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Disappointing Trend In Rising Pet Food Market

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  1. Peter

    Some of the so-called or regarded “top brands” market the pea proteins proudly on the labels, as though they were a good thing, and the ordinary consumer would interpret these premium brands with “pea” in the name of the food as evidence of such, when in truth, the opposite may be true.

    Many of these premium brands are also confronting rising costs of raw materials and are changing their formulations to maintain profit metrics. The customer, however, is not aware of these changes.

  2. Heidi

    I chose a grain free food, thinking it was better than chicken and rice full of arsenic. That grain free food had at least 3 pea products in it, (never encountered peas before so it didn’t even register) and resulted in extremely increased defecation, both in frequency and volume -at least three times the amount going in was coming out. It’s the peas, not nice green peas but field peas, and they’re going to be a problem in the future.

  3. Isabella B

    I’ve been feeding my kittens Wysong Epigen and they love it. I researched products and this one was not only grain free but starch free as well. I primarily feed my kittens only high quality wet foods like weruva, BFF, wellness, avoderm and tiki cat. I only sprinkle the Wysong on top of foods they aren’t crazy about so they get very little dry food as it is.
    Good luck all

    1. Rajeanne

      I just got a 2-yr old cat at PetSmart, and I’ve always had dogs…so I’m feeding my “Precious K-C”
      Purina Complete cat food. But I’d like to feed her some high-quality food…which you’re feeding your
      Where do you purchase Wysong Epigen & other high quality wet foods from?

      1. Isabella8271

        I buy Wysong from their website or from amazon. Thankfully my local NJ pet stores carry them also.

        Congrats on your kitty and thank you for supplying a good, healthy home for them.

        I also highly recommend: for an all natural air freshener. I use Worlds Best Cat Litter and Dr. Elsie’s scoop-able litter. I’ve found if I wash their litter box out weekly with magic zymes and dish washing liquid it keeps everything smelling really clean and my kittens appreciate it as cats are very particular about cleanliness.

        I brush their teeth every night, for now just with a tooth brush that goes on my finger that I dip in water. Their teeth are so clean. Eventually I will buy Oxyfresh pet gel and liquid dental cleaner.

        Yes, I’ve done some research as my boys are worth it.

        I also highly recommend The Cat Bible by Tracie Hochner


        1. Rajeanne

          Thanks for your great response!
          I’ll check on the Wysong website, & buy The Cat Bible too.

      2. jennifer hahn

        Purina is the anti Christ
        for gods sake , use a human grade food with raw,

  4. Mike L

    Wow, well done Ms. Kalander,

    I read articles, you know? Just like most everyone arriving at this site and others, I read. What I too rarely see (and find very frustrating) are actual references. Something that the reader can investigate/research on her/his own after reading a statement that includes “research shows” and the like.

    So, thank you for including references,
    Mike L

  5. Erin

    Great article! I’m so thankful that Kim helped us figure out this very issue in our own pup.

  6. PattyW

    Great article about peas. I just found out that both of my dogs have an allergy to green peas. All along we thought it was the protein causing their rashes and breakouts. The common denominator was green peas. Green peas are in a lot of good quality dog foods too.

  7. Tracy

    My dog was having severe allergies, breakouts, and bloody diarrhea. I created and excel chart of his food I was feeding and ingredients and vet visits and found the common problem to be peas as well. I have him on track on. Peas are also a natural laxative, thus probably the reason for all the extra poop people are seeing.

  8. Erin

    Hi. You had stated, “The original wheat contained six chromosomes. The wheat we consume today has as many as forty two chromosomes, each containing proteins not originally coded in the plant.” This got my curiosity up, so I researched it, and found that there is zero GMO wheat available, and it’s only legal to sell or grow regular wheat, even though Monsanto did experiment with inserting the RoundUp gene (it’s not approved though).

    According to, wheat has only 7 chromosomes, with six copies each, and this has been the case for hundreds of thousands of years.

    I was hoping you could cite your source or correct the article.

    P.S. This post is meant to be a, “I read something on a good website I believe to be incorrect, and if not I want more info” and is not meant to be a “blah, you’re wrong” post. Just got me curious!

    Thanks in advance. Also, thank you so much for the info on peas, this is exactly what I was looking for. Now I’m off to research if they remove the lectin from peas prior to cat food production, as that one got me curious, too.

    Thanks again!

