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Manufactured Dog & Cat Foods: Is There Poison in the Can?

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  1. LT

    The link to the list of carrageenan-free foods isn’t working; can you take another look at it? Thanks!

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Fixed it – thanks!

  2. Jennifer

    I was hoping you had a list of carrageenan free food. Then saw the above comment. Where is the link? I do not see it. Thank you!

  3. Susan Thixton Author

    Moist Foods that have provided consumers their Pledge ( that do not contain carrageenan…
    Answers Pet Food

    Beau’s To Go Pet Food

    BioEthics Pet Food

    Caru Pet Food (not all products are carrageenan free)

    Darwin’s Pet Food

    Evermore Pet Food

    Frenchie’s Kitchen Pet Food

    Fresh Fetch Pet Foods

    The Honest Kitchen Pet Foods

    K9 Natural Pet Food

    Lucky Dog Cuisine

    Mulligan Stew Pet Food

    Nature’s Logic Pet Food

    Primal Pet Food

    Rudy Greens Pet Foods

    Steve’s Pet Food


      1. Maggie

        Kat Frantz – Do some reading on this site about Evangers, please. They’re pretty scary!



      1. Reader

        From the website:™&categories=Dog-Classic-Recipes-Wet&age=All_Life_Stages_All_Breeds

        This is a sample ingredients list from one of the canned products: Puppy Formulal. Chicken, Chicken Broth, Chicken Liver, Carrots, Sweet Potato, Apples, Peas, Potato, Dried Egg Product, Natural Chicken Flavor, Carrageenan

        As you can see “carrageenan” is pretty high up on the list ahead of many more ingredients that I didn’t even copy here. This is kind of a fancy company in print and the cute names for their formulas. But they haven’t returned the Pledge. Some canned food contain a BPA lining, and some formulas contain caramel coloring.

        By marking (twice) notify me down below you’ll receive responses and other reader comments.

        And I think Susan added you to the email distribution list so you’ll continue to receive TAPF monthly (and often bi-weekly) articles.

  4. sheila b

    Nature’s variety instinct also does not contain carrageenan.

  5. sheila b

    This is a very timely article as I just sent back all my wellness core canned cat food because it contained carrageenan.

  6. Diane

    Innova canned food does not contain carrageenan.

  7. Pat P.

    Even though my cats will not eat Nature’s Logic, I did try to incorporate it in their diets. Both of them have problem eating anything due to illnesses.
    I was glad to know that there was no carrageenan in their food, but I had a few other concerns.
    I read on another website (Dr. Becker’s), today, but from an old post, that a member called the company to know if their food was human grade, which they said it was, but I am not so certain. Don’t they have to be certified to make that claim, legally?
    They told the caller that their food was made by Menu foods, which shocked me. If that is, indeed, the case, shouldn’t that be a major concern, due to the 2007 recall and other negative comments regarding Menu?!
    I also called them (over a month, ago) regarding the very grainy texture in the case that I ordered, almost like ground-up bones (which they don’t have). Since my cat was disturbed by them and tried spitting them out, I tried to crush them, futilely, and to pick out the pieces, but gave up. Someone was supposed to return my call, after the weekend, but never did. I don’t know how to proceed now, esp. since I had considered trying, again, to see if they would eat it.
    Please respond to this inquiry. Despite the fact that they have responded to your Pledge, I am not so sure I really trust them.
    Thanks for your reply.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Nature’s Logic has always responded to my questions very promptly and given me no reason to not trust them. But that’s me – not you. Trusting a pet food is a very personal decision – what fits for one, does not for another. I suggest you trust your gut feelings – whatever that might be.

    2. Reader

      As a backup kibble food, I liked the idea of Nature’s Logic. They returned the Pledge and use no synthetics. I trusted them. So, therefore, I used it with my older and younger dog and recently also with a guest dog. All the same breed, but not the same breeding. The food ran through them like pudding. I think I tried it 3 separate occasions from one year to the next. Then I thought well maybe my dogs are deficient in digestive enzymes. So I spent a whole bunch of time (like more than a 1 yr.) whole food home cooking for them. They ate pure meat protein, lightly steamed veggies, antioxidants, and the whole deal.

