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Just Sickening

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  1. Nancy Rector


    I’ve been recommending to my readers that they try Obertos jerky, which is sold for human consumption, or any other Made in America brand of jerky, rather than purchase any pet jerky treats.

    1. Paula

      I suggest no one buys jerky — make/dry your own meat or veggies — use human grade food — and be very very careful about that food as well. I would not give my dogs any products with chicken — even human chicken – given the possibility it too may come from China given recent regulations. It’s very easy to make your own jerky. You can use your oven or buy a dehydrator. So far I have used my oven. I dry human grade grain-feed antiobiotic free beef or buffalo liver or sweet potatoes.

      1. Lynette

        Human grade is now a degraded term, imho. It has to be organic or at least grass fed AND finished to be acceptable for those of us with higher standards.

        1. Paula

          I meant to stay grass fed rather than grain fed — what does “finished” mean?

      2. Alana

        Totally agree. It’s really simple and we’ve done it at home with a food dehydrator.

  2. Marge Mullen

    With this knowledge it is best not to buy any pet food made in China.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      I’m worried about a US pet food manufacturer (and Protein ingredient supplier) having a poultry business in China. Do US manufactured pet foods actually contain Chinese chicken? This was very concerning to me.

      1. Jeri

        I wouldn’t be at all surprised since apparently now U.S. companies have been given the official green light to have U.S. chicken processed in China! Sooooo disturbing!!

  3. MARC

    Thank you for all your help. I’m one of those guys that was buying every product you mentioned its a wonder my four dogs are still alive. I was even going to buy a brand of food called old Roy until I saw a page on Facebook that said Ole Roy food killed my dog. Bye keep up the good work. and please tell those Chinese to keep their chicken feet also we don’t want them

    1. Pam

      Marc…Old Roy is a very bad pet food. As a good point of reference, never buy anything for your dog from a supermarket or discount store. That should be your bottom line. Don’t believe the ads that say their quality pet food is as good as….

      1. Teri

        I actually found a good dog food at Wal-Mart several years ago that has since been removed from their shelves. I found it by reading the ingredients and then saw where it made the list of best dry foods from Whole Dog Journal. All in all, you really can’t suggest a good dog food from the discount stores/grocery stores.

  4. Debbie

    Two of my cats were affected in 2007 from contaminated food. One eventually died from the kidney disease, the other recovered.

    If you love your pets – do the research before you give them food or treats.

  5. Marsha

    This is truly sickening. Once again the almighty dollar is more important than out pets!

    That is the reason for Christmas I asked for my own dehydrator. Now my fur kids eat antibiotic and hormone free chicken jerky. As for the FDA allowing it a BIG SHAME ON YOU!!!!!

    Next, go back to making my own dog food from organic ingredients.

  6. H.Morrison

    One of my Lhasa Apsos died as a direct results from eating these horrible treats. This was 2 years ago and by the time I read what was happening with these treas the damage was already done. I started making my own homemade Jerkys treats. Very easy with an inexpensive dehydrator. I also started making all four of my dogs food. These horrible, poision treats need to be banned from the stores!!!!

  7. Carol Ann Demetrio

    From what I have heard Purina has bought out Zukes based out of Durango, CO. Won’t be buying Zukes anymore.

  8. Jude Gagner

    Our vet routinely gives the dogs Old Roy biscuits as she examines and treats them.

    1. Jude Gagner

      I didn’t finish my comment. I guess I need to tell our vet why I don’t want her to use them with our dogs anymore.

      I really appreciate your legislative efforts and all you do to educate people about the truth of what our dogs are being fed.

  9. Rick Ketcham

    I have been following your site for years and really appreciate the information.
    When the issue first came about with the jerky treats my Chicken Jerky product has increased tremendously. We make the jerky treats with chicken tenders from the states and pound them and dehydrate them using NO preservatives or any additives, they are pure chicken tenders just dehydrated.
    I have yet to fill out my paperwork for all my dinners. They are all made with ingredients from the states. I will take the pledge.
    Thank you again for keeping us up to date with all the news.

  10. Terri

    DOes any one eat Salmon. I love it and so do my fur kids. You have to watch it closely though, most of it will say wild caught in the USA. The small letters under that say “processed in China”. No Thanks!!
    I’ve been cooking for my dogs for a few weeks now and making their treats including chicken and beef jerky. Some skin issues are clearing up and some fat is disappearing. They love it. Thank you “truth about pet food!!

