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Guess who owns the domain names and

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  1. paris penick

    It is about to expire. You should buy it . Doesn’t surprise me in the least.

    1. Jessica

      I totally agree…when it expires, buy it so that these companies can’t keep passing along false info!!

      1. Christy Lozano

        I totally agree you should buy it! Btw…your website is much more professional looking!

  2. TERRY

    I am sure they are behind the hacking that was done to your site…they are vile

    1. Sally

      I was thinking the exact same thing! I hope everyone is sharing this info on their FB walls so their friends can see how low these big corps can sink. They fill the food with fillers and chemicals that are killing our dogs, import their ingredients from China and when you confront them they evade your questions. Buy local or from local small mom and pop stores. Enough of trusting them with my dogs lives.

    2. Amee Rech

      I agree completely!!

      1. Christy Lozano


  3. Kathryn Smith

    can you spell ‘SLEAZE’ ??? Beyond Slimy.
    Lower than a Slugs belly.

    I’m so sorry you had to come home to this.
    it’s 5:00 somewhere. Relax, take a deep breath and try to just enjoy being home.

  4. Debi C.

    It just keeps getting better!!!!! un-real.

  5. Ian

    wow… actions speak louder than words… this is a clear attempt to silence and dilute your message…. and a pretty reprehensible, underhanded one, in my opinion. My opinion of the PFI (Pet Food Insitute) just sunk another notch. I find it interesting that they do not appear to own since this directs to a parked page instead of their website … yet they bought your .org and .nets … !

    1. snuzzled

      One of us should buy it… just saying. Turnabout is fair play 😉

    2. Sally

      Wow.. doesn’t that speak volumes? They care more about deceiving people than worrying about their own site and getting their own message out. A new low for them….

    3. Amee Rech

      Very good point! #annoying

  6. Jennifer

    Of course. They can’t have someone taking money from them by saying that raw or homemade pet food is good.
    Somehow we need to stop the monopoly’s out there.

  7. Susa

    Sorry that you’re so surprised! I assumed (oh dear, yes that)that you had all the bases covered. I used to work for a real estate investor who always worked around all the possibilities: thetruthaboutpetfood, petfoodtruth, truthsaboutpetfood etc. It’s not to late to do it now. You’re doing a great job; keep up the great work!!

  8. Nicole

    Is this what is known as domain hoarding? I know you said its legal, but I might be wrong-I thought this wasn’t legal? Unethical for sure!

    1. Susan

      Nicole, Why do you think this is unethical? Wouldn’t you want as many hits as you could get for YOUR business. Unfortunately, Truth About Pet Food didn’t think to do this herself. But she knows now and will hopefully cover more bases.

  9. Jenna

    I find it rather sickening they used GO DADDY, especially in light of the Go Daddy owner shooting elephants on safari.

    Can you say hypocritical?

  10. Mary Sue

    From what I found it looks as if the .org and .net domain names were purchased by PFI 4 months after you purchased yours in October 2006. .org and .net expire in Feb. and Dec. of this year. I don’t know what “renew prohibited” means in terms of ownership of a domain name.

    1. Susan

      Yes! Always be one step ahead!

  11. Nina Wolf

    it is people like this who give sharks a bad name.

    take the advice of Susa and go grab all the near domains you can – it doesn’t cost much per year, but you will find your mission is safer and more people find you. We pay for about five domains, and could go wild but that seems to be enough for us. You are way higher profile and have many more people who’d like to silence you. Just the other day one of my customers was mentioning that he had been to your site and it was shut down that day…

  12. Wanda Sanders

    I am not surprised. They are deceiving. Can only hope consumers educate their selves. Don’t be fooled.

  13. Larry

    There is well established federal case law that if you want, you can sue in federal court to gain ownership of ALL “Truthaboutpetfood.” domain names. Even if the current owners do NOTHING with the names. As long as you show prior ownership of the domain as an individual or as the owner of the corporation that owns “”. Just make sure that you claim corporate ownership of “” as well as all spelling and phonetic variations such as “” and you must point out directly in any legal filings that the internet domain name conversion to an IP address is case insensitive. The bottom line is that they may not impersonate, defame, damage or impersonate you or make any attempt to fool the public into any false beliefs. Ask any copyright or intellectual property lawyer. Do you want to take up a collection ?