    1. Melanie Howell

      Erin, wheat is not GMO, but much of it is hybridized (long ago) so that insects would ravage crops less, so the wheat would stand up better in rain and wind, and so that the chaff was easier to get out. Common wheat and Durham wheat are the main culprits concerning types that have higher gluten content (which many of us are rejecting, while a little should be easy to tolerate) The gluten content is higher and the wheat itself, called “naked, is more firm, less palatable to insects… and can be completely ground, so no removal of the chaff is necessary because the chaff is negligible. This type of wheat does not need its chaff as much for protection as other types, more natural types. These wheats are a combination of different type of grain, not just wheat… rye is even in there. Go look at a common or durham wheat crop, it doesn’t even look like wheat that you would normally think of. It was not done with gene splicing, but with less modern techniques, like grafting. I wouldn’t call it “toxic” but there is a reason that colon cancer is one of the highest cancers. Not everyone has a “gluten allergy” but if you consider all the different types of intestinal and digestive issues (IBD, Chron’s, Ulcerative colitis, diverticulosis) they are so common it isn’t even funny. People are bound to suffer from some intestinal issue as they age, requiring laxatives or some such. It isn’t normal. Wheat with higher gluten can do various things (the binding is ridiculous) but if it is possible to use more natural grains, i think it’s a very good idea. Go watch comparisons when people extract the gluten from different types of wheat… it’s crazy. Water can dissolve flour, but it never completely dissolves gluten… and you really need to see it in action. Even if you don’t wind up with all sorts of little pockets in your gut, it causes nutrients to absorb less and sticks around in your gut a while, possibly slowing down motility, aggravating your flora and possibly causing more weight gain in some people.

      1. jennifer hahn

        just stick with red rice organic-stop breads, all bread is bad

  9. Carole

    This is a very interesting and informative article. Science Diet has attempted to slip pea protein into its Adult light dog food, claiming that the labeling is different. Perhaps it has always been in there. I cannot get a straight answer. For a company that is supposed to be dedicated to animal health, not to mention how expensive, it is ——– this is a disgrace. I am very upset with Hill’s Science Diet about this.

  10. Marilyn Stephens

    My 16 year old cat recently diagnosed with kidney function concerns and placed on Rx diet. I noticed ingredients not good. Can you suggest a high quality NF or KD canned and dry product?

  11. Barbara

    What cat food Do You Recommend? Our vet thinks our 1 yr.old Persian is allergic to chicken and grains (corn)
    We have been feeding her Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diets Venison & Green Pea Formula Canned Cat Food. As well as Natural Balance Green Pea and Duck Formula Limited Ingredients Cat Food. She’s a good eater. And seems to like this brand; but honestly she’s not a fussy eater. My concern now is that she still has “Hot Spots”…Itching and we see clumps of hair from her scratching. What do you recommend?
    Thank you

    1. jennifer hahn

      xanthium gums are horrible-check the label-use Paul Newmans own grain free -no gums

      1. Anonymous

        Check again, PN has gum in organic canned food, and worse it has carregenan.

        1. jennifer hahn

          NATURES LOGIC CANNED CAT FOOD AND DOG FOOD IS GREAT STUFF….. logic-they use porcine plasma(blood) instead as a binder. and has zero caragenan and gums…..natures logic is very good -see the ingredients….on

        2. Jenn Frix

          If you insist on using canned foods then by nature’s logic brand they do not use any carrageenan or gum or Xanthium gum they use for scene plasma pigs blood so you have to stomach that but it’s actually perfectly fine I checked it out on Dr. Karen Becker’s website it’s not a big deal and they use no synthetics at all

  12. karinamara2015

    Thank you for this article – I’ve been stuggling to find out what my 3 year old Oriental is allergic to. Her symptoms have been escalating as I tried eliminating various more common proteins like chicken, turkey and fish. I had an epiphany the other night after studying all of the labels. I think she’s allergic to pea protein. It’s in everything! And more prevalent in grain free limited ingredient foods I’ve been buying. I’m on day one of a pea free diet and fingers crossed that I’ve figured it out. Your post made so much sense to me! Thank you

    1. jennifer hahn

      Go to and order Stella and chewy raw foods, frozen and freeze dried-cats should never eat dry food-ever. She needs real meats -all of the commercial dry foods are bad all cats,
      go to and and then to the petfooled movie about foods on

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