  11. Tim Stanley

    This stuff really needs to be on 60 minutes.Let it go nation wide.

  12. Mollie Morrissette

    I have this feeling that I have been struggling to push this giant boulder uphill, for like, the last year or so, only to have it roll right back down the hill — flattening me on the way.

    I feel utterly defeated today.

    Tomorrow, I will start pushing that blasted boulder up the hill again. Dadgumit.

    1. Pam

      Mollie you and Susan do fabulous work and you speak for so many of us. I know the work seems endless, but you are making a difference, you are educating all of us and we then go out and spread the word. You are not alone.

      1. Susan Thixton Author

        Thank you!

    2. Pacific Sun

      The very sad news is about all the unsuspecting buyers of course. No doubt about it. But for the Readers here, and those Readers who are sharing by Social Media, this latest tragic episode demonstrates a few useful things nevertheless: (One) don’t depend on the FDA for anything. Question and research everything, particularly your own meds. Start to question other things like Cosmetics and Toiletries (which will be the next revelation of cancer causing additives!). (Two) Any corporation that would continue to do business in a fashion that ignores the statistics Susan just quoted between 2007 and now … absolutely PROVES how worthless and dangerous they are. Our only defense is to boycott the parent companies, send them a letter why. And continue to share via Social Media. And (three) what is going on with the CJTs is only a sliver of a window of what’s going on the PFI in general. If anyone ever had any doubts, or thinks their trusted brand is above all scrutiny, think again. Unless the manufacturer is your neighborhood businessman down the street, and you practically have a personal professional relationship going on, trust no one else. Except, we hope those on Susan’s 2014 list! And (four) finally, know that China is taking over as a food supplier to the US, due to the US’s growing taste for (no pun intended) FAST, CHEAP, but especially oh-so-EASY food. Nobody wants to cook anymore, nobody is buying the basics anymore and cooking from scratch. Hence the turn towards ultra convenient, mass produced foods. Furthermore, people find these foods at their one-stop, all-in-one, giant chain-box stores (where people question nothing anyway) where they can buy from car tires to chicken tenders without leaving the store.
      Be very afraid.

  13. Susan Thixton Author

    In this story – it states from 2007 to October 2013 FDA received 4500 reports of a sick or dying pet linked to these treats. From October to present add 1500 more. Total 6000. That is an average of 2.3 reports of a sick or dead pet FDA has received per day – each day – for seven years.

  14. Vickie Denney

    I am totally freaked out by them putting anything By Wagon Train a Treats back on the shelf ,! I am still fighting the skin disorder that attack by pomerian dog in 2013 by feeding him a product they put on the shelf by Wagon Train and never informed the Public Of the danger of this product ! Just one day pulled them from shelves and never admitted they were tainted ! Yes they were and my dog almost died from a intestinal infection and kidney shut down from crystals in his kidneys which he still has ! This just sends me to the moon and back ! Vet bills unreal from last year and still fighting skin severe disorder ! I now cook his food and am really very appalled by this news of them being put back on the shelves ! Maybe the mfg of these products need to eat them and see how they do ! Wonder how their family’s would handle this news after they became sick or died from tainted food put back on shelves to make a buck ! I don’t think it would be so easy to do if it were a human ! As a matter of fact have new medicine tonight to bath and treat skin disorder ! I don’t think they have enough money to replace my dog ! I myself have leukemia and have fought it for years ! This really is hard for me to even talk about especially since it’s Being done again to the public shame on you all money hungry. Mfg ! I Am Harley Davidson s Mother and I love him he is my best friend he keeps me living ! You are shameful ! Furious in Franklin Tennessee Vickie Denney I beg you please don’t put these tainted treats or food back on the shelves in Jesus Christ Name I Pray Amen!

  15. Jo

    Regarding the last paragraph…What were the results of the testing done on Karen’s bag of Royal Canin RX cat food that tragically killed her 2 female cats? I’m sure the results were posted, but I’ve not been able to find them.

    Thank you so much for who you are, what you stand for, and all that you do.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      We put her veterinarian in touch with the toxicologist – and within our budget they made their best guess of what to test for. Bad news is that we didn’t find anything. The owner was very sad not to hold the company accountable.

  16. Jackie Sun

    I wonder if the US company with operations in China is Smithfield? Weren’t they just purchased by a Chinese company?

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      The US company with operations in China is Simmons Foods – this is per Waggin Train.

      1. Jackie Sun

        Reading fail…sorry. I thought Simmons was just a pet food manufacturer.

