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Dr. Meg Smart’s SNAP

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  1. lorraine penick

    Great idea but not liking the name as Florida food stamp program is called SNAP. Asked about numerous pets and homecooked diets and vitamins, waiting to hear back from Dr. Smith.

  2. Audree

    I downloaded the app and was more frustrated than impressed. By the way it was only 2.99 in Apple Ap store. Agree also that the name is unfortunate.
    Sorry I’m usually a big fan of all things Susan but this one missed the mark

    1. JennS

      Hi Audree, Thanks for your feedback on the app! I’m sorry you found the experience frustrating. Would you mind sharing details on what specifically frustrated you? We want to ensure the users are enjoying the best possible experience!

  3. Christine

    I just looked on itunes and it’s listed as $2.99

  4. Jude

    It looks interesting. Will it be available for iPad also?

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