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Hartz Mountain is voluntarily withdrawing its Chicken Chews and Oinkies Pig Skin Twists wrapped with Chicken

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  1. Peter

    I am hoping that the (temporary) unavailability of these products will stir consumer awareness about the entire category of dog treats. Given what we know about standards for foodstuffs processing in China, this whole classs of products should not be on the market.

    1. Cherie DeMichele

      Peter, you are so right!

      1. Helen Reedy

        My husband and I had a beautiful 5 pound Shih Tzu. Named Maddie. My husband had to go to Asheville NC first open heart surgery the 26th oh November 2012. My brother and sister in law kept our dogs for us while I was in asheville NC. On Friday. The 30th of November my husband just came out of surgical icu late that afternoon. Hi daughter came to spend the weekebd with her dad so I could go home for the weekend. He wanted. Me to get home to his babies. About 20 minutes before I got there my sister in law had given the dogs a harts dental shield rawhide treat the were supervised and maddie choked to death on one. I had an autopsy performed and the bone was still in her little throat. Maddie meant the world to us. She was my husbands baby. She was born in our home. That was the hardest call I had to make in my life that our dear sweet maddie had died. I contacted harts and got a run around for 8 weeks. All I asked of them was to please help me with the finance to buy a small shih tzu for my husband. We got a form letter from them saying they were sorry about maddies death but they feel their products are safe and it was extremely rare for a dog to choke to death on their rawhide chews. Even with our vets report they wouldn’t admit their product killed our dog. I guess its time time bring a lawsuit against them.

        1. Ellie

          I have a very small mixed breed dog. I only buy 12″ bully sticks for her to chew on. I only buy the best brand available. There are some companies that put out bully sticks that are not processed properly. The 12″ sticks are almost as big as she is and I throw them away when they get to be about 4″.
          I’m so sorry about the loss of your beautiful pet. These companies care nothing about us or our pets. It is all about the money.

  2. Bon

    Why WE would ingest or FEED anything from China to our loved ones is beyond me—it just boggles my mind—I, personally have been reading labels for YEARS…but that’s just me! How sad to think of the hundreds upon hundreds of sick or dying fur kids and the owners are clueless.

    1. Carol Anne Rayson

      Unfortunately , most of the vitamin/mineral mixes with which the majority of kibbles are fortified comes from Asian countries – as are most of the popular best -selling human vitamins and minerals including those being given to children .
      North Americans want cheap pricing – we can’t have both , good nutritious food and rock bottom pricing

  3. Ellie

    My concern is that they will eventually put these products back on the market. Since it is unknown if the trace amounts of unapproved antibiotics are even the cause of problems with the jerky I’m sure they could decide to put them out again.
    China is absolutely killing this country.

    1. Marilyn Schmid

      Greedy American manufacturers are what is killing animals in America. Almost all supplements, including those for humans, are made in China. Google OCA (Organic Consumers Assoc) and other organizations that keep track of these things. American companies put their labels on them with the approval of American law-making bodies. American quality must be maintained here in this country and, oddly enough, that would keep jobs here, too. How about a tariff on products using ingredients manufactured or grown in China? Buy organic animal food made in America – a slight increase in cost and a much healthier animal friend.

      1. Ellie

        There are numerous reasons why this country has been taken over by China made products. Greed being the major motivator. Our government borrows a lot of money from China every year. Coincidence that they have regulated businesses so much that it is difficult to manufacture in this country? Yes, there are a lot of greedy big business corporations that take advantage of the low price China offers but the government makes things so difficult on small businesses that few can actually even get started much less survive the competition of the lower priced China made products. There is much the government could do to make manufacturing in this country profitable again but they fail to do anything because they are getting what they want from China as well.