    1. Mollie Morrissette

      Dagnabit! And I just made an offer to buy — I offered one whole dollar for it too. Aaw, phooey!

    2. DD

      I believe Larry is right. (Though, it’s been a while since I dealt in any way with this particular issue.) Looking into copyright law is definitely a worthwhile endeavor.

      They probably have the sites set to automatic renewal, if we were to get a collection going it might be pointless…

      However, there’s always the option of buying up something *they* might use…


      It works in politics, anyway…

  14. Linda

    It saddens me that “big” pet food companies do not want what is best for our pets and are only out to make a buck the cheapest way they can. When I think of all the beloved pets I have had in my life that I just bought what was cheapest for the largest amount and dumped it in the bowl for heart aches. My precious dog, Lucy gets only the best I can find with her allergies. I love this site and have actually changed family members minds about what they are feeding their pets by what I have learned from Susan. Keep up the terrific work you do!

  15. Joni Lowther

    You can tell the PFI what you think of their attempts to deceive unsuspecting consumers with these similar domain names as TAPF. Go to their “The Pet Food Report” website, we all know the domain,, click on the “Send an email” prompt, and tell them how you feel about what they’ve done with these domain names. Be professional with your comments but here is a chance to voice how you feel. This is what I just sent.
    “Pet Food Institute, many consumers already know of your continual efforts to block accountability in your products but now, giving your Pet Food Report almost identical domain names as Truth About Pet Food’s, to dupe unsuspecting consumers into thinking they are getting the real facts that ARE found at, that’s fraudulence. This is sad, hang your head sad. Consumers just want to know exactly what they are buying to feed their pets. We want to be informed with the truth, the.whole.truth. That’s not an unreasonable request.”

      1. Joni Lowther

        Thank you, Mollie. I wish though that the PFI could have gotten my message but it came back to me (I tried twice) as undeliverable because their mailbox was full; full, I hope, of messages that conveyed the same sentiment as mine.

  16. Summer

    Well that just STINKS!

    Speaking of STINK, I was looking to buy raw organic green TRIPE to add to the (excuse the expression), RAW diet I make for and feed to my healthy animals.

    I found it on and they were so helpful to me, I sent them YOUR link to check out/sign “the pledge”. They said they would.

    Whew! They would think I’d lost my marbles if they went to .org-org-org!

    Real STINKY piece of green TRIPE, Kirt.

  17. Shelly

    People need to get this out in anyway possible this shows how sneaky, corrupt and how far they will go to try and deceive us the consumers. I wonder if you can sue them? Keep up the good work!!!

  18. montydane

    Did you register your domain name prior to Feb 1, 2007? If you did, you should have seen that those were already taken.
    I’m on your side, keep up the good fight!

  19. KathCA

    I’m with Terry, I’d bet my car it’s those same sleazy folks who hacked your site.

  20. Debra

    I forget how the expression goes … but something along the lines of imitation is the greatest form of flattery. They’re obviously threatened by what you’re doing and so in a weird way, this is a compliment to the work that you’re doing. I do plan to write to them letting them know how important I think raw feeding is.

  21. dmiller

    Susan, when was your website first created. All the extensions were created for a good reason that hasn’t worked out in practice. Now a company is taking a risk by not getting all the extensions for their brands. Then there are the perverts who take common misspellings of children’s websites to expose them to garbage. Lovely world we live in.

  22. Sunny Braey

    Really does not surprise me-Have seen this done in the past. Just goes to show they will stoop to any level to spread their toxic way of thinking. There will be some people that may think it is the real deal but most will catch on fast enough.
    They prefer to use these tactics instead of truely looking into what people are saying now about the foods these people back. Much easier to be sly then step up to the plate and do something about what needs to be changed.
    In the long run this will come back to them and they will be exposed for the people they are.

  23. Chuck Spawr

    It’s not difficult to smell rancid head cheese when you’re close to the source… Bravo!!! Handlers of odious vermin beware… the Canine Crusader is wise to your dirty tricks.

