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Indiana Wants Me to Edit

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  1. Athena

    So thankful for you, Susan…you are the one who is doing the right thing…

    1. Maxine Schmidt

      What, if anything, does Dr. Cathy Alinovi wish us to do to help?

    2. vicki

      I second that Athena!

      I also admire how you and the good Doctor are Standing up to these outrageous requests!

      I just wanted to add, I watched last yrs Westminster Dog Show last night, and my heart sank when I saw Purina dog food being promoted by some of the dog owners – UGH! I don’t even believe them! They are probably feeding something much healthier for such valuable animals?

      And.. On the Facebook issue, all I can add is that several of my friends had their accounts suspended until they proved their identity. I don’t know if that would apply to you, but it has been going on for months, so it might be worth checking into?

      As always thanks for all you do! Vicki H.

  2. Dianne

    Wow!!!! You need a back-up plan in case they choose to apply pressure to your internet providers. Which pet food companies are primarily based in Indiana? I assume you are not located in Indiana. Have you considered going to some of the town hall meetings the candidates are holding and asking pointed questions?

    1. Jon

      They can’t legally apply pressure to any Internet provider for posting information they find objectionable.

      1. Dianne

        Legality doesn’t seem to be a problem for people with power.

        1. Michelle Pippin

          It certainly doesn’t!

  3. Duncan

    Censorship! There were no threats and only a few cases that might ruffle someone’s feelings. Standing up for what one believes (and knows) is very American. Dianne is right (cover your back) but this attempt at censorship certainly hints that there is something afoot.

  4. Mirsades McIver

    Thank you Susan for all you do and for standing up for us and our precious pets. Things just keep going from bad to worse. These things that the pet food/feed manufacturers have been trying to hide for years is coming out in the open more and more thanks to you. I’m hoping that when all this is settled about Dr. Cathy, that her license gets reinstated with a sincere apology from the idiots that caused her to resign.

    I think the manufacturers haven’t seen anything yet and the voice of all the consumers are soon to be so overwhelming they will have to listen and make changes. Thank you, thank you, thank you Susan…..I can’t say it enough.

  5. Nina Wolf

    Threatened by what? A proposed petition? Or the Truth?

    1. Michelle Pippin

      YES!!! Truth is very scary to liars…

      1. Marie

        And truth always wins! Bunch of bullies they are! They must not know who they’re dealing with – pet parents are like mama bears! They better be scared! Susan, your courage is inspirational! And I suspect it’s not truly over for Dr. Cathy. Just a hunch – one day they’ll all be brought to their knees and an awesome vet will be back in practice. I sure look forward to that!

        1. darcy flynn

          Truth may always win, but oh my, we are bucking the system right now and the bullies are bucking back. When I heard that chickens were ground alive, I was shocked and met brick wall after brick wall to end this atrocity. I can’t imagine the fight Susan has has endured for so long now. They will fire at us with everything they have at every turn. Be prepared to help Susan with whatever she needs everyone!

  6. Michelle Pippin

    Apparently those who threw stones were quite uncomfortable with stones being thrown back. Poor little liars. =) Any who, I love this article, LOVE the way you refused to be censored, and LOVE the way you turned what happened to Dr. Cathy into something good for animals. Dr. Cathy would have it no other way.

  7. Debbie Perkins

    Thank you Susan! I am behind you 100%. Yes, the whole truth is scary to those who distort it for their own purposes.

  8. Phyl

    Hang tough. Our “bought” gov’t has to stop taking money from big business & fully PROTECT US CITIZENS!
    We have to be diligent in picking our Congress & Senate. We need to stop our representatives from representing only the businesses that feed their hungry pockets.

  9. Carmine

    Truth has no agenda, people do.

  10. Jeannette Calvo

    Hang in there. It’s people like you, and everyone else who joins in the fight to continue putting pressure on government agencies that are supposed to be looking out for our welfare, as well as the welfare of animals. Tell them to shove it.

  11. Marge Mullen

    I posted this to my own facebook page and my Stablewoman’s Gazzette page. Sue if you need help in posting elsewhere just let me know.

  12. Mirella

    Thank you for being courageous! You are a model to us!

  13. Lynne

    You have my support complete Susan. Thank you for your work in protecting the animals.

    I lost my precious little dog Lily due to the Nutro melamine contamination. I will fight for safe food for people and animals gladly. I continually post your commentaries on Facebook where I am a crossposter for animals in need of saving. I have approximately 4200 ‘friends’ on Facebook presently. All are animal lovers who need to see what’s going on in the pet food industry.

