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No to AAFCO meeting

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  1. Eileen

    Susan I totally support your decision not to attend this meeting. Your safety comes first.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Thank you. It was a very difficult decision to make.

      1. Michele Little

        Sounds like a very smart decision to me. Stay safe, Michele

  2. Duncan

    Sadly, a wise decision.

  3. Iva Kimmelman

    Unbelievable. This sounds like something from some third world dictatorship, Nazi Germany or Russia, not our great USofA. I am sorry you can’t attend and angry to do so would put you at risk. I hate these evil people! I intend to listen in on the 23rd.

  4. Nancy Rudolph

    This is unbelievable to be happening in the Land of Freedom!

  5. Dianna

    So sad and troubled to hear this news, Susan, but thank you for making the difficult decision to not go. We would never want you in jeopardy and I will pray for the attendees. We are living in such tumultuous times where everything we thought was normal is being turned upside down. I just have to believe the end to such evil energy is near but it will be rough for awhile until the good guys win.

    Stay vigilant. We’re so honored to have you fighting for our fur children.

  6. landsharkinnc

    you did absolutely the right thing to not attend in person — your safety is paramount to the success of consumer information and protection for our animals

  7. Marisa Siconolfi

    Susan, your safety is first, you already do so much for us. thank-you


    Your safety’s always first, Susan. As always, thank you for all you do to keep us consumers informed. I’ll see if I can check out the meeting online.

  9. T Allen

    I’m sorry Susan. Your safety and that of the other members is more important than the meeting! That it’s gotten to this point is appalling. Threatening people over pet food? Shows how much money and the type of people involved. Meat and garbage have been (and are) one domain of the mafia worldwide. It’s sad to know that in 2018 we are stilling dealing with these types of issues. Find a small local butcher and support local farmers. You and your animals will be healthier and you take your money out of this system!

    1. danielle charles


  10. Marilyn Evans

    So sad and awful that safety is threatened when you dare to speak truth.

  11. Rhea

    Will be sending good thoughts for all that attend, that they will be safe. You are right, even thought we may disagree with their stance on things, they are still a human being and have the right to be safe as everybody does. Sorry you won’t be able to attend in person, but safety first.

  12. Teresa Johnson

    Those who dare to speak or take action to change for a greater good have sadly always been a target. This alone bespeaks the real underlying fear those opposed have.
    As an animal rescuer, I have always taken the position that no one or nothing will bring harm to the critters I’ve taken under my paw unless they come through me first and I will fight to the death to protect my small charges. Fortunately that position has never been challenged. But I have risked harsh words and angered folks when I stand firm about how our pet companions are viewed in a lesser light as living beings with minds and souls.
    I applaud the risks you’ve undertaken in the past, the willingness to keep up the good fight of bringing truth and education to those who will listen, and encouragement for each of us to join the battle. And battle it is. As such, good tactical decisions make the most sense and keeping yourself out of needless harms way is the best decision. Bright blessings to you Susan and protection to those who must attend.

  13. moviezombie

    I trust your decision. it does sound like this was not a threat against you personally but against all at that meeting.

  14. Kyle

    What exactly is happening here? Why would you be in danger? What has happened in the past that you makes you feel this way? Has this been reported to proper authorities?

  15. Vee

    I’m so fed up and sick of all the BS with the pet food industry, constant recalls (often publicly notified after-the-fact – after animals died or suffered long term -often remaining permanent- damage as result) etc. . Dog, cat etc. pet foods. From the supposed top of the line brands, the non GMO, organics etc; brands (they’re no better – still have to preserve them to keep them from spoilage whether kept frozen/refrigerated/on shelf/can/boxed/plastic container /wraps/foils etc;). I cannot afford the fall out damages as result of these problems (costs to treat my pets as result of all the contaminations etc; and, garbage quality pet foods–from the “best/top” of the lines to the lowliest brands out there). I refuse to buy ANY pet foods at all. I will only buy pet supplies (coats, brushes, leads etc..) as needed. I haven’t bought ANY pet foods in approx. 5 years (so far). I make my OWN pet food for my dog & cat. I’ve even made own pet foods for hamsters etc; some birds, and varied wildlife I tend to outdoors, as well. No, do not use the many ok type “how to” books selling out there to make own pet food—even these leave FAR too much to be desired & typically full of misinformation as well – regarding what to feed, what to add (animals are NOT humans they cannot be fed as humans–giving a vegan/vegetarian etc; type diets to any dog/cat especially, is pathetic, stupid and dangerous)/not add etc;—just to make a dollar, so to speak, for the author! My pets are checked by my vet every 6 mo. -sometimes sooner -for anything acute that may arise, and are doing very well health wise (they’re now senior ages too).

    1. Eve

      Excellent Vee😊

  16. Janet c Igleski

    I am upset that this USA is not protecting Freedom of Speech and is not allowing consumers to know the truth in regards to what is really in dog food. It is always the same thing – Big Money Always Wins! Thank you, Susan, for getting the word out.

