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Double Standard

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  1. Judy Miller

    Hi Susan,
    There are two different sets of rules, because, bottom line is that raw meat is expected to contain pathogens. USDA is not too concerned the levels in a locker plant.
    These people that are getting Salmonella are not cooking their chicken properly, or not cleaning up the raw chicken mess on the counters. What I don’t understand is all the raw meat diets for pets now under the eye of the FDA and yet not too many recalls. They must be freezing it first to get the numbers down. Maybe the FDA cuts some slack in the raw foods, because it’s expected to be there. I’ve fed my pets raw meat for over 40 years, in part. I used to buy it from the zoo to feed my Wolf and dogs and cats. I’m probably immune to a lot of these germs because I’ve been exposed to this stuff for so long. Something can be said for being “too” clean about it, even though you try to clean up as best you can. Maybe in trying to be too clean, people are making themselves more vulnerable. I know people that won’t take food home from a restaurant even in the winter, unless they have a cooler with them! Never done that. I take mine home anyway I can get it there.
    Now, the recommendation is to put turkey stuffing in a bag and then into the turkey for Thanksgiving! Double yuck on that! It doesn’t even taste right w/o the turkey juices. They have everyone paranoid about germs to the point that if they ever encounter any they get sick! Nobody has ever gotten sick from a Thanksgiving dinner at my house, and I’ve been having them for over 30 years. Ya gotta cook the meat! Bottom line.

  2. Laura

    Judy – im with you – my motto is a little funk never hurt anyone -im never sick have handled the worst things you can imagine i have worked with animals in all kinds of capacities for over 20 years – handled raw foods etc and never have i ever been sick – i believe in washing my hands as needed and i am one of those people who puts my hands all over my face etc – but i refuse to use these chemical cleaners in my house and around my pets and strongly discourage my clients from doing so – all this stuff is making us sicker –

  3. Brenda

    I wonder what we’ll be getting when the chicken nuggets start coming from China? Salmonella may be the least of our worries.

  4. Linda H

    I just take salmonella in chicken as a given as everyone should. As a matter of fact, I thought everyone did.

  5. cali

    Posting so that I can receive all follow up comments on this subject. Thanks

  6. Ken Kalligher

    Salmonella is a given, particularly in chicken products. While many people know this and “try” to take appropriate measures to protect themselves against this pathogen, the best protection is at the source. Unfortunately, housekeeping and sanitation are not standard in all facilities. USDA and FDA along with State Health Agencies are the first line defense the consumer has in the fight for safe foods. Typically, USDA is the “on-site” inspection service that is really first-line defense in operating conditions. FDA is pretty much after-the-fact contamination discovery and for the most part State agencies also are after the fact. Of course, historical inspections will “point” investigators to trouble spots and management decisions will speak volumes about attitude and internal controls. The inspection services have troubled histories with respect to enforcement action, but the current problems with respect to the USDA may be better understood as a result of a 2001 decision by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. I include the link for those who are interested in the reasons for the toothless attitude of the USDA.

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