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How much is too much? Lead in Pet Food

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  1. judith zimbalist

    update on Wild Calling pet food please.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      I’ve posted several times in comments about Wild Calling – pentobarbital tests done by Virginia Department of Agriculture came up negative. The veterinarian and the pet owner are still concerned – pet owner firmly believes it was the food but Virginia Dept of Ag is not doing any more testing. One cat fully recovered, one still has some issues.

  2. Mary Lynch

    I’m thinking the NRC’s 10,000 ppb of lead was looking at immediate damage, not long term. Now I want to
    read the report itself.

  3. Sally Roberts

    The more we learn the worse it gets. Loss for words right now other than I am so disgusted still with all these wonderful ads from these dog food companies on how wonderful and healthy their foods are, HA !

  4. paponypal

    Susan, I wonder how many times you’ve tossed your hands in the air in disgust! I applaud your efforts to educate everyone on the false ads, corruption, and greed. All done at the expense of our pets health. Previously I purchased top of the line human grade food. But in light of all the research, the only one I can trust is myself so I got into making my own dog food and treats. I wish everyone had the time to make their pets food but I know not everyone can. Your trip to D.C. and your commitment is our best hope for the future of food. NEVER GIVE UP.

  5. PeterSPoulos

    This is abominable.
    This would occur with the human food system if manufacturers could get away with it.

  6. Ian

    As always thanks for reporting, evaluating, and demanding changes on these issues.

  7. Bethany Cortale

    Perhaps we should all be having our pet food tested. What would I have to do Susan?

  8. Cindy T

    What is the source of the lead in pet foods?

  9. Terri Christenson Janson

    I homecook but also give my dogs Swanson’s Milk Thistle every night. Sugar and Alcholol free. It detox’s the liver. I also take it. I have seen a big change in my newly adopted 11 year old poodle that was fed Science diet and then Beneful…..

    1. Ms. B Dawson

      An FYI, if you ever need to give a pharmaceutical that must be metabolized by the liver, you should stop the milk thistle. It will prevent the drug from doing it’s job.

      1. Terri Christenson Janson

        Thank you. I did not think about that.

  10. Dee Lind

    Is there a safe pet food! I’ve been feeding Blue Buffalo because I believed the hype. Also, Friskies canned cat food because my cats won’t eat anything else. What to Do?!

    1. Mark

      Exactly my reason for spending the extra money for what I thought was good, quality food. I guess it’s buyer beware, whatever the product is.

  11. Jennifer

    Hi Susan, Great article. I am a petsumer subscriber and it seems that the Blue Buffalo Grain Free Turkey and Potato Recipe is rated at 5 stars. I guess toxins such as lead, arsenic can only be “found out” through independent testings or lawsuits like this one? Thanks for your time.

  12. Mark

    WTH? Why is any level of lead acceptable???

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