  17. Terri Christenson Janson

    incredible what these monsters will do to keep people in the dark about the poison dog kibble out there.

  18. Mirsades

    Susan….I am so sorry you will not be attending this AAFCO meeting. I know how important these meetings are to you. All of us, including our precious fur babies, would rather have you safe from harm. I hope that nothing comes of these threats or security issues towards the people attending. It’s truly sad how evil some people/companies/manufacturers have become. Blessings to you and all who fight for justice for animals.

  19. Vee

    Goes to show corruption and greed knows no bounds, nor will stop at anything – to maintain their place/positions etc;, that they need to resort to threats (whether overt or more subtle is irrelevant) to animal/pet loving owners/citizens who voice their views regarding deliberate poor (literally pure garbage) quality, safety etc; regarding the products the companies make & sell to pet consumers (even livestock etc; as well, doesn’t fare any better). Maybe these corrupted companies etc; should be made to pay for ALL the damage/pain/deaths to the affected owners of the pets who have suffered, even died etc; from their products (pay back FULL amounts spent at vets etc; PLUS, at least 75 to 100% more EXTRA for pain, anguish and suffering to ALL the affected pet owners).

    I often wondered (and still do presently) how far back does the AAFCO ‘kick back’ line goes -besides (obviously) the pet food companies and the manufacturers for these pet food companies! To give threats, warnings etc; -whether suggested, implied or overt- to animal/pet loving owners/citizens coming to speak their views on behalf of all pet owners, is first, a criminal offense and should be considered as such. Second; makes one wonder–what else they’re afraid of, deliberately hiding and/or covering up they don’t want the consumers to know-lest they lose profits business. So what, that innocent animals suffer and die at their expense! as long as they -pet food companies & manufacturers, stock holders/investors -and any other idiots involved there- make money etc; who cares (AKA: Greed & Corruption blood line/blood money literally and, M.O. -method of operation) -they don’t, never did & don’t expect them to even start, either!

  20. Patricia

    It’s really sad to hear that in this day and age you have to make such a decision here in America! It’s also sad that they can’t make dog food I would feed my dogs because they are so concerned with the bottom line… “The LOVE of money is definitely the Root of ALL EVIL”… Stay home and be safe, you made the right decision. More and more people are learning what they are doing to our pets and eventually it will effect their bottom line, we just have to stop buying their products!

  21. Deb Binder

    Your safety is paramount. I am certain you struggled with your decision not to attend. Please know that you made the right decision

  22. Jeri

    So sorry to hear this! Safety first. I will pray for safety for all.

  23. Kris

    Thank you Susan for letting us know what is happening. Stay safe above all else. I’ll pray for all those who are attending the conference for safety and for safe pet food for all our pets. Take care and God Bless.

  24. Lisa Marie

    Good God, sounds like the mafia protecting big pet feed, shameful — and criminal, hardly a democratic process of events if your safety, and that of those attending, is being threatened.

    They must understand that the bullying politics of intimidation and threats works against them and the bottom feeder industry they represent.

  25. Eve

    I agree too with your valid decision Susan. Online meetings should be practised as the norm today as facetoface poses too much risk. Animal abuse is in every form including pet feed from the billions of animals abused and used as pet feed to our pets who are fooled ito eating it, from fishing to game hunting to human cruel entertainment such as circuses, marine parks, pet stores and back yard breeders. The list goes on. My point is this Pet feed regulations will only become regarded as Pet Food “Fit’ for Human Consumption when animals are seen and regarded as having equal rights equivalent to us humans. No one in history has ever taken steps to solidify this until Susan became the first heroine for our beloved pets. Susans remarable courage and strength is a leadership like no other and will inevitably make the pey food industry turn for the better.

  26. Cora

    What a sad sad world we live in.
    Stay safe Susan.
    We need you.

  27. FYI, I got on the conference call at 1 pm today to listen in on the scheduled PFC meeting. I was the only person there. None of the members showed up and no one else logged in. It looks like I was the only person in the US (actually in the entire world) that dialed up and logged in. I had a nice 10-minute chat with the IT host (he has 2 Akitas) and then he ended the on-line chat.

  28. Kristin

    I could not agree more with T.Allen and Vee. Very well written. Susan, thank-you for all you have done and continue to do. Your safety and the safety of others is the most important concern to all of us. May God be with you and the others speaking for all of us pet owners.

  29. Peter

    You write “My apologies to all” and I am thinking to myself: “…. Seriously??” No need!

  30. Debra

    Corruption = Evil
    Cannot believe this threat can go unopposed in the USA. Just tells us how wide spread it is.

  31. Debra

    And what about our freedom of speech?!
    So sad.

  32. Peg

    I agree with Peter and all the other posters, Susan.
    Your health and safety are most important to all of us!!!!
    And this is pure evil…………..

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