Pictures of what appears to be mold on a Merrick cat food and pictures of a Wellness can cat food – you decide if you think it is shrinkage or shortage in the can.

First, a pet food consumer recently sent the following pictures of what appears to be mold covering the contents of a Merrick cat food…





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Merrick told this pet food consumer “It looks like your seal may have been compromised possibly somehow in shipping or handling?  Seals from time to time can become comprised in any number of ways that then allows air into our natural, preservative free food; causing mold or leakage to occur.”  And also stated “Please know we take these issues very seriously.  We have recognized issues like this can occur so we have reached out to our can lid supplier and have required them to reinforce our lids as an extra safety measure to maintain the integrity of the seal, thereby, preventing this from occurring in the normal distribution process.  I would be happy to send you out some complementary replacement coupons for your inconveninece to the address you have provided below.  Should you need anything further, please contact us again.  Have a wonderful day!” was provided with some very similar moldy Merrick can pet foods photos a little more than a year ago (posted January 6, 2013).

[col col=6]Complaint from January 2013
[col col=6]Complaint from January 2014

It appears Merrick needs to go back to their can supplier for more “integrity of the seal“.

Another pet food consumer just shared the following picture of what he felt could be a shortage of food in a Wellness can food…


The Wellness can pet food shows about 1/4 or 1/5 less food than the can size.  Since pet food are cooked inside the can – is this the contents shrinking during cooking or is this a shortage of pet food inside this can?  How would a pet owner know if they are being slighted on their purchase or if it is shrinkage?

Many thanks to both of these pet food consumers for sharing their photos with readers – we all learn in the process.


Wishing you and your pet(s) the best,

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