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Mars Petcare Protecting Their Billions, Part 2

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  1. Beni gordon

    Thank you, the plant atidude to their employese probably reflects on the grade of pet food

  2. Beni gordon

    Your article is most interesting. Prabably people which are misstreating thier emloyese would shurely play around with the pet food manufactur line. Interesting in your articles you say that in europ the rules are reinforced – oposed to the u.s. Also interesting to understand that Canada has no pet control system. – interesting because some of the most talked abaut manufactures come from there.
    Bottom line a very confusing subject – in which your articles bring some clarification.
    Thank yoh
    Beni Gordon

  3. T Allen

    Yup, that’s how all Gov agencies work these days. That’s why I quit the USDA?FSIS Meat Inspections. I refused to be responsible for endangering people’s lives. You have to have a special kind of “lack of morality and ethics” to work for the Gov. Very sad.

  4. Suzanne

    Susan, you are truly the David to Mars Petcare Goliath. Your tenacity just astounds me. Does it have to take the death of people for the pet food industry to start cleaning up their act? Big industry, with their profits and stakeholders to protect, have proven in the past that the health of their employees can sometimes be the lowest priority. You would think that with their billions of dollars in sales that protective equipment for their employees would have a minimal impact to their bottom line. I guess not.

  5. JRM

    Do all dry kibble foods use this method of fungicide or does it depend on what ingredients are being used? Just the thought of feeding a pet a food that has been through this process should cause a pet owner to never purchase another bag of any dry kibble food.

    1. T Allen

      It depends on the grain, the type of mold/fungus/ bugs etc. The problem is that they are using food products that are all considered inedible by human standards. What makes them inedible for humans: diseases, molds, dirt, bugs, other contamination (chemicals and dirty water), etc. should also make these products inedible for animals but by law it’s OK. That is what Susan is helping us fight. The ONLY safe(er) food for pets is “human grade”. That means if you can’t eat it, they shouldn’t eat it either. You are absolutely right, no one should be feeding kibble!

      1. JRM

        Thanks for the clarity.

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