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IRS Scandal Widens to Include Humane Society of the United States

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  1. Robin

    I hope this results in a powerful investigation of HSUS.
    All those tear jerky commercials of sad little pets to get people to send a monthly tithe that does NOT go to help animals AT ALL, but instead, supports Wayne and his ilk with massive salaries, more massive pension plans, yachts, expensive homes, cars and more as well as lobbying for ANTI-PET legislation, including, BTW, attempts to pass legislation that would make it illegal to feed your pets anything other than what THEY decide, because they are heavily invested in VEGETARIAN ( and we all know how bad that would be for our carnivore pets) pet food and would make money from such laws….
    Sadly, HSUS started out as an admirable organization that really DID help animals, but once the current scum discovered people would send money for nothing in return but a hope that they were helping needy animals, it went the way of Bernie Madoff….

  2. dmiller

    Are you talking about PETA or the HSUS. I am confused.

    1. Dee

      HSUS no doubt

  3. Judy

    BOTH. The PETA crowd and the like-minded took over the Humane Society of the United States several years back. They are sister organizations with the same bottom line philosophy. For us, that means primarily that they do not believe that animals should be ‘used’ in any way by humans. Dogs should be free to roam wild ‘as nature intended’. A dog at home w/you on the couch is in jail. Many people think HSUS supports local Humane Shelters and they do give a minimal amount of $ to a minimal # of shelters. They are against the No Kill shelter protocol and having been fighting its primary advocate, Nathan Winograd for years now. Those commercials of the dogs & cats in cages are designed to give the impression that your donation w/be helping them and it is simply NOT TRUE. Many local shelters have been trying to get the word out so people will donate directly to their local shelter where the need is great. One example, HSUS collected a boatload of money ‘to help the displaced pets of Katrina’. The Atty General of Louisiana had to sue them to get any of that money for his state – and it was a pittance compared to what was generated. HSUS, in my opinion, is WORSE THAN PETA because they deceive for donations AND they politic against our (dog owners) ability to make the decisions for our dogs. They think our dogs should have rights as in the right to choose their food, the right to be free, etc. IF you give them money, they will use it to hurt your interests NOT HELP PETS!.

    1. Lisa Begin-Kruysman

      Sadly, there is a lot of truth here. Donate wisely and to those groups who are truly making a paws on difference.

  4. km

    This Fox clip says the HSUS is under tax exempt status investigation bc of concern over code violation due to engaging in political activity. I have seen both HSUS President Wayne Pacelle & HSUS California State Director Jennifer Fearing speak in person & they have made it clear that the HSUS is a non-partisan group w/o political affiliation. Their goal is to simply help as many animals as possible & I personally consider them to be the most successful group out there that accomplishes that goal.

    The rest of the Fox clip mentions MISINFORMATION about the HSUS regarding their fund allocation. This is a campaign to slander the HSUS, please don’t fall for it. Wayne Pacelle just posted this on his blog on Monday to clear up any misinformation. On his facebook page, he wrote: “I wanted to share this important story from The Boston Globe on Sunday, exposing the shadowy front group attacking The Humane Society of the United States and other public interest groups. It is because we are so successful in helping animals, that he attacks us. He continues to attempt to overstuff his bank accounts by convincing those who profit from animal use, that he can somehow stop our work. However, our donations have doubled since he’s begun his attacks. Thanks to our supporters like you who won’t fall for his malarkey, we continue to make great strides for animals. I hope you’ll take a minute to read and share this piece:

    Charity Navigator rates HSUS as a 4 out 4 star charity. I will continue to support them & the work that they do.

    1. mikken

      I trust Wayne as far as I can throw him. Wayne is all buddy-buddy with Michael Vick. And if a man is known by the company he keeps…well.

      The HSUS gets not one dime from me. Ever. I support my local shelter, my LOCAL humane society, and local low cost s/n group. At least that way, I know my $ are being spent on the animals, not on more fund raising.

  5. BC

    My understanding is that HSUS grants to PeTA who in turn pays legal bills for the ALF.