    Thank you for all you do and please, fight on!

  14. Linda Vick

    Smacks of the first shot across the bow. Can”t wait for the next move! In the meantime, Dr. Alinovi and Susan, there is an army of supporters ready to do whatever it takes to protect your right to tell us the TRUTH ABOUT PET FOOD.

  15. Debra

    Susan, thank you for your never-ending work on behalf of our pets! What can we do to support Dr. Cathy? Go to the Indiana District Attorney, go public?

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      It is really over for Dr. Cathy – there is nothing to do. But for any Indiana resident, you can complain directly to the Attorney General’s office on the state not abiding by feed law. The ingredients listed above are a clear violation of Indiana’s law and actually federal law.

      1. Marie

        Susan, let’s ALL do that! If we bombard the Indiana Atty. General and get our friends and relatives to bombard them with the illegality of selective law enforcement along with the allowance of adulterated foods, maybe we can raise enough attention. This needs to be on the news, yet why do I suspect the stations are all owned by big business. Let’s all complain directly to the Indiana Attorney General! And I imagine there’s a US Atty. General as well? I say we start raising hell. God bless you for all you do and for saying no!! Cover up their lies – no way in hell! We love you Susan.

        1. Linda wargon

          Why don’t we all try and have our local news stations do a report on this!

  16. Susan Thixton Author

    A big thank you to everyone for your support.

  17. Denise Moitoza

    This is a disgusting situation. I’m so happy you refused to be pressured by them. YOU GO GIRL!! Does Dr. Cathy have any recourse against these idiots? LEGAL recourse. Can she please come to California? I will take my pets to see her!! The person who filed all the false allegations needs to have her day in court and be punished for fabricating all these stories. This seriously cannot be the end of Dr. Cathy’s career.

  18. Kathryn Smith

    Hell no don’t back down!! They know they’re wrong or they wouldn’t be hounding you!

  19. Brenda

    Bless you for standing by what you posted, Susan. There certainly is nothing threatening in your post, but there are those who don’t care to have the truth pointed out when they are on the wrong side of it.

  20. Caron

    What happened to freedom of speech in the U.S.?

    They are bullies.

    Thank you for fighting for us.

  21. Anthony Hepton

    Susan, Dr Cathy is a wonderful advocate for animals and I am sure she will continue to be a valuable resource in our fight to get the truth out to the public.The efforts we have underway will need all the supporters we can muster in our attempt to restore a modicum of truth to the products beings sold to the public. I hope Dr.Cathy can land on her feet and get the public support she needs to continue the good fight.

  22. Rick Ketcham

    Thank you, I send people to your site all the time. We need to stand up for what is right in pet food. I still need to get me information to you for your review.
    Rick Ketcham

  23. Pat Catania

    Thank you for standing up to the bullies. Keep up the good work, you have many, many people backing you.

  24. Linda

    The sad truth is the American public has had its rights slowly taken away for years. The government branches nation wide who we believed were there to protect us are the ones who voted/passed laws/rules against our rights; to benefit large companies & in some cases themselves. This story (two-fold) is just one small example of what is happening to our rights, beliefs, & our beloved country. We must all step up & learn what is happening around us, what we can do to stop the increasing removal of “our rights” & support people like Susan, who is fighting a tremendous battle for us all! There have been many indication of attempts to silents her & her supporters but she keeps prevailing. THANK YOU Susan for everything!!

    1. Dianne

      And you can be sure that when the TPP is ratified, you will lose even more rights.

  25. Pat P.

    You have my unceasing admiration and support. If only we had more people who were willing to stand up for what is right and honest. It is all to much of a rarity!

    Without your dedicated advocacy, there would be many more animals sick and dying. As stressful as this must be for you, as with animal activists of all varieties, maintaining integrity against a corrupt system is the only way anything will change for the better. I only wish some very wealthy and powerful people would come to your aid. With so many millions of pet caretakers in this country who would be devastated to learn that there is a likelihood that they may be harming their precious animals, unintentionally, there has to be a way to spread the word, much faster and more broadly!

    Do you think that there are any animal activist organizations that would be willing to join the fray?

    I am so sorry about Dr. Alvinovi, but all the more reason to be determined to fight these unscrupulous and greedy monsters!

    I only wish that I could be of some significant assistance.

