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Fromm Dog Food Recall

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  1. Mollie Morrissette

    Thanks to your independent pet food store retailer! Now, I’ll go and repost this. Thanks Susan!

  2. Jude

    It is certainly commendable of the owners of Fromm pet food to voluntarily recall these products. It really puzzles me, however, why Fromm will not sign on to be a recommended food on your list, given that they are trying hard to be a truly great pet food. ???

  3. Casey

    I’m not sure – is this the first recall of Fromm, does anyone know?

    And a bit sketchy of them to not inform the public. I expected better from Fromm.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      I believe this is their first recall. Details provided to me from an independent pet food store owner who discovered this was at first it was told to the store owner the recall was happening because of labeling issues. Then the story changed to vitamin/mineral issues as stated here.

      1. Casey

        Oh, that doesn’t bode well. Very concerning. Fromm has a good reputation, but it only takes one incident to throw it all away (and I’m not talking about vitamin/mineral imbalance, I’m talking about being less than straightforward with the public).

        1. Teresa Johnson

          Hmmmm, it could be word play – if the actual food does not meet the labeling it can than be spun in either direction 1) labeling issues or 2) vitamin & mineral issues. Still, I agree, it would be nice to know the actual base of it all.
          I use Fromm’s dry cat and kitten foods to feed my hedgehogs (all rescues). Being such tiny creatures it doesn’t take much to cause a health problem.

    2. Jen

      They did notify the public. I’m on Fromm’s mailing list for coupons and I received an e-mail about the recall. There is also information on the recall on the website.

      1. Darlene

        I received a direct email from them as well.

    3. Mary

      All I want to share is that back in 2007 with the long list of pet food companies doing recalls, one of the Fromm’s family gave me his cell number to call at any time day or night in case I had further questions or concerns. I’d lost one of my cats from feeding another food brand and called before buying Fromm’s to discuss concerns. That impressed me.

  4. Joanne Bailey

    I switch to Fromm dog food, thinking it was one of the few great dog foods on the market, which was the best fiod for are dogs. Can’t we trust any!



    2. Nouble

      You’re not going to find any by thinking that one recall spoils a great reputation. However, it should if they try and push it under the rug.

  5. Barb

    No, Fromm has never had a recall. I am wondering if all of this was product that was manufactured in their new USA canning facility. And if so, why wouldn’t all of their more leading edge quality control procedures
    have caught this before going out the door?

    1. Casey

      I wondered that too, Barb. I’ve worked in a QC lab where incoming ingredients were tested and outgoing products were tested before they shipped out. Not sure how something like this gets to the shelves before the problem is discovered.

    2. Linda

      I was under the impression Fromm canned food was produced in Asia. I wonder if this is the case. My dogs always liked their dry food.

      1. Ron

        All Fromm food is manufactured in the U.S. This was processed at the new facility where only canned food is made in Wisconsin and was human error. Considering it’s the first in 112 years and they were up front with this, I’ll continue to feed Fromm. I only use the four star grain free line, I’ve never used the canned food.

  6. Dianne

    I wonder what supplier Fromm and Purina have in common. Let me guess, the same supplier of the vitamin mix. I bet there will be more.

  7. barb bulik

    My 11 year old dog had so many stomach issues until I purchased fromm chicken pate, for years she has been wonderful with the food, I need to find a canned food similar, any ideas??

    1. Susan

      I would suggest boiling chicken tenders in plain water for approximately 25 minutes. You can add it to your dog’s dry food. I serve it to all of my dogs with confidence since it is prepared by me!

    2. diana

      signature lamb

  8. Louise DeLucchi

    my dog is eating the Fromm Salmon gibbles, that is for weight control. i hope it okay!

    1. Fblasco

      My dog is allergic to wheat which why I switched to Fromm’s grain free dog food, and lost weight also. I didn’t see any loss of appetite.
      I don’t like that fact that that it feels like it’s a hush campaign. I found out when my local pet store ran out of the dog food and I asked, “When are you going get more or are not going to carry it anymore?”

  9. Patricia

    We are using the Fromm dry dog food , and our male has been drinking a ton of water , having issues with going to urainate, we had him to the vet and on meds now I’m wondering if this dry food might be a issue. Our dogs love it but going to get this checked out now .

    1. Andie Jones

      This recall is specifically for their canned food, their dry food is unaffected. However, yes, I recommend still visiting your vet, though I do not believe it can be immediately linked to this recall in specific. If anything, you may need to move your dog off of dry food to allow him to intake more moisture.

    2. Liana Robertson

      My older female dog had been eating the Adult Fromme mix (purple bag) and had been on it for a year. Mothers’ Day 2016 – she began vomiting and diarrhea – which didn’t quit for several days and required a vet visit and two rounds of antibiotics to clear. She can no longer tolerate any dry dog food.

      My younger dog was eating the same Fromme, but for only about 3 months. We kept feeding the dry to her while the other dog recovered. After another month, the young dog began showing the same depressed urge to eat and diarrhea. We took her off the Fromme food and moved her to Canidae (which she’s not very fond of), but the problem with eating and diarrhea went away.

      We returned a bag of Fromme because it smelled like rancid potato chips – almost like paint fumes. The store traded us for a second bag. The food in that bag was lighter colored than the first bag, but didn’t smell bad. Since only the younger dog was eating this bag, we didn’t get very far into it before her diarrhea came bag. We complained about that one and were given a line about ‘seasonal ingredient rotations being off’ …but both bags had expiration dates in Sept 2017 – so they were produced around the same time. I felt something might be wrong with the dry food, and won’t feed it to my dogs again because something isn’t right about the explanation I got.