  6. Lynn Utecht

    HSUS should be investigated… as well as PETA.

  7. Rev Oakes

    HSUS is absolutely NOT a “liberal” group. Liberalism has nothing to do with their activities. Yes, concern for animal welfare could be seen as a “liberal” (i.e. caring) activity, but that’s not what the HSUS and PETA are about, despite their constant fundraising smokescreens to the contrary. They explicitly want to dissociate all animals from humans, whether pets, workers, or livestock. What happens to the animals doesn’t concern them; let them die or whatever. To that end they have engaged/are engaging in extremely anti-liberal legislative pressures/goals. They propound laws supporting warrantless search and seizure, for example, and the “ground” is littered with people whose quite innocuous breeding and pet rescue programs have been destroyed. They want NO animal breeding/ownership of any kind. Their slogan is “one generation and out”.. that is, spay/neuter/kill one generation of breeding stock and there will be no more, dogs, cats, horses, cattle, what have you. Certainly no more purebred pets. Period. If that’s liberal, I’ll eat my own progressive hat. So I’m rooting 100% for IRS and other investigations of their illegal and inhumane activities.

    1. Allison

      Spaying and neutering is actually necessary. I don’t know why you don’t understand that. It’s because there are way too many homeless pets out there because idiots keep breeding! 2 of my dogs were rescued from a puppy mill which was NOT a good breeding operation…they almost starved to death and were locked in cages with puppies in unsanitary conditions. I think they should put a ban on breeding until all the unwanted pets find homes. Then people can start only breeding when they have a waiting list. Breeding does need to be monitored so that pets don’t suffer. If breeding was properly controlled there would be no need for shelters!! There would be no horse slaughter!! There would be no euthanasia!! Doesn’t that sound better to you? We are forcing these animals to breed…they aren’t deciding to do it on their own…what we have done to pets is so unnatural…so sad.

      1. Interested Pet Owner

        This is a very complicated subject. Because whenever we talk about curtailing “other” people’s activities we infringe upon the freedom of choice that this Country works so hard to protect. The problem is, for every irresponsibility that exists, individual personal responsibility also exists. The question is, who has been given the “right” to establish restrictions that are based on personal opinion? The way to tackle these problems instead, is to establish consequences after the fact. If possible. “Backyard Breeders” are just that. While many jurisdictions do have a limit to the number of pets (dogs) that can be owned, this is a completely unenforceable ordinance (unless a specific complaint has been recorded and followed up upon). Backyard Breeders are under the radar, out of sight, pursuing either a hobby or trying to make extra money (though very difficult to turn a profit) through puppy sales. As opposed to hobbyists, professional Puppy Mills (ethically speaking are deplorable) and yet are also “business.” Who decides the legitimacy of any business if it isn’t breaking the law? These businesses often flourish in areas already zoned for the ownership and reproduction of livestock, though you would be very surprised at the specific restrictions placed upon the legal operation of a Kennel. The only way to tackle these problems is through education, education, education! Spaying and neutering is a solution that only goes so far, usually directed at ordinary pet owners who have no intention of ever breeding their pet. Yet they bare the cost of penalties and the stigma for non-compliance. It is impossible to convince hobbyists or for-profit breeders to spay/neuter. However a massive amount of donation money is collected always on the basis of promoting spay/neutering programs! The question is, is this money that could otherwise be used to actually save the life of a surrendered pet, by feeding it until adoption, and helping poorer prospective owners with some medical expenses, etc.? Unfortunately for every pet that is adopted through a shelter, another one will replace it, being the result of an unwanted animal at large. Either one that has escaped, been abandoned, can no longer be afforded, is unmanageable, sick or aged. What is so frequently overlooked is that the “responsible breeder” (though rare, and not necessarily justified to begin with) does at least, manage their own rescue efforts. Both individually speaking and through extensive networking and communication via dedicated breed and fancier groups and clubs. They usually foot the expenses in the interim and make sure medical attention is given. I know of some that will accept a senior dog back from an owner, just to save it’s life. These are the kind of people who do not want to see their own either resold or ending up in a shelter! Should they be breeding in the first place? Probably not, but better to fill a need, and support it after the fact, in at least some responsible manner, by meeting a “desire” that will always exist – than to reward these cowardly amateur operators with another opportunity to sell! Just saying … with the intention of providing balance to the overall discussion. Thanks.

