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Learn the Truth about Pet Food Ingredients Part 3

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  1. Cathy

    First – thanks to you Susan for your tireless work in helping to educate us when it comes to feeding our family pet members in the healthiest manner possible.
    We have two 10 year old Norwich terriers (brothers-the entire litter to be exact) one of which has just been diagnosed with kidney disease. We have always fed them organic kibble (many chosen from your reviews) plus organic cooked chicken & organic chicken broth. Our vet of 18 years has prescribed 1 tab (5mg daily) of Enalapril Maleate; Metacam Oral susp. daily, dose for 20lb. dog after his meal; Welactin-1 scoop onto food once daily & (I hate to even write this part) gradual shift over 7 to 10 days to Hill’s Prescription Canine k/d kibble for Renal Health. Does anyone know of another brand of k/d kibble that doesn’t have at risk ingredients? Any other suggestions, websites, blogs, resources that I can access for treating his condition in as natural a manner as possible? We thank you as well as Mason & his brother Dixon.

    1. Casey

      Cathy, you really need to have a sit down talk with your vet. If you look up Metacam, one of the side effects is potential for kidney damage. It is NOT something that I would give to a renal compromised dog without a VERY good reason to do so.

      As for diet, you can find any number of home-cooked recipes out there, but I would really recommend that you look into feeding raw. I’ve played the kidney failure game and feeding raw has a number of advantages over other choices (oral health – which is a big player in renal failure, controllable amounts of phosphorus, quality protein that doesn’t stress the kidneys, high moisture, etc.).

      1. Cathy

        Thanks for the advice Casey. Mason was on a minimal dose of Metacam for about 3 wks. before the renal disease was diagnosed. It was prescribed because of arthritis – he was having trouble going up the stairs (unfortunately we have loads of them). We saw improvement almost immediately after starting the Metacam.
        I have a follow-up blood work appt. with the Vet in 2 weeks and will ask him about the side effects & also about a raw diet for Mason’s renal condition. We too have dealt with renal disease in one of our Rottweilers about 12 years ago, before we became aware of the hazards of big dog food. In the meantime, I’ll start doing research on the raw diets available for this condition.
        Thanks so much for your advice!

    2. KAH

      You may try “Just Food For Dogs” which is a consultation service. They will work with your Vet, and the Lab reports. to customize a diet through a recipe to support your dog’s issue. You may suggest to them which foods you prefer feeding, as well as using a commercial base to make it a little easier (like The Honest Kitchen). Sabine, the Nutritionist, will design which proportions and supplements that will help support your dog. The one-time fee (or on-going hourly consultation) is very, very reasonable and you can work together for awhile to make sure the recipe is working and is tasty too. Just make sure the supplements are derived from whole foods and not imported from overseas. Udo’s makes Pet Essentials. However Sabine is very good at recommending wholesome products. I’ve used this service myself, so that I’m able to recommend it now. However I receive no kickback or benefit from doing so. Wishing you the best for your dog.

    3. Allison

      Susan actually posted an article on alternative prescription foods. It was called ‘You’ve Got Options’ and you can search for it right on the top of the truthaboutpetfood webpage or go to this link 🙂

      I do also recommend raw if you can figure out how to do it properly for a dog with renal disease. Hope you find something that works!

      1. Cathy

        Allison – thanks so much. I thought I had seen an article on this subject recently but didn’t read it because we didn’t know about Mason’s condition then. Now I know right where to find it! Thanks again.

    4. Jerina Ford

      Have you considered trying the Addiction grain free, free range foods? For both dogs and cats with dehydrated freeze dried food for dogs as well.
      It has been made here in NZ since 2002 and exported to the States and has won awards there also.

    5. Karla

      Cathy, look into Grandma Lucy’s, which makes Pureformance, Valor, and Artisan. All of them have low phosphorus. You can read about the importance of low phosphorus at the website, which offers a wealth of information about feeding dogs who have renal disease. Whole Dog Journal also has some good articles on the topic.

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