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Is it OK to Feed Pets Only a Chicken Pet Food?

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  1. jan beardsley-blanco

    well waddya supposed to do when your pet is allergic to most animal proteins?? I have an IBD kitty who has been on turkey only since she was 3 – she’s now 9 – and she’s doing fine, thank you

    1. Kei

      Of course,poultry id not the best but if you feed a certain protein along organs and Bones,it doesn’t matter what it is(well chicken is lower in tryptophan and other amino acids and the fat is hard er to digest) you will have a healthy pet. Many people nowadays feeding a raw diet still have many issues and these come from the high poultry/pork diet most feed. The problem is not the variety,variety is something human invented(wolves and wild cats eat different prey yes,but these are a tiny part of their overall diet). As long as you feed a diet of herbivores,from animals preferably pasture raised,and daily include organs,calcium(eggshells or ground bone) you will have a healthy pet.

      Feeding one protein is not the problem(albeit certain proteins should never be given) it’s the “loose” way of feeding organ one day,meat another,bone another that makes pets have upset tummies and issues.

      I follow the APMR(Ancestral Prey Model Raw) way of feeding,which basically takes in account what our carnivore’s ancestors and wild brothers have actually in their reach. No veggies,no grains,little fruit,no dairy. Little to no poultry/pork only complete daily balanced meals of beef. Occasional lamb,rabbit,goat or fowl raw bines. Why beef,lamb or goat?. Because these are the most closely animals at out disposition that mimics the nutritional profile of a moose,rabbit,elk or deer as close as possible. Of course cats also eat herbivores and although they can’t catch big ungulates(small ones) the proteins mentioned above are the closest to a mouse.

  2. Mirsades McIver

    My cat vomits often, from every other day or every two to three days, sometimes going four days without vomiting. He has been diagnosed over three/four years ago with IBD. When this first started he was vomiting a couple times everyday. He has been on Nature’s Variety Instinct, Grain Free, Limited Ingredient Turkey, dry and some canned, for probably two years now. I have tried other foods in the past but this is the only one (protein) that seems ok for him. He had a flare-up four months ago so he is on 1mg Budesonide daily along with Atenolol for his heart/blood pressure, he has HCM also. He will be seven years old in January. Are you saying the “chicken” video also would apply to Turkey? I’m afraid to try anything else, I don’t want to cause him more problems. His vet bills have been very high.

    1. jan beardsley-blanco

      my comment would be “don’t fix what’s working”

      we’re in a similar boat……………..and I am not about to change ANYTHING in this kitty’s diet! her weight is great, her labs are – well, I haven’t gotten the most recent report yet – her “animus” is right up there with everyone else – NOT changing one little thing.
      hope it helps to know someone else is in a similar situation as you!

    2. Marie

      Besides staying with what’s working, you might also try Animal Essentials herbal formulas. I have one I give my cat that has healed his gut. He doesn’t have the issues your baby does, but it’s harmless and even has a pleasant taste. It’s called Phytomucil but has a new name now, shown on the Animal Essentials site. I also give, as needed, their Digestive Daily, a lovely blend of ginger and mint, which aids digestion, is a powerful and natural anti-emetic, and the mint has a gentle numbing/cooling on the tummy. All their formulas are glycerin based as well – always a plus. Some of the herbs taste hideous – taste yourself and then ask your kitty – so I put them in a gel cap if they don’t pass kitty taste tests. They also carry a Hawthorne heart formula. I have had tremendous success with these herbs, and the Daily Digestion, for example, replaced the drug, Cerenia! It works better and is all natural. And for all furry ones with kidney issues, I’ve seen it myself – their Tinkle Tonic reverses creatinine. It opens the viable tubules in the kidneys, so my guy is healing – no drugs – herbs. We had very high vet bills too, which are well worth it IF they help, but vets were turning around in circles with no answers. Herbs are food too.

  3. Rodney Habib

    I adore you madam 🙂

  4. Christine DeSousa

    Hi Rodney I have two dogs that are for ever chewing their feet and scratching would love to know more about those little white balls for soaking their paws in and where to get them. thanks

  5. Terri Janson

    My poodle chewed his feet a lot. I used Bali goats milk soap in them. Chewing almost complete stopped and all the fur is back! This soap is made in Australia

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