  24. Kristie Brewer

    It looks like they were both purchased Feb. 1, 2007. The. org is about to expire on Feb. 1, 2013 but I’m sure they have it on auto-renew so you wouldn’t be able to snag it. (I run a 501c3 cat rescue but I also design websites).

  25. Mary Lynn Bartram

    This is disgusting!! Unbelievable how low some people will

    go to try and undermine others especially when the

    almighty dollar is involved.

  26. joan

    I expected them to lie and be underhanded. I didn’t expect sleazy.

    I’m going to tell everybody I know about this. Starting with my Facebook and all my egroups! If everyone here does the same, this will backfire.

    Also, somebody re-sent ALL of the Truth About Pet Food issues to my email account. Everyday there was at least 20 to 30. I couldn’t tell the new ones from the old ones. So I had to delete them all. I just went to Susan’s website to read the current ones. Also I joined Susan again under a new email account.


  27. Janet Velenovsky

    Perhaps we could all take a few minutes to write a note to them via their “contact us” button. I wrote to say their unethical, misleading behavior would not go unnoticed. Shaming is not just a picture game for pets!!

  28. Linda Leonard Hughes

    Dear Susan, Please try to keep fighting for all of our dear beloved pets! We are all behind you. There must be some way to stop these people from holding your website name! Unethical is the real answer. They should be stopped…

  29. Sarah

    This is pretty standard practice actually…domains are so cheap. I wonder if they’re intentionally making their website look like something a 14-year old designed as part of the ruse so it looks less official and more folksy or believable.

    Hmm, I wonder how you might play their game and gain some ground…like I said, domains are pretty cheap…

  30. Susan

    Check out this faq on their ingredients page:

    “What are by-products?
    By-products, simply put, are the parts of animals people do not normally eat. For example, if a chicken were raised for its white meat then the remaining meat would be considered a by-product. The by-products used in pet food are an important source of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids. Like all pet food ingredients, by-products from animals or grains are safe, nutritious and approved for use in pet food by federal and state government agencies.”

    Good gravy! [pun intended]

  31. gl zellers

    Sneaky bastards (pardon my French) trying and probably succeeding at misleading the public into thinking it is your website.

  32. Amee Rech

    Hilarious that PFI has “their site” all brightly colored with links and text seeming to make it look/have the feeling of being “home made”. As if they were nobody.

    Susan, where was that FDA report on phenobarbitol levels found in pet food, that you mentioned the link of? I want to use it when I craft my retort to one of the FAQs found on (as follows):
    “I read that there might be rendered cats and dogs in my pet food. Is this true?
    Absolutely not. The FDA Center for Veterinary Medicine, which regulates pet food, has developed a test to detect dog and cat DNA in the protein of pet food. FDA tested dog food products and found absolutely no DNA from dogs or cats (FDA Veterinarian Newsletter 2002 Volume XVI, No III).
    To put to rest this urban legend, members of the Pet Food Institute (PFI) — which make 98% of the cat and dog food in the U.S. marketplace — established as a condition of membership that companies cannot use these materials. All PFI members have certified that they do not use any materials derived from dogs or cats in their products.”

    1. Mollie Morrissette

      It’s true, the FDA did not detect the presence of canine or feline DNA, but…the FDA developed the test on the assumption that the origin of the pentobarbital was from euthanized dogs and cats. The trouble with their test was, it didn’t work. Not only did it fail to detect cat or dog DNA, it didn’t detect horse DNA either (the only other animal, the FDA suggested, could have been the possible source of the deadly poison because horses are euthanized using pentobarbital). The conclusion was they could not determine any species responsible for the pentobarbital contaminated dog food. In the article the FDA states that “the PCR results on the species of origin in the various dog food samples do not support a single point source of protein for the origin of the pentobarbital.” And that “While the results of this study narrow the search for the source of pentobarbital, it does not define the source (i.e., species) responsible for the contamination.”

    2. Peter

      Stuff ‘n nonsense… PFI members “certifying” that they do not use certain materials… that carries no weight with me.

  33. Flick, Dot and Buzz

    We should be glad that the domain registrations are public, so we can email the domain owners to register our disgust and disapproval – we can also protest to GoDaddy, the domain registrar – it may not be illegal, but it’s a very questionable practice. Publicizing this underhanded tactic may end up hurting them more than it’s helping them… gonna post about it on FB right now.

