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Home cooked safety

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  1. brit

    What about calcium, isn’t that essential in home cooked food? I know with raw its not necessary if bone is ground in with meat.

    1. Susan Thixton

      I use ground organic egg shell as a calcium source (actually take it myself too).

  2. Lynne Fowler

    I am one who has been Homecooking for my dogs since 2006, when Commercial Brands killed my beautiful Standard Poodle, Magic. It is easier than most people think and some weeks I cook for as many as 12 dogs, including my own and the foster dogs who come through my home. With just a dog or two, cooking weekly and freezing makes the most sense. As the article states, I KNOW what is in my dog’s diet because I put it there. I have not found a veggie that they don’t like. Chicken, hamburger or ground turkey are my meats of choice and especially with my fosters, I see such a quick turn around in their health, that the proof is so obvious, I will never go back to Commercial Brands again. For treats, carrot sticks or dehydrated sweet potatoes are the best. Don’t let anyone convince you that it is not right and before you start him on meds for tummy, skin, joint or almost any medical troubles, start with diet. You would be surprised at how many ills are caused by the foods they eat (vaccs and chemicals, too, but that’s another topic). And cost? Over a life time, the savings in vet bills is enormous. If you love your pet, Homecook and know that they will be healthier and live longer.

  3. Kathryn

    I’ve been feeding home prepared foods ( both raw, lightly steamed to actually ‘cooked’ ) for years – as did my parents; – we either fed what we grew/raised ourselves or a combination of what we were eating. Admittedly, I ‘fell off the wagon’ many years ago when Eukanuba first came out – but it was not long before I realized that things were not all good – starting with the stools, to the coat, to their overall vitality/energy.
    I use what I purchase at suppliers of foods approved for human consumption – butcher shops, abattoirs with a USDA meat inspector on site, farmers market and plain old neighborhood grocers! If I won’t eat it, I won’t feed it to my family, including my dogs/cats. I feed 70% meat/bone 30% veggie/fruits to the dogs, cats get 80+% meat/bone. and yes, once you get a routine, set a ‘menu’ – and I rotate Mammal, Fish, Fowl on a weekly basis – it’s no more difficult than preparing food for your wife/husband/kids. I do have a dedicated non-frost-free freezer for the pet foods though – after some ‘snafus’ with my husband getting out ‘ground’ meats to thaw for dinner!

  4. Lynne Fowler

    Brit, Calcium can be found in many things. Yes egg shells, but yogurt, cheese, beans and leafy greens also have calcium. If you make your goal to balance over time, rather the complete and balanced myth, it is easy to ensure your pet has all the nutrients he needs by homecooking.

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