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FDA Response to No Beneful Recall

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  1. Wolf

    You don’t bite? Well you should! I do. Come on up here and I’ll teach you.

    Seriously, this is more of same from the FDA. Inconsistency is about the only thing consistent about them. What kind of info, and the amount of info, really depends on to whom you speak, on what day, and if they’ve had enough coffee or not. It has seemingly little to do with a consistent rigorous policy executed without bias across the industry.

  2. frank romo

    Big industry has bought off the FDA and will never investigate any claims, just lip service to us pet owners…

  3. curious

    Susan, on an earlier post you told us that Beneful, Eukanuba, Iams, Royal Canine, and Banfield Vets were all owned by Mars. If that is the case, you need to determin how many Banfields treated possible sick pets where complainants isolated Beneful, and Banfield vets diverted beneful as the true cause to safeguard their own interests. Banfield vets ONLY recommend their own crappy brands of foods and scare customers away from all others.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Beneful is owned by Purina – the others you mention are owned by Mars. And though it would be great if Banfield would provide public information about ill pets linked to a food, I doubt they would ever release this information. Good idea though!

  4. Sharon F

    Susan, I am in awe of you! Thanks as always for your diligence and perseverance! Your letters to the FDA etc. are extremely well researched, well written and thought-provoking. In a sense, you lift the burden of ‘expressing ourselves’ off our shoulders. I live in Ontario, Canada but follow your activities closely. Thanks again for going to battle for us and our 4-legged deeply loved companions.

  5. Luke Schultz-Burrey

    Susan you rock, Thanks for your diligent work calling out the false information spread by the FDA! As a small independent shop trying to educate the consumer about the quality of some foods out there, we understand and appreciate your frustration and tenacity!!!

  6. Terri janson

    Can anyone suggest a good cat forum for cousin on homemade cat food? I have been telling her about our forum and about what is really going on. There were some people on here that are on
    cat forums. Can anyone help me put her in touch with them?

    Thank you Susan for all that you do!!!!!!!!!

    1. Peg

      Terri Jansen, please tell your cousin about the Feline Nutrition Foundation.
      Those folks have some very helpful information about raw feeding.
      I get some great information and recipes from the that I use for my cats.
      Another thing about raw that I was thrilled to see is that Susan got a pledge from the Rad Cat people!
      I have been using their raw for over 2 years now and 2 of the 3 vets in the practice I go to are using Rad Cat Raw for their kitties.

      1. Terri janson

        Thank you Peg. I will tell her

    2. Bon

      Terri, I’ve been making raw cat food for about 5 years now (before the Feline Nutrition Foundation was formed). The 2 sites that helped me the most were (are) – Anne Jablonski’s
      and Dr. Lisa Pierson, DVM: – They link to each other and have similar recipes, along with a wealth of great info. Best of luck to your cousin.

      Susan, thanks for all you do for our fabulous furry friends.

  7. jb

    YOU! Are the WOMAN! Love you & all you do Susan. Thank you so much for your hard work keeping after these companies, FDA, AAFCO, etc.

    It takes dedication & a TONNE OF LOVE to do this work & as a follower I am amazed with the results you achieve.

    You do the Lover of All Animals a Superior Service!

    Though I raw feed, I depend on you for information.

    Keep up the INCREDIBLE Work. Hopefully I can get my Raw, Fermented business going & help you monetarily soon. You are definitely on my list of Giving Back!

  8. jb

    Thank you Susan for all your hard work. It is work from the heart.

    We depend on you for good information & your continuing pressure on these unethical companies.

    Personally, I do not care about most commercial pet food for my clan because iI feed raw but, so many people are oblivious to the dangers.

    I want my companions to live a long, quality life. That is why I feed raw & from sources I know but, many do not do this practice.

    Convenience is the game for most. They watch or see advertisements for food that claims Balanced, Complete, etc then factor in Vets that do not know nutrition from a rat’s ass.

    It is not fair to the companions to be fed nasty, 4d, roadkill, flea collars, metal tags, spoiled grains & oils, etc.

    WE are behind you, Susan. Thank you.

  9. Carla

    Great letter, Susan, very well informed (as always), and I especially like the part about “I am not out to ‘get’ the FDA, just be a voice for the consumers” (who don’t have the energy you have to ferret out all of this information). It shouldn’t be so difficult to get straight answers from the agencies supposedly there for the people who pay them (us).

  10. Anne


    1. Peg

      The FDA’s portal for reporting problems with pet food and pet medications has 2 separate reporting areas.
      One is for the pet owners.
      The other is for the veterinarians.
      Perhaps the 2 areas should be linked together.

      This is how it’s done with the adverse events reporting for the humans.

      But then again, I don’t have any real faith in the FDA like Anne does.

  11. TopCat

    Primal does not generously fund the Veterinary profession, nor provide profit-for-waste, so look for every small, independent decent food maker to be harassed and slandered now. Vets CAN’T report, i.e. “badmouth” Ralston or MARS and the other mass garbage bins because they’d be biting the hands that feed them; fund their educations, make possible all the new tech equipment… it’s downright dangerous to have pets now :>(

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