        1. Allison

          I think we are giving breeders way too much credit here. Even ‘good’ certified AKC/CKC breeders. Look what they’vedone to bulldogs faces, German shepherds legs!! And they breed father to daughter. Brotherto sister. Most don’t breed for the health andwellwing of the breed.

      2. Rev Oakes

        You sound as if opposing HSUS means giving carte blanche to grossly irresponsible, inhumane breeding operations. Not so.

        There are ways of addressing the irresponsible breeding problems that do not involve destroying the breeds, or trashing our civil rights. The Animal Welfare movement (vs the Animal Rights activists) keeps working on those means and the aim of the well-being of pets and other animals. In actual fact the number of unwanted US dogs has diminished hugely in the last decade or so. Many shelters have to import non-US dogs to keep getting their tax support.

        But none of this is the current point!

        HSUS has apparently been protected by the IRS from legitimate investigations. If they have done nothing wrong, fine, they need no protection. If they have been using their charity (non-political) IRS status to fund gigantic undeclared lobbying efforts, well then they need to be investigated and reined in. As far as I’m aware we’re still supposed to have rule of law here.

    2. Jess

      That is incorrect. Read the blogs from Wayne Pacelle, the CEO of HSUS, they have no intention of dissociating the human-animal bond. They are out to lobby agains the curelties that exist within factory farming, horse slaughter, the abuse of Tennesee Walker Horses, homeless pets, and globally speaking, the epidemic of stray animals in India and other 3rd world countries. I have heard him speak many times and he absolutely supports the responsible ownership of pets…..he owns a cat just like many of us, and has no intention of ever severing that bond.

      Here is a link to his blog:

      I don’t think people should speak so ill of an organization that truely has the same intentions all of us animal lovers have. I think we should all educate ourselves before making vague statements about their intentions without being properly informed.

      1. km

        THANK YOU JESS! Almost every single comment on this article is full of incorrect information regarding the HSUS. It seems a lot of people confuse PETA with the HSUS and have no idea what the major differences are. The inaccuracies posted in the comments are too great for me to tackle.

        Wayne Pacelle posted a photo on his fb pg 4/18/13 that his cat of 19 years passed away. The CA HSUS director brought her dog to the meeting I attended. These people value & love their companion animals just like we do!!!

        Others who are misinformed, please consider reading WP’s book “The Bond” & you will better understand a lot of these mis-represented HSUS issues more clearly. Or at least read their website copy to understand what they represent, don’t base your opinion on misinformed comments.

        Again, they are a 4 out of 4 star charity on

        WP’s fb post on his cat of 19 yrs that passed away: “Late last night, with the help of the tender people at Friendship Animal Hospital, Lisa and I said goodbye to our sweet little Mungo, our little orange kitty of 19 years. Her kidneys had failed, and she was largely unable to walk. Still, though parts of her body were failing her, she had such a life force, and it was almost unbearable to see it extinguished. On the drive home, and in the hours that have since passed, there’s an unyielding feeling of grief – that a big presence in our life has vanished, if only in her physical sense. We’ve been through this process before, with other wonderful creatures in our lives, but that does not diminish the immediate feeling of desperation mixed with sorrow. Life is fragile, and it’s fleeting, and it’s a reminder to care for it.”

        Words from someone who values the human – animal bond, not someone who is working to dissolve it. Note the title of his book, “The BOND.”

        1. Kenneth N Amend

          KM?? Why don’t u try reading HSUS’s tax returns for the last 10yrs,oh and while your at it read about there FEDERAL RACKETEERING BRIBERY charge for 5.8million DOLLARS. Truly desiring to make a difference requires an open mind. It’s NEVER about RIGHT or wrong, it’s about UNDERSTANDING!!! Look at all the FACTZ. HSUS & Wayne Pacelle will reap what they sow.