  26. Jill

    Susan you are a strong woman; You stand up for what you believe in and have the ability to relay it so well. I admire that so much. The consumers aware of what’s happening appreciate all the grueling hard work you have endured thru this whole process. Your website is helping non-aware consumers to become AWARE… Little by little everyday. Thank you for your time put in and efforts put out to make changes for our beloved pets.

  27. Bob Milnover

    Congratulations on taking your stand. We have been a nation of suckers, chumps, and saps longer than we realize, or want to admit. We allow ourselves to be manipulated by words, false promises, patriotic images and high-minded ideals that are seldom realized.

    Assume that elected and appointed officials are liars, half truth tellers, corrupt, and controlled by big money and corporations, and you’ll seldom be wrong. Treat that as a working principle until proven otherwise in individual instances. And you’ll seldom be wrong, in my experience.

  28. Christine

    Huh? The “accuser” feels threatened? No guilt. No remorse for making the accusations or for ruining Dr. Cathy? If the truth is that unbearable, perhaps the “accuser” should have a Jesus moment and ask for forgiveness.

  29. Maxine Schmidt

    This whole thing stinks. If there is anything I can do, on your behalf or Dr. Alinovi just let me/us know.

  30. Marsha

    Keep up the great work! And who the HELL does the Indiana Attorney General think he is? Trying to push around all of us consumers looking for nothing more than the truth!

  31. Karrie Kamke

    My cats and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts. I can’t put it any better than the others above have…..but please know you have our support! Let us know what we can do to help. Thank you again and again!!!

  32. May

    Susan, I am so grateful for the informative articles about pet food. I do not know anyone at Facebook or in Indiana.
    What can we do to help? My furst instinct was to share your letter all over Facebook, but if I sgare most of your followers will miss this informative letter (which I think is threatening). I see so many petitions for animal welfare, but they don’t appear to help much.
    If you have ideas, please tell us all.
    Thank you,

  33. Greg Swann

    Sounds to me like Gregory Francis Zoeller, the Attorney General of Indiana has a bad case of cranial rectosis. Better see your physician quick, Greg!

  34. Susanna Askins

    Excellent job! Stand tall!!

  35. Leslie Kuhn

    I don’t post much anymore , but do still read everything . This stinks ! Not only did they go after Dr Cathy for questionable reasons , but then to try to scare you into editing this site & the comments ! Do they get that every time they do something illegal & stupid it will also be reported here ? Whats next , maybe they will have a book burning of Dinner Pawsible ? I would really like to know which internet out of country foreign law school their lawyers attended :{

  36. T Stanley

    Just made my post on Facebook,maybe time for some local tv reporters,to pick up on this.

  37. Alida

    Thank you, Susan!! In solidarity ~ Alida

  38. Kathleen

    Awesome, Susan! The censorship has become hugely intense for anything that goes against all large industries. Frequently Facebook disappears my vaccine info posts. Had a Facebook poster tell me that her post about growth hormone in milk was deleted. And just try to tell the truth about geoengineering/chemtrails and industry’s shills come out of the woodwork.

    In regard to pet food, I’m just about convinced that NO ONE should be using ANY commercial pet food by a corporation. Perhaps our time is better spent getting the word out that we should be feeding REAL food to our pets. The elite-owned corporations are hopelessly corrupt and should not be supported. Doesn’t really matter what their labels say, they will always lie and since they own/control government, they’ve no fear of repercussions. New World Order Here’s a great video showing some of the corruption. Exposing Big Pet Food (please consider a diet of REAL food)

    1. Dianne

      Here is an idea, we could do a mass posting on face book. If everyone posts about it at the same time, that should get quite a bit of attention. Or there is thunderclap.

  39. Leandra Little

    Stick to your resolution. We petsumers are behind you 100%. When will government begin to realize that they are supposed to be representing us??? Not corporate America and big profits. Thank you for all you do and particularly for upholding the truth.

  40. cb

    Seems odd to me that the Attorney General Office didn’t contact you directly.

    I’m sure you would have moderated any comment that was an actual threat so I can’t see any valid reason for you to remove anything.

    Thank you for continuing to be such a strong advocate.

  41. Jessie Frederiksen

    Woohoo, YOU GO GIRL!!! shame on that attorney idiot from Indiana, not to worry he will get his come uppance!!