      Since then, I’ve moved to taking fresh chicken from the store, cooking it in the crockpot with brown rice and adding a vitamin pack called Licks. My dogs are now both healthy and the older one has even gotten back some of the energy she lost while on the kibble.

  10. Andie Jones

    I work in a Pet Food Retail Store, and while it is a shame that Fromm is having to issue a recall, and while I wish that they were a little more careful with this, I think it is important to note that Fromm is still an excellent food. And I wouldn’t view this as a reason to switch from Fromm. They were responsible in letting retailers know of this so we could quickly move it off the shelf. The vitamin levels are outside of guidelines, but not necessarily dangerous to animals, unless feeding to much smaller animals, like the owner of the hedgehogs. For those of you worrying, my best advice is to stick with Fromm. Finding a dog food that has even only had a single recall in their entire 70+ year span is truly incredible and unheard of. Obviously continue checking up on any food you feed your dog, but again I do not believe this is enough reason to switch your dog from Fromm. It truly is a great brand, one that I trust moreso than most other foods sold at my store.

    1. Nouble

      I agree that you shouldn’t switch from a food over one recall-provided no pets were injured and they informed you. Some people love touting that they never had a recall to the point where they’ll start lying.

  11. Lawrence

    If the pet food industry used vitamins like D3, A, etc… from food derived sources they would not have to worry about toxic levels of these vitamins. Only the synthetic petroleum derived chemical vitamins have the toxic levels. Same goes for vitamin C. Raw C is far superior to ascorbic acid.

    1. Darlene

      The recall was not due to toxic levels.,,it’s due to deficient.

    2. C k

      Vitamin C is ascorbic acid, whether you ingest it in an orange or a pill, it’s still the chemical compound known as ascorbic acid.

  12. Nouble

    Even though it’s a bit disappointing to hear this, I’m glad that it’s just a deficiency. Also, I’m sure that Fromm doesn’t use Vitamin D3 so we may not have to worry about that.

    On another note, I’m glad that they decided to remove the products before anyone’s pet got sick and warned us about it.

    1. margo

      No, the recall was due to an excess of vitamin D, which can be harmful.

  13. Jay Thomas

    I have made every effort to simplify the process of making our own homemade dog food. If you have decided to go the raw dog food route mixing the ingredients is similar to mixing meatloaf. To make most of the homemade dog food recipes you will need something to mix the ingredients in and a pot to hard boil the eggs and cook the white rice.

  14. diana

    I was feeding fromm but now I feed annamaet and use signature canned when I can’t make home made. I use vetri science vitamins when I home cook along with powdered egg shell for calcium. I never count any dog food safe or human food safe. because anything can happen. but once on a recall call I am done. one mistake can take a life.

  15. Reader

    I like Fromms. It’s my backup choice. Does have a tendency to cause dry skin. Some of the recipes are a little rich. And they use Pea. But no matter. At least it’s family run. And offers a wide choice.

    In response to this article, and to the question of recall, know that Fromms is part of the “First Alert” program. So I think odd the notification had to come from an Independent retail store, and not from the company itself to TAPF.

    First – TAPF introduced the program on 1/4/2013. It’s Susan’s program offered to manufacturers. They sign up, promising to comply with the agreement. Obviously TAPF would be part of the notification process. If anything, out of simple courtesy. To reach the widest audience. Unfortunately the date on Tom Nieman’s memo isn’t clear. So how long has the “silent recall” been in effect? More direct contact with TAPF would’ve shown full transparency, with maximum focus on customers.

    Second – We’re very tired of the overly ambiguous CYA language always being used in these notices, to which (I wonder) if the public isn’t becoming desensitized. Language like out of “an abundance of caution.” And applies “only in situations where dogs have eaten the affected products for an extended period of time.” And “there have been no reports of any health problems… [but] products [should] not be fed.”

    Hello! – There’s either a problem or not! Let’s be clear. A MISTAKE was made, which should be explained! And shouldn’t be undercut by thinking it’s “only” a vitamin or supplement issue. Say, like the calibration for measuring supplements failed, broke, or was subject to user error? Or, like the quality of the supplement delivery was deficient or in error? Or batch testing didn’t fully prevent the release of the production run? So let’s start with being frank about explanations, which lead to responsibility, accountability, and improved strategy going forward. It’s called Best Practices.

    You know these “family owned for generations” companies want all the credit for being so hands on and personally involved. But in exchange for that kind of distinction, they should be just as “hands on” with their DEPTH of transparency. These silent recalls amount to Fromm’s effort to protect the distributer and the store from suffering economic pain! When their overriding concern needs to focus on pet owners, and yes, potential customers too.

    The longer PF consumers continue to give a pass to the idea of weak company communication, by thinking “oh at least they tested, and caught it, and sent out a memo, and pulled it” (blah, blah) the less the company is incentivized next time. Meaning just another day in business. But when we know more about how mistakes are made, who’s at fault, what the company is doing about it, then more likely they can (and will) be avoided. It will demonstrate a stronger process is being put into place!

    My guess is, this voluntary recall will make it to the USDA Recall notification system anyway. Fromm’s memo also offers no apology for any inconvenience.

    1. Reader

      Though I stand by my comments in terms of making a point (about Susan hearing about the recall from a store and not the company) …. I also noticed the article is dated March 2016 and not 2017. The link was posted in another reader’s comment in response to a recent article instead.

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