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Is Pet Food a Cash Cow for Government?

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  1. Reader

    I used to think that wet meat for my dog was too rich. Even mixed with dry kibble it gave him messy stools more often than not. This happens when my friend’s mix wet food in with their brands of dry kibble. It’s happened over many past years. When I go back to feeding actual pieces of meat (either raw or minimally cooked) with whole foods my dog’s stools go back to normal. I think the PF companies have becomes masters of making canned food “look” and “smell” decent to humans, but only heaven knows what’s really in that STUFF!!

  2. NMD

    I can never understand while the veterinarians push the big companies foods. The markup in so small, they don’t make money off of selling food. I have worked for veterinarians all my life and am embarrassed by what people are told to feed their pets. I feed my dogs and cats a raw diet so I am not allowed to talk to clients about diet/nutrition. People I work with always are so surprised how wonderful my dogs and cats look. And then they ask why they never have to see the doctor. I just look at them and wait for them to say “Their diet, right”? I just give them a big smile.

    1. L B

      I agree with NMD – i worked for vet offices for over 12 years – in the early years i didnt know better but as a pet sitter i strongly discourage my clients from excepting prescription diets from the vets – i teach them to read ingredients – I tell them if your willing to pay that kind of money for crappy food let me help you pick a better diet that actually has better ingredients or do home cooked
      not many people are willing to do raw or cooked but its getting better

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