        1. Susan Thixton Author

          I completely understand – I thought the same thing. I learned today they also are a protein ingredient supplier for all animal feeds.

    2. Ann

      Yes, Smithfield was recently purchased by the Chinese to process our USA human food:
      “China Makes Biggest U.S. Play
      Asian Meat Giant Strikes $4.7 Billion Deal for Virginia’s Smithfield Foods By Dana Mattioli, @DanaMattiolidana.mattioli@wsj.
      Updated May 30, 2013 7:42 a.m. ETChina’s largest meat processor struck a surprise $4.7 billion agreement to acquire Smithfield Foods Inc., a deal that would mark the biggest Chinese takeover of an American company and underscores the Asian nation’s renewed determination to scoop up overseas assets.

      Shuanghui International Holdings Ltd. agreed to pay $34 a share for Smithfield, the world’s largest hog farmer and pork processor.”

  17. Catsmom

    And Zukes, a nicely conscientious company in the heart of health-minded Colorado has sold out to Purina. Bye bye Zukes!

  18. CB

    At this point, it does no good to complain about what the FDA allows on the shelves. If people are really serious about making a change and protecting their pets, they should boycott all stores that sell these products and let them know why. That is the only thing that will change things. The biggest offender on my list is Dogswell, which makes the entire Happy Hips etc. line of meat strips (chicken, duck, etc.), and they have gone to great lengths to hide the fact that they are made in China from the public. The ‘made in China’ is there on the bags, but you won’t find it…they have put it in tiny white type inside a bright yellow stripe on the bottom at the back of the bag…it’s just about illegible. All these stores (both retail stores and online ones) who say they care about pet health are not telling the truth if they keep on selling the Dogswell line, because it is such a big seller. I have discussed this with several stores, but it takes a lot of people boycotting them to make the difference. If enough people stop buying, they will stop selling the products. There are stores who refuse to sell jerky from China. Please find and buy from them, and let the other stores know why you are walking away.

  19. Pacific Sun

    This may be a little off topic, but it does have to do with chicken and how a very big chain store handles “bad news.” Foster Farms is a California based manufacturer. They’ve had FDA issues in the past, but most recently (as it made national news) another non-compliance issue (although the attempt was to make it sound as trite as possible in the news). So the plant finally decided to voluntarily shut down for 10 days. All this to address the “five” (reported) cockroaches at issue.
    Couple of questions here, like since they halted operations, what happened to all the processed chicken in queue? Do you think they just tossed it all out? Maybe they incinerated it? Well no sooner had the FDA described the plant issue, did Costco fill their refrigerators to the top with packages and packages of CHICKEN. I mean within the very next couple of days. Personally I wouldn’t have cared actually. Since I buy Coleman’s organic (a Purdue subsidiary) which I can only get from Costco. Except one tiny problem. The Coleman’s refrigerator was EMPTY. I asked why, particularly under the circumstances. Especially this being California and we’re half way near to Livingston and this had been reported on a daily basis. Costco’s response was (first) indifference to the Foster Farms shutdown (they never mentioned the word recall). And (second) they couldn’t explain why Coleman’s was missing. A few feeble guesses included how the “buyers” would switch suppliers if one company couldn’t keep up with demand. (??????) Odd, at this particular time wouldn’t you say? In fact people in my store were actually looking for it! And not quite right either, since Purdue (who I talked with) said they were completely unaware of any hitches with the Costco contract. (Two) Costco was actually sneaking in Coastal Farms organic chicken, and guess who manufacturers THAT brand? Foster Farms!!! I nearly lost it, that they were “rewarding” a company that actually is jeopardizing the livlihood of many who are trying to survive in Livingston, and that they had actually removed the COMPETITION. If this all seems off-topic, I report it, because as we all remember, Costco is quite the supplier of CJTs and once claimed that they had never heard of any issues with a pet buyer having a problem with those treats. And secondly, because I think we have good reason to start suspecting what is going on in the Chicken industry, and the light is just beginning to shine on shady dealings. No doubt FF has a monopoly going on and has the power to claim it’s own shelf space. Sad.

  20. shepherd girl

    until pet owners stop buying these items, the restocking will continue. animal food and treats, the good ones, are very expensive, and many folks cannot afford them. so, they just opt for the least expensive choices. i have started making my own treats for the dogs and only buy food made in the u.s.a. i also semi cook for my dogs and add some real people beef, chicken, lamb, veal, and salmon to their kibble and wet food. it is so sad that the food for the 4-legged members of our families are not treated with the respect they deserve when it comes to their foods.

