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Learn the Truth about Pet Food Ingredients

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    Hi Susan,
    Thank you, for all your work, I wish I had found this site sooner as I have bl;urred double vision from reading so many mixed reviews about dog foods, I just purchased your review for the dog foods you would use and one that I have been planning on using I now feel much better about purchasing. A bit pricy but we get what we pay for and my boy is my child at 13 y/o next month.
    Just a note, to say Thank you.

  2. Nina Wolf

    Every time I think your site cannot possibly be more informative, you find a way to pack more valuable stuff in here.

    You are a force, Susan, and we are all safer and better educated because of it.

    Animal Nature

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Thank you!

  3. Reader

    What pet food companies sell is an “image” in a bag or inside a can. It’s communicated through advertising. It’s punctuated by fear. Meaning the lie that feeding food that doesn’t have the word “pet” before is worse than their own product. The 2nd misconception is about economics. After beginning to read Susan’s in depth definitions of PF ingredients, does anyone really believe that paying $30 for a 30lb bag of dry extruded reconstructed food-stuff has any value other than keeping the animal from starving? Is the trade off for this apparent convenience something the animal really deserves?? I think these explanations (thanks to Susan’s never ending research) are disgusting and vile. And what would make anyone believe that most companies, especially those corporately owned, don’t cower to the lowest possible common denominators, concerning these minimal standards?? Why throw in any chicken “meat” whatsoever, it you can stuff the can or bag with 99% extruded skin and bones? Would you be nutritionally satisfied eating a barrel of KFC’s skin and bones instead of the meat?
    At a national discount chain store I pay $4 a pound for solid chicken (organic) and beef chunks (NOT hamburger) that feeds 2 (15lb) dogs for a month! I see what I’m getting. It’s cooked to “my” standards. I add a variety of sources containing additional vitamins and minerals, including occasional raw chunks too. My dogs go wild everytime this meal is assembled … fresh! I am fairly confident that their instincts for fundamental, pure, clean, variety, nutrition is being absolutely satisfied. I know that 5+ years of reading TAPF has completely convinced me it’s the right thing to do. I sleep very well at night. My dogs too.

    1. Peter

      You make a point that many consumers don’t even contemplate… cost. You mention a 30lb. bag of food that costs $30. A dollar a pound. What could the consumer expect in quality and nutrition (many dog or cat guardians feed nothing but months (or years) old dry food, often those mega-bags from the warehouse membership big box store. They go crazy for those bags that are bigger than anywhere else. The bigger the better. Need to shop for pet food less, when you buy those mega-bags! A dollar a pound… a dollar? And the truth is, many people don’t pay that much. 50 cents? Often less? Why is it that they “trust” the (profit-driven) manufacturer that this could actually be good (much less “adequate”) for their pet? The lack of logic in realizing the falseness of the relationship between cost and quality in pet foods is a stunningly great mystery.

  4. Thank you Susan for looking out for the health of our pets..I have shared your articles on my facebook business page to educate the public and my clients.

    My cats didn’t live to be 19 and 20, and my dogs 16 and 18 by feeding them junk. I fed them the best food and they received what little medical care they required from holistic veterinarians only.

  5. Courtney

    I just purchased your list. I read through it and was wondering if you have done any research on Dr Gary’s Best Breed? I have alot of local people telling me that this food is really good and an all natural. I am still confused on the difference between listing chicken and chicken meal. If you have any information on this food, can you email it to me?
    Thank you for all the hard work you have put into this list. It is refreshing to see someone else actually care what their dog is consuming.

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