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I & Love & You Dog Treat Recall

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  1. Grateful

    Is it a raw product?

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      No – I don’t think so. I believe it is a ‘chew’ treat.

    2. Casey

      No, but I & Love & You is a small company trying to compete in the higher end market. I’m sure the big boys have no problem with the small companies getting all of this extra attention…

      1. Leannan

        I’m not so sure how “small” i and love and you is

        . I live in Colorado and feed the canned to my cats on occasion and I’ve been looking into them. Something feels “off” … a disconnect between their small, independent vibe, and their being able to, and choosing to, open with Whole Foods, and King Soopers and Petco Unleashed.

        Small in the context of volume perhaps – for now.

        One the management team worked for Nestle. I’m running out of power, can’t find the link.

  2. Sandra Murphey

    What do companies do with all this recalled product? I can’t imagine….

  3. Terri Janso

    I tried a bag of the feline kibble. They did not really seem to like it but then again my cats are very picky eaters. I did not really find anything wrong with the food though.

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