  8. Allison

    When I worked at my local humane society I was very sad to find out where all the donation money was actually going. Making the building look nice, an outdoor fireplace of all things, and mostly to increase the salary of the ‘director of operations’ who never even came to visit the shelter animals for the few years I worked there. As the adoption supervisor I never received a raise and I never asked for one but I cared about the animals so much more. It’s disgusting what people will do for money…euthanize all these cats and dogs because we don’t have enough money even though the ‘director of operations’ lives in a mansion and drives a Bentley…thanks for helping the animals jerks.

    1. Rev Oakes

      I’m sorry you had such a bad experience. Over the decades I’ve seen the best and worst of shelters. Our local one is a model shelter, no-kill except for health and serious temperament issues, and turns over thousands of dogs a year. It all depends on priorities.. which is the point made about HSUS.

      1. Allison

        I do agree that not all shelters are like this. The smaller no-kill shelters in my province truly do care about the animals and spend their own money trying to save them…they would never try to make a profit off of a shelter. Which is sadly what SOME people in larger shelters do. Not all the staff do this…it’s just greedy people who care about money that happen to somehow get a job at a shelter even though they are completed unqualified for the position.

  9. Judy

    1) This is not a slander campaign against the HSUS. They claim to be non-political but they are non-partisan. Eliminating the human bond with animals is the goal. Animals, being morally equivalent to humans to HSUS, should be free and have the right to pursue their happiness and make personal choices as as we do, free (in the wilds). Sadly my dog wants to roam all day, bother livestock, breed his brains out, eat who knows what, drink pond scum and given the choice, he’d come home at nite for dinner & his bed – unless I can play ball all day long w/him, of course. I suppose it also means hunt down his own food or while under my oppressive control, choose between vegetables, which one he prefers. The fight against meat eating would sure take a giant step forward if we didn’t feed our carnivores cattle, sheep, & chickens!

    2) I agree w/Rev, HSUS can kiss my progressive bippy if they think they are liberals. I think the reason HSUS is considered a “left” leaning group is because ie. here in California, the Democratic Party is most responsive to their lobbying & campaign contributions. They have no influence over most Republicans. I’m wondering if people in urban areas understand rural Americans at all; our bond to the land and to our animals. I’ve lived in both & there does seem to be a difference in world views. I’m guessing that most who support the no-animals view live in urban areas.

    3. As to shelter conditions & euthanasia rates, go to Read “Redemption” by him – it is eye opening. Many shelter workers are underpaid, overworked, and witness the daily killing of many rehome-able pets. Did you know that most shelter management actually follows HSUS protocols? Kill this dog today because another dog MIGHT come in tomorrow. “Redemption” will show you that these protocols are wrong headed and much of the killing is not necessary. As more shelters change to No Kill Protocols, the world w/be a better place. That’s a liberal value – HSUS has been fighting the No Kill Movement for years. Frankly they use all those dead dogs and cats to try and coerce more people to their point of view.

    4) HSUS & Pacelle do not care about dogs. No dog lover I know would ever recommend Michael Vick be allowed another dog. NEVER. Yet, HSUS did – to a judge to amend his probation to allow dog ownership. Oh and they did that w/donations that could have saved some lives. Maybe the $20,000 from the Phillie Eagles persuaded Pacelle to do that. More money for politicians & salaries – $50k plus spent just in California a year for just our federal pols only – see HSUS website.

    5. There is, indeed, a “consumer” protection group run by lobbyists for Big Agribusiness likely, meat & egg producers. But in the case of their efforts to expose the animals rights (AR) movement as really a vegetarian ONLY movement, I’m pleased they exist & our interests overlap. Everyday dog owner’s like me don’t have money enough to buy influence to counteract HSUS & PETA. is an aggregator of info about both groups along w/info on AR legislation. Never take a few sources as the gospel – do your own research. Just for fun go read the reports about PETA’s kill rate and their dispicable tactic of soliciting dogs & cats from the naive with the promise to find good homes then taking those little darlings out to a van and cold-bloodedly killing them. NEVER forget the AR movement believes your dog is better off dead than w/you. PETA’s kill rate every year is over 90%. We must be skeptical of any legislation proposed or supported by either of these 2 groups. And, yes they do spend money defending AR terrorists like ALF – donated for animals money.

