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FDA Draft Guidance for Mandatory Recalls

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  1. A Rech

    I must say, being a member of ATPF is honestly one of the most important and fulfilling memberships I feel I have ever been a part of.
    Thank you for asking these questions, for ALL of us. Thank you for doing your best to hold the FDA and FD&C accountable for their own actions, as they both lead and mislead us.
    I have, on more than one occasion, actually feared for your life because of the waves “we” were making. Thank you for being so knowledgeable and strong and, seemingly, without fear as you go up against some of the highest and most powerful lobby’s and agencies within the USA. You truly are a superhero.
    Time to make another donation now!

  2. Christine

    Go Susan! Great opportunity to bring this conflict within FDA policies up! A Rech said everything I wanted to say – thanks again for everything that you do.

  3. Terri Janson

    A Rech…my feelings as well. Thank you Susan!

  4. Todd Mailley

    A Rech, thanks for your well-worded comment. I couldn’t have expressed it better. And, as mentioned before, Susan this is a good chance to ask for change.

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