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Just in Time: How Kosh Got His Appetite Back

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  1. Ellie

    Great happy ending! I hope Kosh continues to do well on a fresh food diet.

  2. Jo Singer

    This article is just amazing. Thank you so much for sharing this information. We just started feeding raw to our kitties and they absolutely love it. No vomiting- no hissy fits- just pure pleasure from their meals.

    Love happy endings too! It sounds like Mr. Kosh is quite a remarkable kitty.

  3. Lisa Parker

    What a wonderful story! Good job, Kosh and his owner. So many of us wait because kitties are so good at hiding symptoms and we think it’s nothing major. But his Mom sure did the right thing. I’m sure that was not an inexpensive Veterinarian visit either, but she went all in. Thanks for sharing this wonderful story.

    And Kosh, you are a very handsome boy!

  4. Daniela

    Love a happy-ending! Kudos on the fast acting mom and insightful vet approach.

    My question is regarding the procedure favored in Kosh’s treatment: why the preference for x-ray & barium swallow instead of an ultrasound? Is the combo a better option for figuring out what was going on in the digestive system?

    My curiosity stems from the fact that I have two cats being treated for IBD and the follow-up has always been done thru ultrasounds, never the x-ray. One cat I have been able to successfully transit to home-cooked diet (Haven’t been able to get him to accept the raw-food just yet), but my sweet little Persian girl is still highly addicted to kibble and I just haven’t been able to help her accept the wet-food. Both of them will be 13 years old this year (2014). 🙂

  5. Dr Cathy

    Ultrasound is an excellent tool for looking at IBD. I used an x-ray and barium because Kosh is a young cat and there was the possibility he had eaten some kind of a foreign body.
    Have you tried making bone broth to switch your stubborn kitty off of kibble? Have you tried grinding the dry food and making it like a strudel topping on top of wet food?

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