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Hear Florida Say It

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  1. chris

    What a crock of crap. He just does not get it, does he? Good for you for sticking to your guns for our pets.

  2. Anthony Hepton

    Susan, An interesting discussion with a hard headed government do nothing. There are thousands of consumer complaints that have linked dog illnesses and deaths to the food they were being fed. Florida must have their share of complaints. So even if these were not reported directly to the Florida State Department of Agriculture, or any other State agency, I am sure we could provide these knuckleheads with a list of complaints. For them to state that there is no problem is like saying “I can’t see it because my eyes are closed” Good luck on next steps with these people.

  3. Andrea

    The arrogance of that man is extremely irritating. Does he not realize pet feed with illegal ingredients slowly poisons pets over time? It isn’t always obvious.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      the sad thing is, none of them realize that – and all of them refuse to look at the evidence. It’s illegal for a reason – we know why.

  4. Joan Johnston

    Wow they are not going to follow Florida law because they have a policy that says they don’t have to? Do all states have loop holes for their laws?

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      All states follow FDA’s lead – that’s what it boils down to. FDA has the Compliance Policies allowing this waste (illegal waste) into pet food – FDA says they don’t believe it is a risk when rendered. The USDA states exactly opposite stating rendered dead animal carcasses cause disease in pets. But all states are doing the same as Florida is – they are NOT enforcing law because FDA doesn’t. Not one state will stand up to FDA and do the right thing for the pets in their state.

  5. Kathryn S

    was the original E-mail in 2015 or 2016?

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Original email to Florida Department of Agriculture was sent February 14, 2016.

  6. Poodle Parent

    I didn’t realize that not having enough manpower is an excuse for not to enforcing the law.

    I didn’t realize that a law doesn’t have to be enforced if there is no problem perceived. Does that apply to exceeding the speed limit on an empty freeway too.

    To whom is “Andy Rackley” accountable because his tone and demeanor needs to be reported to a Superior.

    Mr. Rackley is serving the public. His salary is paid by Tax Payers. Yet it was evident how annoyed he was in speaking with you. There wasn’t even a gracious introduction for the sake of appearances! Despite your individual points, he said in essence, “no matter what you think, or have to say, there is no intention of this office doing anything differently.”

    Something has happened in this Country lately to make articulate and respectful discussion disappear in favor of just being rude. In a private company most employees would’ve been fired for communicating with a customer in the same way.

  7. Pacific Sun

    Mr. Rackley dismisses Susan’s research (often provided by Insiders) as the subject of an inconsequential “Blog.” Without mentioning that the effort is non-profit and a loss leader. More seriously speaking, he can’t understand the motivation of well-intentioned people!

    Every Reader who has EVER learned anything useful from TAPF, including how the Industry and Government works to protect one another (but not the Consumer) should “pelt” the Department of Florida with email protests! Do you feel your pet is better off with the knowledge gained from this Website? Has your pet ever been sick from eating PF and then immediately recovered once the PF has been eliminated? Have you tested it on and off just to be sure?

    The exchange we’ve listened to in this recording is criminal. It smacks of self-serving excuses. Government Officials having decided there is no need to enforce the law! How blatant can that be. Why don’t they petition for it to be changed? In the meantime there is no consequence for unethical behavior.

    The kind of people who once brought discrepancies into the open, used to be respected, some feared, and others given protected status. Now people only care when it’s too late. There is an old saying obviously being adapted:

    First they came for the people who spoke up for integrity, but I did not support them —
    Because I wasn’t interested.

    Then they came for the people who tried to make changes, but I did not help them —
    Because I couldn’t see a problem.

    Then they came for the people who wouldn’t back down, but I was afraid —
    Because I feared for my safety.

    Then they came for me—but there was no one left to help!

    [ You’d better believe we’re all going to see this day … arrive! ]

  8. FRAN

    This is so sad Susan ! they just don’t care !!!!!!!!!! thankyou for all that you do for our pets !
    some people just don’t get it ! and it seems to me he JUST DOESNT CARE !

  9. Julie

    Alert…. This will not be an eloquent intellectual comment….just my reaction to listening to good ole boy Andy….

    What a rip off for the tax payers (consumers) of Florida to pay this individual’s salary.

    And….an old saying popped into my mind about half way through the audio..

    He’s truly the south end of a north bound horse…

    Susan, the way you kept your professional composure was amazing. Thank you

  10. Jessica

    He was so rude! How can a public official be allowed to talk to someone they represent that way?! And he clearly doesn’t care about the animals or the consumers buying their food. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t getting thousands of reports. Your job is to enforce the law! And you’re absolutely right, before I joined this website, I would have had no idea to report an issue to the State Department of Agriculture or the FDA.

  11. Terri Janson

    He was VERY unprofessional!!!! He was rude and plainly did NOT want to listen. It is obvious he does not like pets either…and taxpayers pay this person’s salary???? Unbelieveble!

  12. Jeri

    I hope this goes viral. I have shared it and encouraged others to pay attention. Sadly, many on FB and other social media would rather be entertained than asked to read or listen to something which could make a huge difference in the lives of their pets. Congratulations to you, Susan, for sticking to your guns and putting up with this knuckle-dragging Neanderthal. Wish I could say I believe him to be an anomaly among government officials, but I hold no such illusions. He contradicted himself where he said you could send him proof of risk (HELLO endotoxins?) and then proceeded to tell you it wouldn’t make a difference because they were not going to enforce the law. Disgusting.

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