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Interesting History of Pet Food Regulations

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  1. Mark Hutchens

    This whole FDA thing is disappointing, but not surprising. I’ve just gone to the FDA web site (had to search for a way to comment) and blasted them for not enforcing the rules that they have made. Its not so different from most any other government entity whereas they are paid by the (tax paying) citizens of this country and have the nerve to say “yep, we’re not doing the job you pay us for and there’s nothing you can do about it because WE are the government and you have no control over us”. Welcome to the newly imposed Socialist America the majority of the voters were so eager to put in place.

  2. Ann *

    I shouldn’t admit it, but I am old enough to remember the year that the Pet Food Committee was established. I was a young girl and when going to the grocery store, I loved to visit the pet food section which had on display one or two brands of canned dog food with a picture of a dog on the label (not a grilled chicken breast) and a few boxes of dry dog treats, again decorated with playful dogs running and jumping and all Made in America. I have no idea what was in the product, but the neighborhood’s stray dog that roamed door to door loved it.
    It was nothing like today in which it has developed into a multi billion dollar industry beholden to shareholders in making ever increasing profits and doing so by incorporating waste products into the mix, calling it dog food, and tricking the consumer into believing that it is healthy and wholesome. Those were much simpler times.
    PFI is the fox guarding the henhouse (AAFCO) but in addition to guard duty, the fox is also writing the rules for the hens to follow. While entirely backwards, this article shows how PFI has been calling the shots for AAFCO for decades and it will take an unusual set of circumstances plus a concerted effort to change that dysfunctional relationship.

  3. Ellie

    Sad to say but most of our government agencies only enforce laws that are advantageous for the current administration. There are many, many laws put in place because they were requested by the citizens of this country that are ignored by the bureaucrats.
    This country was once a nation of laws but has now become a lawless nation.

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