    6. Read up on what HSUS tried to do to Ringling Bros. Based on what transpired in the court case, HSUS has been accused of and is now being sued by Ringling for racketeering; among other things, they bribed a witness per the judge. More donation money wasted on lawyers, etc. to eliminate the circus and drumming up a fraudulent case to do it. Looks to me like Ringling is going to make a stand here and I’m grateful they can afford to & are willng to do it. Many everyday people have had their lives ruined as animal owners who didn’t have the money to defend their rights against a multi-million dollar “charity”.

    7. And speaking of charity – meaning tax free status – the Law (501(c)4 states that these groups must be dedicated EXCLUSIVELY to social welfare. Sadly enforcement policies for decades have been lax and “primarily’ is the current less than legal standard. The Sierra Club gave up its tax free status decades ago so it could advocate (read politic) for the environment. Why in the hell should HSUS get it and not Sierra Club? Why should American taxpayers, me and you, pay to subsidize a political operation that is actively trying to do us and our animals harm?

    8. The person who spoke about horse slaughtering obviously has never owned a horse. The average person doesn’t have any place to bury their beloved horse and now thanks to the horse slaughtering law, there is no one to take the body away either. When our horse died of old age out in the field, we had to rent a backhoe, dig a hole, and drag him into it. So please, unless you’ve worn the boots, don’t talk to me about horse slaughtering and rendering. You know not . . .

    People need to educate themselves as to HSUS and PETA and thir real philosophy about animals. If you’re reading about dog fod, I know you love dogs and want to do what’s best but if you fall for and worse, help spread HSUS/PETA propaganda, you won’t have a dog someday or your children’s children won’t ever enjoy the comfort & companionship of a pet. I wish I could say the AR movement is only about money but it’s not. The AR movement is populated by true believers some of whom w/stop at nothing to break the human/animal bond. Investigate for yourself and if you find one untruth in my statement, come back and point it out. I’ll be waiting . . . no talking points, please. I’ve heard it all already. This fight started for me, here in California, nearly 10 years ago! And don’t be complacent because you live in a red state either, HSUS is working at the national level AND in every state in the Union against dog ownership.

    1. Allison

      I actually do own a horse and when the day comes she will be humanely euthanized and buried – not sent to slaughter! That is not the way to dispose of an animal you have loved and cared for. How can you defend horse slaughter? Maybe you should check out the Canadian Horse Defense Coalition website and get back to me after! I’ve also worked in the pet industry for over 10 years. Vet clinics, shelters, pet stores and a pet insurance company. I base my views on personal experiences because no one can say I’m wrong when I’ve seen it with my own 2 eyes!!

      1. Judy

        Yes, our 30 year old horse died in the night on January 1, 2013. And he was buried in his pasture in his favorite spot. You seem to have missed most of what I said so I’ll only respond with this: I GOT my first horse when I was 10 and that was FIFTY-TWO years ago. Bless you for your 10 years but please don’t lecture me.

  10. Jess

    This is sad because I still think HSUS does a lot of good for the lobbying in favor of the well being on animals. Being a horse lover, I can’t help but support their actions to end the horse slaughtering and the abuse that goes on with the Tennessee Walker Horse shows…..if you don’t know what I’m referring to, look it up…..While they are not the ASPA and don’t have shelters on the ground, they are after the bigger picture of animal welfare, although they were heavily involved in disaster response with hurricane Sandy. We also have them to thank for the lobbying against fatory farming and the abuses that occur when farming pigs, cattle and chickens. Changing the law so that a chicken can stand up and turn around in her cage is not asking much, but sadly it had to be put into law. We all care about what goes into our pets’ food, but personally I care about the lives of the animals that are eventually going into my dog’s dish or my dinner plate, and HSUS has been at the forefront of making their lives a little bit better for the short time they have on this planet. No, I am not a bleeding heart liberal, nor am I at the other extreme end of that spectrum, but I DO care about all animals, not just the ones that live in my house or my barn.