      Next try with NL and they still couldn’t handle it. I gave it away and that dog couldn’t handle it. It’s pricey so all that was very disappointing. When I would call the company in the beginning I could talk to owner (or founder, who knows who really owns these companies). But lately it’s been a customer service agent who doesn’t sound so confident. The only real explanation I got was that maybe I was feeding too much because the food is rich and nutritionally intense. (I NEVER over feed my dogs).

      So then I tried Mulligan’s Stew kibble (both fish and lamb). Absolutely NO problems, they loved it. Perfect clean-up in the yard. I also use Fromms once in a while and they do okay on that food too. I don’t think a manufacturer should make any PF that doesn’t digest well with a pet. These companies are either adding a magic element to make stools easy clean up (and don’t want to admit it) or something else is going on because they’re NOT using that magic ingredient and the dogs digest it poorly.

      Same thing had happened with Orijen when they changed formula and it took me forever to figure out that they stopped using Psyllium Husk (a natural fiber) because they probably wanted to claim their foods were carbohydrate free. News Tip: dogs in the wild do not NOT eat carbohydrates and I wish these companies would stop creating these ARTIFICIAL TRENDS because they have been using poor quality grain and using it in the wrong way in their formulas (to increase profitability). I am soooooo tired of having to 2nd guess all these companies that really should know exactly what’s going on – and then own up to it.

      I will bad mouth any food until I get a straight story.

  8. bill thompson

    Moist Foods that are carageenan free- in addition to the ones mentioned earlier that I know instantly-

    Pet Kind
    Great Life
    Wild Calling

    Ziwi Peak is changing it’s formulas to remove both carageenan and sodium tripolyphosphate

    1. Peter

      Certain Wild Calling foods are manufactured and canned through a co-packing relationship with Evangers. I regard that as a huge problem. I would be interested to see this brand independently tested, since all of the cat formulas I have tried have been so high in water content, I do not believe they are legally compliant with AAFCO stipulations and may be mis-labeled. The price varies, according to the “content” (the meat), but there simply isn’t enough solids in the can(s) to justify the cost, even if it were halved.

  9. Monica

    FirstMate canned food do not contain carrageenan.

  10. Sherrie

    Is this article, the food with carageenan cat food, dog food or both? I feed my dogs Orijen, and I feed my one dog Ziwi Peak Venison because he has such bad allergies. My vet recommended Ziwi Peak, but so far it’s not helping much. He is suffering with crusty ears and a pink chewed up belly

    1. Sherrie Ashenbremer

      Anyone, my little Shih Tzu has suffered with allergies so bad. He has been on and off steroids, and Calvamox (antibiotic) now he is on a pill made by the pharmacy, CD/Tracconazole 25mg. He has had ZiwiPeak, Lamb Blue Buffalo, Honest Kitchen, Natual Balance Venison (not a good one I know) Orijen, I don’t know what to feed him anymore, I am currently using “Artisan Venison”, his belly and legs are red, he seems to scratch it mostly at night. His ears are crusty, does anyone have any ideas on a food to try. A food that is made in the USA, a food with no GMO’s, or carageenan. It’s so hard to find a good food anymore. Please I am looking for help.

      1. Jean B.

        please try raw food diet. Educate yourself and find a ready made one or learn how to make it yourself….but with all necessary vitamins, etc. Take him off steroids/antibiotics and concentrate on his food…..their diet is the single biggest influence on our pets health. My cat had loose stools, dry skin for 5 years….after lots of vet bills, med’s , I finally switched her diet to Felines Pride Raw chicken….not cheap food, but it cleared up everything so worth every penny. When I retire, I will take the time to make the raw food myself. Research a good raw food for dogs and do it! Good Luck…..I hope your little guy gets relief soon!

        1. Sherrie Ashenbremer

          Thank You Jean, I appreciate you advice, I am looking for a good raw food now.

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