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FDA’s Negligence, Our Nightmare

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  1. Ellie

    Labeling is very deceptive. They do not even have to tell you if they have imported ingredients in their products. How would a consumer know what is in their pet food? Most people think they can trust these well established companies.

  2. meredith

    I wrote to Dogswell years ago to comment on their Chinese manufacture. I wish I still had the reply email with bulleted points assuring their quality control processes. Bunk.

    So glad I feed raw and make my own treats.

    1. Debi C.

      So right Meredith, me too.

  3. Ellie

    I think the American consumer needs to wake up to the fact that our government cannot be counted on to protect us at any level. Most of these government agencies hire directors and other management personal that are just political pay back positions. No serious work is done that will track down and identify problems. Corruption is at an all time high level and we need to realize what we are facing here.

    1. Pacific Sun

      Anytime we succumb to this kind of thinking we give ourselves permission to passively pass the buck. Instead, here Susan has done an incredible amount of work by putting together all the evidence against the FDA agency. Not only that, but she has also provided a suggestion for how to alert our elected representatives. In addition that , we now have an opportunity to become part of an Association for the Truth About Pet Food. Which is our responsibility as caring pet owners to be far from passive by excusing, or even explaining away, what has been the status quo. Corporations and government counts on exactly this, dismissive public opinion, and even weaker financial leveraging. How much more productive would it be to read that every responder has sent this article (or the letter) on through the right channels, or has networked the information among interested contacts and consumers! Numbers attract. Momentum speaks. When (not if) there is a tipping point, then progress escalates! Five years ago, this stage of awareness could only have been hoped for. But now with social media, an incredibly powerful tool is finally in the hands of all caring consumers. All of this, is meant for “our” benefit. And especially for the pets which depend upon us.

      1. Ellie

        The government is not doing it’s job! It’s broken, full of corruption. Susan is surely highlighting just a small part of the problems we are faced with.
        This and other issues have come about precisely because people sit back and assume that the government is watching out for their best interests. They do not even bother to read a label or do any research for themselves. Despite the recent problems with pet treats people were still loading up with them on a daily basis.
        People who follow Susan are mostly engaged and informed about the food industry in general and pet food specifically, however, that is not true of the majority of consumers.
        Until people awaken to the corruption in government and big business things will continue as usual.
        Media cannot be trusted to inform the public either. It takes some investigation on the part of the consumer. Media outlets depend on the food industry to support them and they will not bite the hand that feeds them. Human and pet food companies know this and continue to take advantage of the fact as millions of American people and pets pay for the lack of information and the people’s own apathy.
        Social media only goes so far. People read what they are interested in. Until the general public starts receiving the facts and a certain amount of public outcry is heard big business and government will remain the same.
        Trying to convince people about the food industry or about healthy eating in general is mostly met by a deafening silence. Obviously the increasing epidemic of obesity and food related illness in humans points out the apathy that Americans have about food in general. Until there is some real honesty circulating in this country government and big business will continue to dupe the majority of consumers.

        1. Pacific Sun

          I agree totally with your very well written comment!
          I just don’t want people to give up trying. Sometimes something so insurmountable as big business and the government might make us think, what’s the use? Or, all I can do is watch out for myself. That’s the first step. Self-education. Exactly as you’ve pointed out. The more we discuss (or even debate) this topic, then the more benefit it is to readers and consumers just getting started with their education.
          I find the most frustrating part is trying to share the knowledge with friends and family. Some have a totally deaf ear, and I feel so sorry for the pets. Some have admitted they are virtually lifestock (animals) having survived on PF for decades. Some just want to save a buck and always will. I know very well that both business and government counts on this thinking. But it is also changing.
          I am a strong believer that the more Susan pushes ahead with the research and the evidence, while more problems continue to surface (CJTs, Beneful, etc.) the more we really can help one another. Just through the publicity. Just by the website popping up fairly quickly on the internet. There will absolutely be a point, when one day, someone decides to do an expose on the PF industry. I am surprised that animal rights activists (different than advocates mind you) haven’t already taken up the cause. Because once it’s discovered and proven that rendered euthanized pets are in PF – WILL be the catalyst. It’ll be too compelling for the media to ignore. “Did you know Fido might be in Fido II’s next meal??”
          Eventually there will be someone, with enough money, and the guts, and the connections, who’ll step forward.
          In the meantime, we just can’t be discouraged. I count the friends I have been able to inform as success stories. People now ask me which food is okay. When I’m helping new owners, in a training class, in a store, wherever it is, if I can share any information whatsover, that’s what I do. So the point of my comment, is only to say, that if every already informed consumer does this, the information can spread exponentially (through social media). Indeed, the more corrupt big business and the government continues to appear to the consumer, then the more distrust will also continue to spread, and change can begin to take place. I would say the movement is twice as big as it was five years ago. And if the PF industry continues to make as many mistakes at the rate that is already happening, then their very own complacency about that fact, will become a publicity nightmare!

  4. Nina Wolf

    Thank you for this well written, well documented, and precise description of the illegal activity and negligence that has been occurring. This is exactly the kind of evidence that is necessary to present to lawmakers, journalists, consumer protection agencies, and anyone else we can think of to spread the story. This is irrefutable, confirmable, quantifiable fact-finding, and of terrific value. I will be sending this to as many places and people as I can think of, and greatly appreciate all your work.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Thanks Nina!

