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Dear Meredith Vieira

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  1. Peg

    Dear Meredith Viera,

    Susan Thixton really knows what she’s talking about despite not having letters after her last name.
    Read all about Susan on
    Susan is the BEST at helping all of us to keep out pets well fed with good, healthy food.


  2. Lill Marks

    I cringe every time I see her feed that treat her her dog. Yuck. Hopefully she will get your message and change to a better – MUCH BETTER – treat.

  3. Susan

    I would love to hear/read her response

  4. Ellie

    I am just amazed at how trained most Americans are NOT to look at ingredient lists. Maybe they do from time to time read the ingredient lists and it makes no sense to them so they just assume that someone in government is watching out for them. That would be their second mistake.
    In this day of internet technology it is easy enough to do a short bit of research on those ingredients that do not resemble any plant or animal known to nature and make a sound decision before consuming or having a pet consume something unidentifiable.

  5. Lindsey Wolko

    Remember Susan, celebrities get paid to promote products. This product placement was not by accident…..the manufacturer likely paid big bucks for that endorsement. It doesn’t excuse the bad choice – but it’s the reality of the world we live in.

    Cheers to you! Can’t wait to hear more about your test results. Let’s schedule a call soon.

    Lindsey Wolko
    Founder, Center for Pet Safety

  6. Nancy

    I love Mishka the talking Huskey and her sidekick Leika,( rip Moki) I cringed when I recently saw her on a Purina commercial. Please write to him and tell him to give his beloved dogs better food and stop compromising their health for money.

  7. Tattie

    Well, her response to this will be very telling. Initially, she will probably be offended but she’s such a smart woman. I think she’ll do her due diligence AND if we are lucky, she may become one of us!!! I shop at Walmart a lot because I buy for a non-profit and every time I see carts filled with all those huge bags of dog food I have to restrain myself.

    In time, everything in good time.

  8. Kim

    Like Susan said you can make your own. Chicken gizzards and hearts are great for this. Boil them, cool, then slice in half, and dry. You know exactly what is in it. But if you lack time Orijen for one has wonderful freeze dried treats.

    If you want your dog around as long as you can start learning from Susan and feed your dog a whole food diet, and quality treats. Join us on our quest to educate everyone. You are in a good position to do that. And by all means please do not just endorse something until you have researched it. We want the best for you and your dog and would love for you to join us.


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