      2. Tammy Baugh

        Buying Holistic Pet Food is exactly what I have switched to. Unfortunately once I think I get it, it’s so much better, I spoke to a local small pet shop owner who informed me that (AND did you know this?) that Pet Food COmpanies don’t have to update any changes in ingredients on their this year printed pet food bags until get this next year! Man by then so many of our pets can be really sick, or dead, depending what’s in it. SO she only purchases to sell to her clientelle pet food made in smaller companies by their own selves, and this is to reduce this misinformation. Personally I believe there ought to be laws protecting what is in the local pet food and to ensure all of it VITAMINS included are from here. And mandintory testing on site every so many batches made. Or something . So if there is a problem it is caught early. I have found what I thought was a good type food for all my cats only to find out they changed their recipe. I did privately wonder why my cats stopped eating it. And I switched them right away returning what was unopened.I won’t ever force them to eat what they dislike.Tammy

  4. gayle

    I have not bought a single Hartz brand product in over 40 years because of an incidence way back then of Hartz products harming and or killing dogs and Hartz taking absolutely no responsibility for their involvement. They have not gotten a single red cent out of me since!

    1. Peter

      Yes, Gayle, and I am encouraged to see your post. Many animals were sickened and killed by Hartz’s Blockade… the company vigorously fought negative press reports for years, during which time it added a precautionary wired-on tag to the cans as an interem step. When the EPA reviewed Hartz’s LD toxicity testing, they declared them “inadequate to demonstrate the safety of the formulation.” Ultimately forced to withdraw the products, Claude Kissen, VP of Hartz acknowledged 366 animal deaths, but shrugged it off, stating “The use of any product on the market to control fleas on pets is associated with a degree of hazard to the animal.” Hartz is a prime example of what I describe as an “adversarial relationship” between the manufacturer and the consumer who supports it.

  5. Joan Miller-Henderson

    I have a four year old golden doodle ( and two rescues) that had a severe seizure disorder. I noticed that when I changed his diet to an all natural food made in America and completely eliminated chicken chews that his seizures stopped! He has been seizure free for almost a year and I’m so grateful that he is free of these extremely violent episodes!

  6. caroline

    twenty yrs ago hartze mtn killed a great funny lovable outdoor cat that could have been a great indoor cat -of course nothing was done –nothing was removed –the flea killer really worked –no fleas stay on a dead cat —this country has had a brain drain for decades and its getting very serious -I am shocked daily by the lack of COMMON SENSE in so many areas of our lives –the lack of TRUTH and the need for LIES AND COVER-UPS IS JUST OUT OF CONTROL —I am so sorry for the pets that trust us and the persons who cant investigate or learn the truth before its too late —thanks so much for HEADS UP in this –its a puzzle that needs good people fighting every day for SAFETY AND JUSTICE AND HONESTY

    1. Tammy Baugh

      It’s sad not really greed, more like peoples stinginess is responsible for animal death. I have bred and sold cats for years. One lady told me she used a dog flea med on her cat. Betcha it died! I told her I never have heard of such a thing and would not even consider doing it. And after having 9 and 11 cats and someone bringing their flea bitten dog in my house 15 times too many, when I wasn’t home, I got tired of paying Revolution prices. I resaerched the internet and found out that Lemon Juice in Water left overnight uncovered ran through the fur of any dog or cat will not only repel but kill fleas. THe only drawback the process needs to be repeated every couple of days. You also realy need to clean all the areas the pet(s) lie to kill eggs.Lot’s cheaper and healthier than poisonous chemicals!

  7. Bev

    Why are there more products being pulled off the shelves? There are so many thousands that have been killed or injured by Hartz and Sargeants. Not even a civil suit yrs ago did much for our pets. THIS MUST STOP.. This is abuse….

  8. kevin

    good Chicken to feed your dog.

  9. kevin

    need good Chicken to feed dogs.

  10. tomimia 07

    now a days most of the dog treats are coming from china. i don’t know why chinese treat has a bed effect on dog ! are those made from chemical ingredients ? i want to feed my dog pure chicken wrapped treat.

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