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Diamond Dog Food Recall

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  1. Stacy

    I recently relocated to a smaller town where there are no pet stores within 30 miles. I checked the ratings and chose 4Health Lamb & Rice as it could be purchased locally. I have just rushed one golden ret. to the vet as her kidney’s have tanked, I will take the 2nd dog in for blood work this afternoon… trying to avoid her getting to crisis mode as well. I am retired, my dogs are never left unattended even in their own yard and spend most of their time in the house. One of my dogs is currently receiving treatment for kidney failure and will be getting blood work on the other this afternoon. Both dogs are young and the only thing that has changed is their diet. We are only on our 3rd bag of food and can only pray I don’t lose my precious golden ret. I will NEVER use Diamond pet food again.

  2. Jim

    If you can afford it I highly recommend trying Acana or Orijen dog food. I own a Choc lab & switched him to Orijen at 6 moths old. He is extremely healthy, coat is shiny & my vet always compliments on how great he looks & how good his health is. I urge you to do some research on this food & I believe you & you pets will be pleased. Hope your golden is ok.

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