      1. Nina Wolf

        I just posted your report at all of our local stations, plus on one local paper. Hope we get some press out of this, and maybe blow the story up a bit locally. I KNOW people are still buying these things around here, and it kills me.

  5. Susan McFadden

    Shock renewed over and over with the FDA, not sure why, you think you’d get used to it! NOT! Are they going to wait till we have a horrid tragedy to work on these problems. What if/when someone who just wants to hurt Americans sends something in one of these shipments that hurts more than pets, hurts more than our hearts at losing our pets, what then? Will we just be having hearings like they did on Benghazi to point fingers? It isn’t much comfort to know we will just have a paper trail of evidence and someone will have to resign or get fired. This is a huge hole in our nations security, one that can be easily infiltrated. Hope your article gets the attention we all need. Thanks for writing it, I know it was a huge, huge job.

  6. Joanie

    Until China knows we are serious about quality products nothing will be done. I would like to suggest a moratorium of ALL products imported from China. If every American boycotted China for a period of three months they would get the message. Any country which let so many of their own human children be poisoned in the name of capitalism cannot possibly be expected to care about pets. I am referring to the Melamine fiasco. If you don’t think it can be done, Google ‘Cesar Chavez and the Grape Boycotts’….and that was long before the Internet.

    1. Rose Studdard

      I agree and will not purchase any grocery store pet food or treats from China. I feed Acana from Canada at the present time. If I have a problem from this I will start the raw diet

    2. Susan McFadden

      I know you are right! My issue with the idea is that China owns SO MUCH of our national debt and it buys more and more everyday that I feel this may be one huge reason why the US doesn’t stand up to them. They have the upper hand. So sad and so hard to fix.

    3. KT

      I don’t buy ANYTHING from China unless I cannot avoid it. Human food, animal food, gidgets and gadgets and doodads.

      Saves me a lot of money.

  7. Tina

    We feed a prey model raw diet thankfully, and make our own liver treats. We live in a state where fortunately we can feed wild game year round (stocking up during hunting season). But if you can’t feed a raw diet, look at the first five ingredients on any kibble or canned food. This makes up most of what is in it. Try to find dog food that has at least three meats listed first (not by-products or meal). There are a lot of good human grade organic dog foods out there now and they are not any more expensive than feeding the cheap stuff. Why? Just look at the number of cups per day recommended by the cheap stuff. It can be up to double the amount of the good food per day.

    Also, dogs are commonly allergic to grain. So feeding a grain free dog food helps with itchy skin, feet and yeasty ears. You also will lower your vet bills feeding a more nutritous dog food.

    We have fed a raw diet for 8 years now. My web site is dedicated to the health of dogs and has links to resesarch and articles to back up why you should feed dogs a raw diet and stay away from chemicals, preventatives, etc.

  8. Trish

    Sent to Congress – thank you!

  9. Debi C.

    Susan, you are so amazing, this is really a great unveiling of what is going on in our government, kind of like the “canary in the coalmine”, we are also being duped as far as our human foods, wonder what we are eating, besides GMO’s?

    1. dmiller

      If you live in the uk, it could be horse.

  10. dmiller

    If I am not mistaken, the daily show is filled with dog lovers who even bring the dogs to work. This would make great comedic fodder for them. Has any one thought to send this to them?

  11. Daniel Podobed

    Well done.

  12. Tammy Baugh

    OK so you cannot trust the FDA. Is anyone really all that surprised at that information? Or did you all put your hand over your chest and chant the meaningless Pledge Of Allegience in grade School? I know everyone else did. I didn’t. I’m not UnAmerican, just living life with my eyes wide open. And I’m not sorry. But Thanks For the information anyway!

    1. Pacific Sun

      Is the idea then, that because we know it, we should accept it? I think the poster who made this comment in another thread is entirely correct. Which is, about watching all those “happy” TV commercials for prescription “quick fix” drugs while the side effects including death are being rattled off. Even worse are the drugs which haven’t even been on the market that long, which are now being challenged with lawsuits because of proven side effects, including death! To me, that’s just crazy. What this means is that these drugs are being allowed to be “tested” on the population at large. So what good is the FDA anyway? If we are all one giant proving ground? Which we are. So are our pets. Of course it is about money. Bascially we can say to ourselves (and ask our pharmacist as well) should a drug be used which hasn’t been on the market for 5-10 yrs or more (without incident)? Same for pet products.
      However, I am not sure what reciting the Pledge of Allegiance in grammar school has to do with the essence of the comment? People have been fighting to protect what the Flag stands for, for generations. Reciting the pledge was/is an act respect, an for honoring personal sacrafice, as well as acknowledging our goals and aspirations for a great Nation. The acts of a minority of people who are less than ethical and who are certainly INcompetent should not detract from a history of hard working people who’ve done their best to live by the rules, contribute their services, and who generate innovations that have transformed our lives. Just saying ….

  13. KT

    People need to report problems or otherwise, problems do not get the attention they deserve.

    To be fair to the FDA, I reviewed the jerky treat complaint log, and there were a shockingly small number of complaints. Honestly? Given what I saw, I would have been hard pressed to investigate based on incident reports because the numbers were so incredibly low.

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