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‘Feed’ could be the cause of Mad Cow Case in Canada

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  1. BC

    Not to mention the horse wholesalers who buy horses no longer wanted and transport them to various dog food mfg. – one in GA- who slaughters and these horses – regardless of the illegal drugs that prohibit them from human consumption or legal drugs in their system are then fed to dogs.
    And Purinas bet has the audacity to state their standards of ingredients are better than the food for humans.
    Guess the powers that be – for profit only who own our elected officials- have no compunction about killing or naming us all.

  2. BC

    Sorry- vet not bet

  3. Ellen

    Allowing the use of rendered diseased animals in animal feed is just insane. And although allowing the practice seems inexplicable, there must be money involved somewhere. Government is like business: if you want to get to the heart of any matter involving either, follow the money”.

    Thanks for sharing this extremely important information.

  4. Ellie

    It is so apparent that profit margin is the only concern these days. No one asks questions. People just eat and think the government is protecting them! That may have been true 30 or more years ago but now more.

  5. Anne

    illegal to add animal products to cattle feed in the usa

    1. Janine

      Canada banned the the use of brains and spines of cattle and sheep in cattle feed in 1997. Then in 2007, brains and spines were banned from all animal feeds, pet foods and fertilizers. Obviously someone was still feeding the wrong feed if that’s what it’s from.

  6. Anne

    “Good to know”! Thank-you ~@

  7. JW

    Rendered products have not been banned. The correct ban is that rendered products from RUMINANT animals (cows) can not be fed back into the ruminant feed use. Porcine (pig) rendered products can. BSE is caused by a prion that attacks the brain and nervous system of the effected animal. Research in the 90’s found that the reason for transfer animal to animal was only due to FEED. They have found that you can have “spontaneous” cases in which they have not been able to trace a source in any way. They feel some animals will pick the agent up in nature.
    There is money in the business of rendering animals or no one would do it. Thinking otherwise is naïve. No one does anything in the US or Canada if they can’t make money at it. I pose this question to all fo you who think this practice is HORRIBLE. Do you believe in Green energy? Saving the planet and reducing the use of fosil fuels and having renewable products? Utilizing animal parts that are not usable for human consumption in animal feed is one of the greenest things we can do. It would take a massive and very bad smelling land fill to dispose of all of these animals otherwise.

    Also – Rendered product as in Meat and Bone Meal, Bloodmeal, Feathermeal, Bonemeal, and Chickenmeal are made from a variety of sourced material. Including the bones and skin and meat that was not able to be extracted from an animal for human food. Also – tracablility since BSE was first diagnosed in Great Brittain and North America is mandatory for all plants. Notice the article said they believe and are tracing the food. There is no answer yet which means that the system is still working as it is supposed to. When a suspect animal is identified, all paperwork from the farm, vet, feed mill, and the suppliers to the feedmill are pulled and checked. This is a time consuming process.

  8. Liana

    Actually, there is a very interesting article I will post at the end that I had originally read in the Acre USA magazine many years ago about Mad cow disease and it’s link through Organophosphates aka nerve gas used in WWII. This is just another angle people should be looking at as a possible cause of this ‘disease’.

    I refuse to use any ‘pesticides/insecticides’ on my cattle, horse, chickens, or pets, mostly because when looking at the ingredient label on these insecticides there was no label. We also were instructed to pour the insecticide right on the back from the head to the tail of the cattle. The only barrier to the main spinal column is their skin and bone. This stuff is systemic and is absorbed through the skin tissue and goes where is needed to irradiate the grubs, lice, worms, etc. I also do not feed them anything they would not normally eat themselves on their own. Healthy food and environment equals healthy people, animal, plants, and Earth.

    In the end it is about making money at the expense of the rest of us whether human, animal, plant, or the Earth herself without any consideration of the consequences and damage being done.

    Here is the link:

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