  42. Dianne

    I just reread the start of the article and note that it is the accusers who feel threatened, not the state attorney general. If I may dare, perhaps we should tone down the rhetoric against Dr. C.’s accuser. Ruining that person’s life isn’t going to help Dr. C. It certainly won’t cause them to recant.

  43. Marisol

    From your post:

    … “Chicken/Poultry By-Product Meal, the legal definition allows ground alive spent laying hens to be included.”…
    what does this mean exactly?
    Severely Abused Chicken/ Poultry By -Product Meal?

    Thank you for standing with the truth Susan!

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      It was explained at the August 2015 AAFCO meeting that the egg industry – when the hens no longer produce eggs, they are of no use to the farmer. I am not sure why these birds are not slaughtered (that part wasn’t explained). The industry representative stated that slaughter is not possible for these hens. The common practice is called maceration. From what I’ve read about the process (not easy to read) birds are sucked into a tube that leads to a machine that grinds them. Industry says the practice is swift and thus not abusive. Regardless to their opinion of not abusive, those materials are non-slaughtered and are a violation of federal law and law in many states.

      1. Dianna

        Ground alive. Because it’s swift, it isn’t abusive?? Oh-my-WORD! These precious animals can’t speak for themselves, but if they could – oh, how I wish they could. The TERROR they must feel watching those before them getting sucked in, knowing they are next! They are intelligent, not stupid. A chicken or rooster will cuddle like a lap cat when shown affection. How dare some brain dead human declare this isn’t abusive?? How do THEY know? Perhaps there’s a human volunteer willing to prove it? Bet they wouldn’t get past five feet of the opening of that tube before they changed their opinion. Grinding alive is as inhumane as it comes. It’s right up there with skinning fish while they’re alive. Sometimes I am SO ashamed of our “human” species.

        Keep up the good work, Susan. You ARE making progress. Really, you truly are and I can’t thank you enough.

        1. Marisol

          I am with you in feeling horrified for the fate of countless farm animals , big or small. The invisible suffering behind the commercial profits. It must end.

        2. Dianne

          Those last few seconds could seem like an eternity. I bet they could check the hormone levels after to determine how much they did suffer. When I read a study that determined that fish do feel pain, I discourage anyone I know from doing catch and release fishing. If you aren’t going to eat it, don’t hunt, kill, or fish it.

  44. Teresa JOhnson

    There’s a bumper sticker out there that reads “Speak your mind even if your voice shakes.” I think it could be up-dated to include “speak the truth”! Thank you for not backing down!!

  45. Phyllis

    Susan, thank you for all that you do for us pet parents and our beloved pets. I so appreciate everything you’re doing for us all. What you are up against is huge, pet food corporations, government regulations/regulators, media, etc. So anything you are able to do is nearly miraculous! Blessings to you for standing up to them all. Hopefully, with all of us standing behind you, it’s not as arduous for you. If I had all the money in the world, I would happily give you as much as you needed to keep this fight going as well as my in-person assistance, but I’m just another poor slob out here who loves her fur babies and desires above all to keep them safe and healthy and happy for as long as they live. However, whatever I could do for you, research, proof-reading, administration, I would be happy to offer my services to you. Keep up the good fight and we’re right behind you to throw the next punch as needed!

  46. Sandy Blackburn

    Yes I also was called out on my facebook post of your past article on the injustice of Dr. Cathy, because someone asked who the disgruntled employees were and I put their names down. They didn’t like that. They had people threatening to harm animals at the stable of Dr. Cathy’s vet tech. Those threats forced her to resign due fo fear. Fear of people threatening her animals and of those she cares for. I for one have nothing to fear because I know the TRUTH! I know the people behind this, I know the lies. I know how one was investigated for animal neglect with sick and dying horses in the front yard. How about the dead horse that laid for a week? What about the massive feces in the house? I have the newspaper articles. I have copies of the paperwork left on her door. I have seen the drinking in person. Yet they chose to believe tbis person. Why? They can try to threaten me, but I WILL NOT BE BULLIED!!!

    1. Dianne

      No one should be threatening to harm animals for any reason. Disappointing that people would do that.

  47. Stacy Billingsley

    Thank you Susan for standing your ground with the Attorney General. Dr. Cathy has treated our animals for several years. I really don’t care what the others side thinks about your post or how they feel. They didn’t seem to care much about how we would feel or our animals would feel.

  48. Nouble

    I applaud you for doing the right thing for not pulling down that article. If you did, I felt that would’ve been the ultimate betrayal to her.

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