    1. MS

      You are right Jess, they are strong advocates for legislation to improve the conditions of farm, circus, zoo, research, and wild animals. But their fund raising is based primarily on companion animal shelter and rescue, neither of which they have any real ongoing involvement with. Of course if their ads were honest and forthright about their real mission and their real goals, or about the fact that they have nothing to do with any other HS groups or agencies, or about the fact that they do no direct companion animal sheltering or rescue, they would see a massive drop in donations. For them it’s all about the money. Just imagine if some significant portion of the $76 million they took in in 2003 had been given instead to the groups who were actually doing the companion animal care and rescue they claimed they were doing (the local shelters and rescues across the country), the groups who were doing what the donors were trying to support. Just imagine how many pets could have been saved. The HSUS siphons off massive amounts of money that the donors are lead to believe will got to direct companion animal care. The groups that do that work and need that money do not get it, the animals it was given to help are not helped, and the HSUS staff and fundraisers line their pockets. Heck if we could just get the 20-25% they spend on fundraising and use that for support for the groups who actually provide direct care of companion animals, the situation in the US would be vastly better.

      1. Judy

        Jess, you won’t have any horses in your barn if HSUS has its way. They don’t support the use of any animals for ANYTHING! They don’t care about how feed animals are kept – they are vegetarians who dispise meateaters. They don’t care about tail soring – they are trying to prevent us from having horses. Horses like ALL other animals in their eyes belong in the wilds “like nature intended” them to live. They are not trying to improve circus animal or rodeo animal care; they are trying to eliminate the circus and the rodeo. I see some good-hearted animal lovers writing here who don’t understand the true goals and methods of the HSUS & sister PETA. It is no human use of animals – NONE! Your horses, Jess are in bondage, enslaved by you. That couch potato dog you love, he is in jail and should have the RIGHT to be free. We must all educate ourselves about these groups and their true goals or while we’re being misled, they will continue to infringe on our right to have and to love our horses and dogs! That is where this is going – good people can’t stand by and do nothing. We learned that in WWII as well.

        1. MS

          Judy is absolutely correct here. Whatever spin and damage control Wayne and his buds are putting out now, their intentions are and always have been clear, as these quotes prove. “Human care (of animals) is simply sentimental, sympathetic patronage.” “We have no problem with the extinction of domestic animals. They are creations of human selective breeding.” That’s unequivocal and as clear as it gets. Oh and one other thing, I want to make it clear that in my previous comment I said they are “strong advocates for legislation” which is entirely different than saying they are strong advocates the animals themselves. I seriously doubt Wayne knows anything about animals that he learned from direct experience. He doesn’t seem to even like animals. You have to live with and care for animals, pick up their poop, clean up their vomit, spend the night up nursing them, or comforting them as they die in your arms, to really understand or care about animals. Anything less is just lip service. My rule of thumb; if your clothes are always clean, you’re not a true animal person/lover.

  11. km

    Wayne Pacelle addressed the false IRS charges on his blog yesterday. Rick Berman’s front group is behind the fabricated IRS charges. According to the 2 articles, the false IRS charges began a few yrs ago after the HSUS cracked-down on puppy mills. Full disclosure on my behalf, I am also adamantly against puppy mills so I support the HSUS work to create improved conditions for dogs used for the sole purpose of breeding.

    HSUS response to false charges in MO newspaper (MO is home of puppy mill controversy):

    WP’s 3/31/13 blog “The Real IRS Subplot”

    Remember that in 2009 Wayne Pacelle went on Oprah to educate people about puppy mills, so this topic had a huge impact on an international level that hit the puppy mill industry hard.