  21. Debi

    What about the Bird Flu that is spread by chickens coming from China, what the heck?

  22. Robert May

    China historically has not had to comply with Country of Origin laws which require “PERMANENT” labels as to country of manufacture. Typically on nonfood products they will attach an easily removed paper label. Some of these items will have a “Made in USA” permanent marking under the paper “Made in China” tag.

    This will only get MUCH WORSE if Congress approves the Pacific Free Trade Treaty.

  23. lynn

    here iss a good healthy treat for your fur baby buy a pound of ground chicken breast or turkey or Laura’s lean ground beef put veggies chopped fine or apple and blues berries you can even puree all veggies add about 1/8 cup of fresh chopped parsley and 1 egg mix very well roll into balls and bake until golden brown on 350f in oven or you can cut into stripes beef liver or chicken liver and bake in oven to make your own jerky if you don’t have a dehydrator. I just won’t pay big bucks for these companies to kill our pets off. if you know someone who raises their own live stock and even rabbits make great meats for our fur babies as well as chicken… I do that if I don’t buy at natural food market… my friend sells us a cow, chickens and rabbit for our fur babies and i see first hand how these animals are cared for and feed not junk goes into them they are used to feed their family and ours as well as our fur babies… we also raise gmo free veggies. nothing we buy even for us is safe these day’s. I hope trhis will help in recipes for a healthy safe treat I do not use grain… I don’t feel its safe because I do not know where rice oats or what ever come from… plus dogs can do fine with any grins as long as you balance their foods 70-90% meats and 20-25% veggies and blamce the calcium to the meat and bone meal I do not use I use egg shell powder from home raise eggs great calcium… for oil and it makes a beautiful coat I use human grade wheat germ oil,extra virgin unrefined coconut oil, and fish oil I blend it together and store in a brown bottle I get those using the wheat germ oil.. I wash and save them example 1/3 tablespoon of wheat germ and coconut oil I add 3 of the fish oil. when blended the coconut will maybe look cloudy but just shake it very well and it will be great.each oil does such good things 1/4 tsp for tiny dogs and 1/2 for small dogs 1 tsp for med to big dogs. and if any remember I had a girl to live well past 20+ years on home made and home treats with this oil mix in winter I do give once a week cod liver oil too much is vitamin A toxicity as too many liver’s can cause it too. my gang now are from 6 1/2 years to 18 years old. I am a old lady now but as long as I can feed my babies this way I will. I have a little one that is 10 years old and 2 lbs. who has IMHA caused by her yearly shots that was when she was 7 years and she is doing very well now but shots is another thing we have to watch… even if it’s the law we do have the right to request a tilter test even on rabies . wishing the very best for each pet parent and my heart goes out to all who have lost due to unsafe pet food and dealing with the effects . this really not just makes me angery but I feel sos sad I too have a lasha and I know how sweet they are so loyal. best of luck keeping fur babies safe

    1. Pacific Sun

      Why don’t we get every (US Resident) person who reads the Truth About Pet Food website to write a letter to 20/20 (ABC’s Expose Show) to do a program on this subject! We can ask Susan to give us the facts suscintly (or write a sample letter) so we can quote the reasons in our letters why this warning must go out to all owners!! This is just like the situation with young children and babies who can react very badly (or die) from taking Asprin. Not all … but some, which makes it an entirely dangerous possibility.

  24. CSollersa

    Sickening is right, Here in the good ol’ USA anything for a buck is the rule!

    1. marc

      I’m curious to know how come Milos kitchen package says MADE IN THE USA a subsidiary of Del Monte foods
      I wholeheartedly believe in you guys I just can’t believe the lies and they have such a nice website telling us how thry use 100% beef and sausage how do you guys come by your info and to top it off Milos Kitchen products are so expensive. please respond and explain even if it a short answer

      1. Susan Thixton Author

        From what I’ve heard – Milo’s Kitchen is now sourcing from US – but I haven’t confirmed that. Some of Waggin Train is now sourced from US too – but some still from China.

