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My cat is FIV positive. What can I do to help her live a long life?

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  1. Valeria

    Feed only high quality food. Research herbs that boost immunity, search on the net for pet sites geared for holistic treatments and there you will find appropriate supplements/remedies specifically for FIV.

  2. Jessica

    I’m really surprised this article recommends feeding cats a diet that is 10-20% grains, vegetables, and fruits. Cats are obligate Carnivores and have no need for plant material in their diet, in fact these foods can cause health issues in a normal healthy cat. You could argue that even wild cats get a small amount of plant matter in their diet when they eat the stomachs of their prey. But, that is a tiny amount, certainly not 10-20% of their diet, and it is pre-digested by the prey’s digestive tract which is designed to digest plant material. There are many canned foods out there that are grain free and 95% meat and there are even some that are 100% meat.

  3. Sage

    I’ve fed an older feral cat (Finnegan) who was living in the neighborhood for many years, and finally decided to bring him inside. We have had a great many cats living with us over the years and have quite a few now, plus I’ve cared for various ferals for a long time and most have eventually become family members as they’ve grown older. Finnegan joined us in October (2015) and first visited the Vet for a bath, flea removal, neutering, minor dental work and an FIV test – NO vaccines! He tested positive for FIV but from caring for him for years I knew he was healthy. He now has an indoor forever home and while very feral at the beginning, he is happy to be indoors – loves attention and gets along well with our other cats. My cats all eat a safe, healthy diet of home prepared raw chicken and supplements plus human grade cat foods. Finnegan receives extra probiotics and vitamins. To date he is a very healthy senior cat.

    1. Linda

      sage, would like to know supplements, pro-biotics , and vitamins you are giving Finnegan. I have a male cat (Buddy) that has fiv. He keeps loosing weight. Need to reverse the weight loss and hopefully get him better. He is now an inside cat.Lost his two brothers (one being hit by a car and the other being killed by some animal) can’t loose this little guy too. What do you mean by prepared raw chicken? Any help would be appreciated.

  4. Melissa

    Linda, my cat was diagnosed with fiv 2 days ago and I’ve been reading up on it. Everything I read says NOT to give a fiv positive cat raw food.

    1. Linda

      Melissa, thanks for your response. Have you heard of forta flora? I was wondering if that would help our cats. I know that the local Humane Society has been giving it to some of the cats they have up for adoption if they have health issues. Also what brand of dry food are feeding your cat?

        1. Linda

          Susan, I didn’t know that. thanks for the info. I am trying to help my little boy feel better and live longer ( not to subject him to a product that could cause more problems than he already is dealing with). Glad I haven’t given him any fortiflora. What would be a good dry cat food for him? I need to find one that will put some weight on him and of course help him overall. At present, I set out Kit ‘n Kaboodle, Purina One Hairball, and Purina Kitten Chow, He can help himself to whichever one he wants. Is there something that would be better for him seeing he has FIV?

          1. Susan Thixton

            In the comments of that post (about Animal Digest) there are comments from consumers with recommendations to try.

  5. Ceren Güney

    Dr Alinovi, is there a wet food brand you can recommend?

    1. Dr Cathy

      Please refer her to Susan’s 2017 List for the best resource

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