  12. MS

    I guess this info is making the HSUS really nervous. It is unusual to see this kind of concerted spin effort in these kinds of formats. I’d say this article and info has hit them where they live. Comments from HSUS shills (and well meaning fools) notwithstanding, Judy and Rev Oakes are absolutely 100% spot on. I have devoted much of my life to animals and animal welfare. For the last 12 years I have run a dog rescue that has personally cost me well over $200,000.00 and taken up almost all my waking hours. I am in it for the animals. I’ve paid my dues and earned the right to say that. And to expresss an informed opinion about the HSUS. Unlike most of their top management, I take no salary, and get no financial benefit from my work with animals. In fact my work has cost me. And I know first hand that the HSUS is not about companion animal welfare. The following has been up on my website for years. Some of the most damning comments are the quotes from the HSUS leadership themselves.

    Is the HSUS (Human Society of the US) a Humane Society? Are they connected with the Humane Society in my home town? Are they really trying to help pets?
    No, No, and No. Read on and see for yourself.
    “The Humane Society of the Untied States (HSUS) does not operate a single animal shelter in America or anywhere else. That’s right, not one. Makes you wonder how many people send them money thinking they were the local animal shelter.” –Wayne Cavanaugh (President of the United Kennel Club)
    “It’s time to stop the slaughter of adoptable pets by the nation’s shelters, to stop supporting groups like the Humane Society of the United States that do nothing but institutionalize and bureaucratize the status quo and use it raise money, lots and lots of money.”
    –Gina Spadafori (Pet Connection)
    “Human care (of animals) is simply sentimental, sympathetic patronage.” –Dr. Michael W. Fox (Humane Society of the United States, in 1988 Newsweek interview).

    “The life of an ant and the life of my child should be accorded equal respect.” –Dr. Michael W. Fox (Humane Society of the United States)
    “Surprisingly, some people still believe that HSUS helps animals by operating and/or supporting animal shelters when in reality that is not the case.”

    “In 2003, in revenue, additions and transfers, HSUS made $76,923,670. Of that amount, sheltering programs received $10,551,527 and it was shared with animal habitat and wildlife programs. Now, assuming it was an even split, sheltering programs received $3,517,175.66.”

    “That’s a lot of money, but not when you consider a good sized shelter can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to run, three million is really a drop in the bucket. They spent $21,145,769.00 in fundraising and membership development. Six times what they put into their shelter programs, which is what most people think HSUS does with money donated to them.” –North Carolina Responsible Animal Owners Alliance\
    “I’m not sure what they spent the money on for their shelter programs, but I will assure you they didn’t fund any shelters. In fact, they charge shelters and Animal Control offices for their assistance and instructional material. I have been able to find little and or nothing HSUS doesn’t charge for when it comes to helping a shelter and their educational programs.”

    “Former President John Hoyt once instructed his members on becoming more humane: “We begin, I suggest, by living more simply, more sparingly.” Let’s see how he did. He made around $200,000.00 in the late 1980’s running HSUS. In 1986, HSUS bought his house in Maryland for $310,000 and allowed him and his family to live there, free of rent, until 1992. When he retired as CEO, HSUS gave him a $1,000,000.00 bonus.”

    “Paul Irwin, another former President, while making $300,000.00 from HSUS, was given an $85,000.00 interest free loan to renovate his cabin in Maine. The cabin was held in trust by HSUS, however his family continued to use it until he died. This is just the tip of the iceberg.” –Christopher Aust (The Natural Cooperative Training System)

    “While HSUS will admit they don’t run or fund any shelters, you usually find it at the bottom of the page or tucked away somewhere near the end of a statement. As I mentioned before, they don’t put their money where their mouth is. Get this … In 1995, when the Washington DC animal shelter was going to have to close due to a budget shortfall, HSUS (based in DC) offered to build and operate a DC shelter at its own expense to serve as a national model. There were, of course, conditions.”

    “HSUS wanted the city to give it 3-5 acres of land and tax exempt status for all of its real estate holdings in the District of Columbia. (Remember, they buy some executives homes to live in among other property holdings.)”

    “The DC government offered a long-term lease but HSUS refused to proceed unless it would “own absolutely” the land. The district declined, and the only HSUS funded animal shelter never materialized.”

