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Former Texas Feed Inspector Faces Potential Prison Time

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  1. Stephen Abarno

    What goes on at the state and federal level of our Criminal governments !!! Cash being put in pockets !!!

  2. Debbie

    GOOD, I live in Texas and we have some corrupt people here.

  3. Noreen Nugeness

    This is not only sad but disgusting to learn that our fur babies are eating something that will kill them. We pet owners want the best for them, buy Organic Chicken, meats and vegetables and then we find out that the Inspectors are closing their eyes and letting our babies eat food that is causing them to get sick, suffer, and eventually die? I hope they all do go to Prison and are fed the same food every day. If it’s not good enough for humans then why are Pet Food Companies selling it for our pets? Who can we trust? It’s all about money.

  4. Lorayne Lapin

    We should feed the contaminated food to the offenders!

  5. anne

    McKinney should be fined $2 million that would be donated to animal rescue organizations and spend the next 10 years in jail for his duplicity and outright fraud.

  6. landsharkinnc

    hopefully this indescretion will open the eyes of not only state officials regarding ‘conflict of interest’ endeavors, as well as that of other individuals in the feed processing business. I hope he pulls some real time for this rather than having it reduced to ‘probationary’ status …

  7. Cheri Fellinger

    So what? Corrupt official are supposed to be policing other corrupt officials? How does that work? What does that look like? Does it look like 4D meats, styrofoam and chemical waste in pet food? Mystery solved. The really terrible thing is I bet this same thing goes on in the human grade food chain.

  8. Nancy

    Hmmm… only 4 years in prison for this guy and he got $1,000,000. And, he’ll likely be out on parole much sooner. When you think about it, a short time in prison isn’t bad for an income of $1,000,000. Unless he’s also having to give up the money he made by breaking the law, why wouldn’t he do it again.

  9. Noreen Nugeness

    Let him Donate it! He owes it to the Pet Parents and the animals. He’s not an animal, he’s a Monster! I get so upset when people refer to these Monsters as “Animals.” No, animals are beautiful people in my eyes, they on the other hand are “Evil Monsters.” Don’t insult animals by calling them as such.

  10. Jane Democracy

    So why haven’t Wilbur-Ellis and Diversified Ingredients executives received a similar fate?

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