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Mars Petcare Announces Voluntary Recall Of Limited Number Of Cesar Classics Dog Food

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  1. Pat P.

    Not trusting this corporation, in the least, I would make certain that my pet did NOT consume ANY Mars pet food products. Aside from the concern of a dog choking issue, I would assume that the consumption of plastic in a pet’s body would, also, be extremely worrisome! In 2007, Melamine (a plastic from China) caused the injury and death of a considerable amount of animals!

  2. Betty Gunderson

    I have 4 of these Cesar left. My little dog was sick for 3 days this week and I think it was from these Cesar dog food. It is getting so scary to try and buy any kind of pet food anymore for my Lexi. I avoid all China pet food products.
    Now I am out money if I can’t find my sale slip to take them back to the store.
    I guess I won’t be buying this product anymore either.

  3. Ann

    You should be able to return the recalled foods without a receipt. The store can check the recall list.

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