    “HSUS, who makes and has enough money to fund a shelter in every state, as well as subsidize spay/neuter programs, declined to help the dogs in its own back yard. Why?” –Christopher Aust (The Natural Cooperative Training System)
    “We have no problem with the extinction of domestic animals. They are creations of human selective breeding.”
    –Wayne Pacelle (President & CEO HSUS)

  13. JH

    I don’t like HSUS because they, together with Oregon Humane, in Oregon, just secreted a bill through the Oregon legislature that includes two clauses that regulate rescues in Oregon. We’re talking even one and two person rescues that operate out of a person’s home, mostly funded by the individual, that rose up because of a community need, i.e. tons of unfixed stray cats and kittens, etc. So now anyone helping stray animals in Oregon has to pay for a license fee, adhere to records keeping rules, and be subjected to inspections, (a person’s home in the case of small rescues) without a warrant. That’s right. In Oregon, kitten rescuers are equated with terrorists, no 4th amendment protections against searches of their homes without a warrant. Anyhow, seems like getting kicked in the face, since rescues were not included in writing the bill or told it was coming. Seems like kicking volunteers in the face. Seems like the rich getting richer, since Oregon Humane’s director makes over $200,000 per year on Oregon’s unwanted excess animals and the HSUS people who helped write the bill make a mint too. Something’s beginning to stink.

  14. MS

    Ah, another Oregonian who has been reamed by the HSUS and OHS. Welcome to the club JH. After SB6 passed I closed intake for my rescue. And now my wife and I are looking at our options, either close the rescue entirely (which is really depressing after 12 years doing rescue, and buying property 7 years ago just so we could do our rescue work)or leave the state (which is just as depressing after 30 years here in OR). I am leaning toward leaving the state. The law is so poorly crafted it is pretty much an open door for abuses and using the law to facilitate reprisals. And it is clearly unconstitutional. OHS/HSUS’s answer to these issues? “If you have nothing to hide, it shouldn’t bother you.” Ah welcome to Nazi Germany in the mid 1930’s. They kept telling the Jews the same things, as they passed law after law taking away their civil rights. The reason we have constitutionally protected rights is to PROTECT US FROM OUR GOVERNMENT. The framers of the constitution understood that over time the government would want to expand it’s powers and it’s involvement in our lives, and make sure that it controlled what we could and could not do. Fast forward 237 years and here we are. The government is now busy trying to void our constitutional rights. No matter how good the reason may sound, the ends can never justify the means (I thought this was one of those key lessons we all learned from WWII). We can never give up our civil and constitutional rights. If we do we will never get them back, and we will cease to be a free society (I did not say democracy, because contrary to popular belief we never have been a democracy. The US is a democratic republic and always has been, but that’s probably too technical for most of these emotionally-driven HSUS-supporting nitwits to be bothered with, I mean why use two words when one will do, right?) Whether we personally see a need right now for a particular constitutional right or not, whether we feel that it would be okay to infringe on this or that right in a good cause or not, we really must stand up against this pattern. If we don’t someday we will find ourselves with no rights at all. What can’t be destroyed in a single blow, can be destroyed a drop at a time. The mountains will stand against the mightiest wave, but crumble to the power of a slow and gentle rain. The HSUS understands this and is methodically and slowly wearing away at the idea of companion animals and animal ownership. That’s their goal. Their leadership has come right out and said so. “We have no problem with the extinction of domestic animals.” “Human care (of animals) is simply sentimental, sympathetic patronage.” How much clearer can they be? How can any animal lover/owner support any group that has an agenda like that? Because the HSUS hides their true intentions, just like their TV ads hide the fact that they do not run any shelters or fund any ongoing direct care of companion animals. Tens of millions of dollars donated to help rescue animals and they do not operate even one rescue or shelter.

  15. Debbie

    Donate locally. You can call and ask them what supplies they r needing.

  16. Jean

    Regarding Ringling Bros – I live in Phoenix Arizona & each hot, hot July – the circus comes. They drag those animals here in the worst heat of the summer & off they go. It must be torture to them. Shame on Ringling Bros. They are some sick people.

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