying, but they just keep selling poison.

    1. Regina

      Cathleen, I can hear the frustration in your voice! Losing pets is bad enough, but a Service Dog??? I’m so sorry for all of your losses, and how they have made your life more difficult. Service Dogs need a lot of training, and having to start over again because of these profit-driven companies who don’t care about animals, ugh.

  4. Janelle

    Er – no one is greasing the FDA enough money to stop the clock.

  5. dennis adkins

    the only way we can win this war is with air time on major networks 15 second spots with a veterinarian warning of the dangers with any imported pet products from china and how many pets have been killed over the years by them start the move now fight fire with fire let me be first to write a check for a couple of hundred dollars thanks for beating the drum so loudly on this issue

  6. dmiller

    You wouldn’t need a real vet, just an actor playing one. Just make sure you can’t be sued by China over it.

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