  34. Kelly

    This is just horrible. The “Regulation” tab on their website is such a joke! I just feel sorry for unsuspecting pet owners. What a shame.

  35. Dr. Laurie Coger

    Love this tidbit from their site:
    When a pet food label says it contains “beef” or “chicken” how much of the food is beef or chicken?

    The ingredients in pet food are listed in descending order by weight from largest to smallest. For example, if chicken is the first ingredient on the label then the pet food contains more chicken than any other ingredient.

    Do they not know that the weight of chicken is in its normal state, water included, while other ingredients are dry/water removed? Of course if they did,owners would realize that the chicken is probably the third of fourth ingredient…

    Hardly an original thought on their part to steal your name. They can’t defend their products on their own merits, so they have to try to slide in on your name. So glad someone stumbled upon this and told you.

  36. Heidi

    Susan, is there any way you can add your name to your domain, so that searches will bring up your site first?

    I agree with the previous poster, you should buy the .org domain that expires in February, and the other one that expires in December. Dirty business. Mainstream media time.

  37. Maureen

    Very unethical but, clearly, you scare the knickers off these folks! What a compliment to YOUR integrity and research into pet food issues!!

  38. savannah43

    The only way they can beat you and the truth is to cheat. May they get what they give–threefold.

  39. Regina

    I clicked on the link just to see what “information” they had. This question that I’ve copied and pasted from the site just really upsets me, the way they truly minimize the “byproduct” issue just blows me away. They are able to claim that dark meat is byproduct if all they want from the chicken is white meat. What a load of crap!!! Who is going to raise chickens just for the white meat??? Soooo slimy, these folks.

    What are by-products?

    By-products, simply put, are the parts of animals people do not normally eat.For example, if a chicken were raised for its white meat then the remaining meat would be considered a by-product. The by-products used in pet food are an important source of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids. Like all pet food ingredients, by-products from animals or grains are safe, nutritious and approved for use in pet food by federal and state government agencies.

  40. Sue Clarke

    Not surprising and not fair (but I would expect that).

  41. Lena

    Went to and went to see what they said about by-products:

    “The by-products used in pet food are an important source of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids. Like all pet food ingredients, by-products from animals or grains are safe, nutritious and approved for use in pet food by federal and state government agencies.”

  42. Marsha

    I went to their site. We can e-mail them and tell them what we think. That is as low as you can get, to steal a domain name. Guess they could not come up with their own name. Better to disguise to since they are such lowlifes!

  43. Margretchen

    Hopefully, people are intelligent enough to realize that these two sites are redirecting them to a completely different site. They should be really ashamed of themselves.

  44. Julie

    YES buy them up, Susan!!!

  45. Lesliek

    Maybe it’s time to start a fund raiser for buying these names when they become available. Nothing about pfc’s or big ag foods surprises me anymore.

  46. Dragon77

    If YOU have owned the domain name BEFORE they did, you *can* successfully petition to have them released to you under both trademark and unfair competition regulations. I *urge* you to pursue that matter! There are MANY legal precedents for it, and they do NOT have a strong argument against it.

  47. Alissa Wolf

    Why am I not surprised? I thought I was being paranoid when your blog host kept dropping you. This is shameful to the max! I will continue to support you and Mollie, no matter what.

      1. Alissa Wolf

        You, too, Mollie. Keep fighting the good fight!

  48. Bonnie N

    Ha!!! You said to guess and before I clicked, I guessed. And I guessed right!!! Pure sleaze for sure. I’m of the same opinion as the others. Buy ’em! I’ll donate if you want to start a collection.

    It’s no longer a surprise what these organizations will do or how low they’ll go for more money. I wish there was some way to make this go viral.

  49. Ellie

    These people obviously have a dire lack of integrity but they also lack even the smallest amount of imagination and ingenuity. Instead of continuing to pour low grade ingredients into pets why don’t they use their money to hire some brains and produce a really quality product? Many people want to feed their pets a healthy diet. Once these pet food producers are exposed for what they really are people are going to go looking for a good product for their pets.
    Personally, I would rather go to my butcher and purchase quality organ meat for my dog rather than feed her the garbage the pet food industry produces.

