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Final Notes on January 2013 AAFCO Meeting

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  1. Daniel Podobed

    I was very surprised by your statement about pet food label compliancy, and how long you estimate it to take before it will be enabled.

    I think any action they decide on should have to be put into action within 1 member year term is they have such things. If not, maxium 4 years. Up to 10 years plus is absolutely ridiculous.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. joan

    What is the BFD about informing customers the truth about the products we buy? Why are misleading labeling allowed? Why is the FDA on the side of companies? I though the FDA was on our side. Don’t we pay their salaries?

    And are the companies stupid? As word gets out about their lying people will not trust their name. I speak to more and more people who make their own beloved pet’s food because they have realized they can no longer trust the Big Pet Food Companies.

    Sorry for the rant. At least it’s not all in caps as I was shouting.

  3. dmiller

    Unfortunately, it is extremely unlikely that they will run out of unknowing, unsuspecting consumers, shelters in need or unknowing vets.

    Since legally, corporations are required to continually grow profits, their options are to increase the price, obtain ever cheaper ingredients and cut staff.

  4. hagelult

    If ingredient descriptors such as those used for peas are not defined by the AAFCO what does this mean? Some of the foods I feed my dogs contain pea starch and pea protein – does this mean pea starch could not be pea starch or pea protein could not be pea protein?

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