  25. DD

    Hi everyone,
    Question 1: Is this just chicken? Because it seems to be saying chicken, but the whole biz is under “poultry” which covers much more than chicken! Like turkey, hen, etc.
    A side note and question 2: For some months now – since the owner, Shelby, of Feline’s Pride died (RIP we miss you!) his family has been running that business. (We started feeding FP after two of our cats were poisoned during the 2007 “Recall.”) After Shelby’s death our kitties finished up the batch of FP we had in the freezer – Ever since that sad time, whenever we ordered FP, the food looked “weird” and our kitties have looked **terrible** Their eyes run, their fur looks crummy when they’d looked like show kitties before – And worst/scariest – They’ve also had many problems with vomiting. One of them vomiting so much, he needed to get an ultrasound to make sure he didn’t have cancer.
    We called and emailed FP, asking if there were any changes with the food since Shelby’s family took over the business. They say they’ve reduced the fat, but that the chicken is still organic.
    Now I’m wondering if that’s not the case. We don’t want *any* foodstuff, “human grade” or otherwise from China. It wouldn’t surprise me if FP was mistakenly getting chicken from China, or even if they were getting it on purpose. Though, that possibility greatly saddens me knowing how Shelby practically worked himself to death trying to get FP in place so that his family could easily pick up where he left off and do the right thing. Ugh. What do y’all think about the possibilities? We’ve even tried their FP Turkey – same thing with regards to how our kitties react to it.
    Thanks to Lynn for the food ideas – We’re thinking of home cooking for our cats again, but just don’t see how it’s possible – but treats are doable!
    And thanks to Julie and Zig Pope for posting links. I’ve been totally consumed with working on other political horrors (of the surveillance kind) to keep up with food stories.
    Gawd, what are we all going to do when the TPP (inevitably it seems) passes?!

    1. Reader

      For heavens sake, when pets (especially more than one in a household) has similar symptoms and a drastic change can be pin-pointed back to a change (no matter what kind) in a regular commercial pet food – STOP the food at the first signs of vomitting and change! A pet should not vomit it’s food or have horrible stools. If you see the symptoms manifesting, imagine what is happening internally. Cats have fragile metabolisms and the right kind of diet is oh-so-important. Consult with a holistic vet if necessary.

      1. DD

        Thanks Reader. We did actually stop feeding FP for a while, even though only one cat was vomiting. Though – together, their fur looks crummy and their eyes are runny, etc.
        We really don’t know what to feed! The vet that did the ultrasound (an oncologist) recommended some absolutely horrid “prescription” food. I just couldn’t do it. I couldn’t open a can after the 2007 recall poisoned our kitties. (2 of which have now passed on.)
        I want to make food – and bought Susan’s book, but we are disabled and can’t cook consistently for the kitties. We can’t even do it for ourselves.
        My wish is that someone nearby (Tucson) already cooking food would cook for us… Without any chicken!

        1. barbara

          For DD, who is disabled, and to others who need an excellent pet food but find it too difficult to make from scratch. HONEST KITCHEN, one of the foods on Susan’s LIST, and has taken The Pledge. It’s SO EASY to prepare. And absolutely nothing in it from China, even the vitamins. It is a dehydrated, raw food with organic human grade meats and veggies. All you do is add warm water, stir, and it’s ready. We add a few drops of Omega oil. As it will be a new food, cats are more picky than dogs and hate changes, so in the beginning you may want to sprinkle some goodies on top to tempt them.
          It may seem at first to be expensive, but when you reconstitute it with 2-3 times as much water, you’re getting an economical high quality food, (for cats and small dogs). You can order by mail, and it is delivered to your door!!!

  26. Terri Janson

    I feed Nutri Source in the AM to my dogs and recipes from Susan’s book in PM. I hope the Nutri Source kibble is ok..Now I’m wondering if the chicken I am using in the homemade dogfood is safe! I WILL not buy any Smithfield products now that China owns them. I hope Tyson chicken is safe! What next?

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      A great chicken company – if it is available in your area – is Murray’s chicken. They are humanely raised too. It is the only chicken my family eats (human and pets). The company is based out of New York – but I’m in Florida and they sell down here in Publix grocery.

      1. DD

        Do you happen to know if it is going to be ALL poultry, or just chicken? I can’t tell from the news stories.

  27. Terri Janson

    I’m in Michigan. Maybe Kroger sells it?
    BTW I don’t feed jerky treats. I make a Pumpkin/peanut butter treat that’s pretty easy to do. I don’t trust ANYTHING for pets at a grocery store.

  28. Peter

    Since Purina has made “changes” (that include using “100% real chicken”– wow) and if those processes include such strict quality control, I wonder if they will still need to irradiate the treats?

  29. Kira

    Has there been any more large scale illnesses and deaths more recently linked to the simmons pet foods?

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