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I have an older dog who has recently become very cranky. She is normally such a sweet dog, it’s not like her to snap at the family. What could be going on?

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  1. Susan Fleming

    Over-vaccinating a pet can cause them to become aggressive, especially the rabies vaccination. Stop vaccinating your pet at 10 years of age. Titer test (blood test) your pet at all ages after the puppy shots to determine if any of the previous vaccinations need boosting. Most allopathic veterinarians do not titer, you may have to contact a certified holistic/homeopathic veterinarian.

    Here are websites to locate a certified homeopathic/holistic vet.

  2. sharon beebe

    My Baby Xena was about 10 when the bus driver took her from us – gosh great – my daughter 2 yo – CO – ran into snow – said Xena go – back in 5 minutes w/Heather on her back – Part mastiff & lab but cared for the kids like a mother hen…..

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