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Interesting Pet Food White Paper Published

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  1. Ian

    I am intrigued by the insight that mycotoxin tainted grain may be the true cause of supposed grain allergies. It has been my belief since switching to home-cooked food that most supposed pet food allergies were really allergies to manufactured feeds in general, not to particular ingredients in those feeds. Not an allergy to a particular protein but an allergy to a nasty food made with a super low quality version of that protein as one component of the food….

    Now this report suggests that grain allergies are really allergies to mycotoxin tainted grain. That makes a lot of sense to me since my dogs have had no bad reactions at all to any human grade grains I’ve put in their home cooked food.

    I can easily believe that any moldy grains would get shipped right off to pet food manufacturing and perhaps never even fully inspected or tested before they are dumped into the hopper.

    1. Peter

      … or, allergic to the feces or corpses of the grain/storage insects that feed on the mold that is present in silos or areas where grains are stored before being made into pet feed/food. The molds secrete toxins (mycotoxins, aflatoxins) to protect themselves against predators (the storage mites that eat them). Attracted to these molds, these insects spend their entire life cycle (even dying) in the storage silos. Not to mention, a dog or cat could be allergic to the anti-fungal agents (to control the mold) or the insecticides that must be used to control the insect infestations. The yuk factor is pretty high, and there is lots to choose from.

  2. Carol Anne Rayson

    This isn’t new’s been around for nearly a decade as The Orijen White Paper ..I know because I have been sending to clients for that time … This is an Update of the original ..not much different …still like it very much
    I have been a raw feeder for 16 years and Origen is one of the VERY FEW commercial dry foods I will recommend, when asked.

  3. Jo

    Bravo, JustFoodForDogs! Now there’s a company who gets it! Makes me so proud I wanna run out and adopt a dog just so I can feed it their food!

    Thank you, Susan for alerting us to the existence of this white paper.

  4. Wolf

    Right, the points made are not new, but surely bear repeating. And any time credentialed people are willing to come out on the science side and speak truth and reason, it is a good thing.

    Wish this food, especially the prescription diets, could somehow be made available nationally. That would probably ruin the brand, but I’d kill to be able to recommend them to our customers who are trying to abandon Hills.

    1. Laura

      You can always try out BIOethics, My Perfect Pet, or Rayne. The first two will formulate a custom diet on request (like Just Food for Dogs), the third only sells prescription foods and can also make special diets.

    2. Laura

      According to their website, JustFoodForDogs DOES ship their food nationwide, even their custom and prescription diets. I think you just have to call and place your order :).

      I’ve actually purchased their DIY kits through their website–cheap shipping and the kit gives you a recipe to follow and nutrients to add. Pretty cool!

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