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Fourth AAFCO Meeting on Human Grade and Feed Grade

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  1. Dianne

    Seriously? Too wordy? I don’t think so. It seems pretty easy to understand. The only thing missing is what proportion must be safe and nutritious.

  2. Dean

    This is so funny… It reminds me of a scene from the movie Amadeus – in which the monarch is criticizing Mozart for his newest symphony, and decided the best description of the problem is “There are too many notes” … in other words the music used ‘too many notes’ to convey what Mozart had created…

    Me thinks these kings suffer from a lot of envy… too funny…

  3. Laura

    I do agree that it’s kind of lengthy, but I think the laundry list of dangerous materials the pet feed in question could contain is important for the consumer to know and understand. Maybe there’s a way to condense it a bit, but it still has to hit home that that package of feed the consumer is considering buying is literally garbage.

  4. Gitta

    I have never read the entire AAFCO saga, but: isn’t it chuck full of – ehm – wordy descriptions that make this one actually a short one?

    But on a positive note: I think that “complaint” is a great compliment in disguise. The opposition could not find anything else!!!!!

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Yes – AAFCO definitions are rather wordy – and with a few definitions I actually counted the words and sent them as examples to the FDA person charged with rewriting the definition. One was 187 words long – our definition is 67 words long.

      1. Laura

        Well I take back what I said then about it being a bit lengthy. In that case, the FDA is full of it. But, of course, we already knew that.

  5. Nancy Rodgers

    It is a shame that this problem even has to be addressed! It is common sense….human decency! Thank heavens for people like you who put so much effort into making changes for the sake of our fur children!

  6. Anthony Hepton

    Susan, tell them that being wordy is not an issue as the definition just goes onto a piece of paper.Being truthful is much more important. Just ask them what part of the truth they don’t like and how they would like to have it rephrased while still disclosing the truth.

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