  50. Peter

    And a good reason to purchase associated domain names is to capture traffic when people type in terms to search engines, most of which now integrate shortcuts to suggest sites… so that all these TAPF sites will get quickly accessed by readers. Also remember that these search engines categorize lists of suggested sites by number of hits (the most popular sites come up first), and have means to access the sites repetitively to accomplish that. There is no reason to expect that PFI (or another industry lobbying group) would not want to invest in that tactic… it’s common business sense.

    I have never doubted that the hacking of this site was accomplished under the direction of a stakeholder in the agribusiness community. There is no reason for anyone else to do so.

  51. Lita and Cookie's Mom

    Susan, this does not surprise me at all. They did the same thing to the gentleman who owns and founded Tried to slander him and his family, and even hired a private investigator to watch his comings and goings. The doctor/vet/petfood/pharmceutical/AVMA/AMA, etc. lobbies are all examples of how power, absolute power, corrupts. It is very sad, but not surprising at all to me.

  52. dmiller

    Buy the domain name, put on it that the pfi owns the two domain variations of your website. True so not libelous. You could then do to them whatever they try to do to you because of it. Offer a trade plus the cost of the domain registration and any legal bills.

  53. dmiller

    Forgot to add that googling any of thetruthaboutpetfood, the truthaboutpetfood and the truth about pet food brings up you site as the number one hit and has this description: “Guess who owns the domain names and Guess who owns the domain names and …”

    Ironic isn’t it.

  54. Marsha

    I tried both sites and both of them come up “PAW” for Pets are Wonderful.

  55. alan

    Of course. Because you get lots of traffic from pet owners they are probably planning to set up alternate sites to send people to them instead of you. BIG PET FOOD see you as a threat to their higher than ever profits, as they have increased price of pet food, like human food, so profits are higher now then ever. Most the big pet food corps are owned by Zionists and or members of Bilderberg group, who are working together to increase of 400% inflation of prices of gas, food, medical, household and all products to increase their wealth and weaken those who are poor or middle class. Producing lower quality, smaller products at higher prices is a great way to strangle Americans. And to make it easier to take away rights and freedoms of Americans and they are trampling the Constitution.

  56. alan

    When ever you buy a domain, it is smart to buy all the domains from .info, .org, .com, .net, etc otherwise competitors or enemies like you have, will buy all the others and send the traffic to their sites to bypass your site.

  57. Morgana

    These big industries have no concious and have no bar for lowest of the low. Why? Because corporations are not people, only people have a concious. Not surprising at all. Thanks for the heads up.

  58. Reader

    [[[ The ONLY site run by an independent, unpaid, voluntary consumer advocate, who is not affiliated with the Pet Food Institute or AAFCO, and who IS dedicated to pet food safety and welfare, with 20 years of personal experience, is Susan Thixton’s the Truth About Pet For more information please consult My Profile page.]]]

    A distinguishing claim like that can be made because the author’s name and the reference to the number of years of experience and whatever else can be added.

    This should be a disclaimer somewhere on the website so new readers will understand your mission if they’re comparing web searches. Check with web designers for “tricks” to make sure your site is always displayed before others.

  59. Deborah

    Not only is their site UGLY but their spirit is UGLIER for attempting to mislead those who love and care for their pets. If the site domain names do become available please consider purchasing. Sometimes individuals will hold on to them and try to sell the names. Nevertheless, I’m sticking with the most professional, well-research, most caring site (yours) regardless of whether it’s .org, net, biz, etc.

  60. Addy

    This is why I usually grab the .net and .org domains when setting up a .com. It’s worth paying $10/year each to buy and park those two domains to avoid such an issue. The only effort put forth is to redirect them over to their respective .com sites. PFI’s tactics are reprehensible, to say the least. Thank you for getting the message out.

  61. Horse Welfare News

    Psychopaths are all the same. Their tactics are all the same. They are so predictable.

  62. jennifer

    I can’t find anything except .com

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      If you type in – it takes you to the Pet Food Institute website.

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