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First Lawsuit filed over Chicken Jerky Treats

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  1. Brad Roberson

    I fed my dog these treats on a regular basis I did notice some health issues thank my higher power he is still alive. Most issues have past I have noticed that he has gotten many tumors around his ribcage and one above his eye. I fed him the chicken strip jerky, the yam good treats, the apple ones and the pbj treats from wagon train. Can I get some money to for his vet bills?

  2. Jermain Johnson

    Had to put my yorkie down developed liver cancer and spread. I gave him jerky treats that I’ve since discovered came from China.
    How do I become a part of this lawsuit

  3. Georgia Picton

    Do these jerky treat importers know something such as why they might not be safe if one dares not to feed as directed?

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