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Day 2 at AAFCO

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  1. Cathy

    Sounds encouraging.

  2. Kelley Denz

    Thank you for all the hours of work you put into helping out pets get better quality food.

  3. joan

    Maybe Dr Dave Dzanis and Dr. Melissa Brookshire are beginning to see the light? That would be wonderful and very courageous! Thank you Susan!!

  4. Patrick Doyle

    Dear Susan,

    Thank you for all you do to protect our “children” from those that care more about profits than they do for our pets welfare.

    Your website and information is singularly some of the most vital & timely available. Thank you!

    With respect,

  5. Renee

    Keep it up Susan! You are a lifeline to us pet-consumers. I look forward to the day when there is honesty, integrity and transparency in the pet food industry!

  6. Rick dower

    Ditto that last comment. Susan, many thanks for standing up to the bureaucrats and lobbyists, it must get lonely at times. Never forget, there are millions of pet owners behind you (even if they don’t even know it). It’s a force to be reckoned with!

  7. Paula Cohen

    Bless you for your efforts on behalf of our furry children. It shouldn’t be so hard. Thank you!

  8. ASAP Prez

    The public has a right to know what goes into their pets’ food and getting synthetic ingredients approved as organic?????? Our pets deserve better and thank you for being there to protect what they are unknowingly being fed!

  9. Howard Birch

    In addition to your direct contributions your written reports are our visibility into the industry governmental standards maker and you are a reminder to the participants of that meeting that there is an audience of consumers that are interested and paying attention. Thank you and my two mini Schnauzers thank you.

  10. Melissa

    I thank you for your time and commitment to help our fur kids nutrition. You really dedicate a lot to this and its appreciated.

  11. Tim

    Susan, thank you for your ongoing diligence.

  12. Janice Schultz-Aldrich

    And thank you so much for the detailed report. That takes a lot of time and we do appreciate it.

  13. Woofielover

    Diamond pet foods and foods made by Diamond (3rd party co-packed) = pet poison. Beware the Trojan horse that comes bearing an olive branch…

    1. Annie

      Once again another exacting reply (re: the proffered olive branch)!
      You are correct to imply that a certain amount of paranoia is healthy for everyone.
      Correct too about Diamond Foods- I have never, and will never, buy their poison. What’s more, I have also talked a few people out of buying that food while at a store where I was looking for strong toys for my dog. I hope they will keep avoiding that brand, among most others.

      You are an astute reader here- and I believe I speak for many others when I say ‘thank you’ for your own contributions here.


      1. Annie

        My reply is not to say or imply that others are not as interesting or capable- Just that WL seems to be here, replying more often than the rest of us at times.

  14. Ed

    Keep on them Susan, our pets need your voice speaking for them.

  15. Mary

    I wouldn’t trust anyone from Diamond pet food!

  16. vickie

    You are greatly appreciated by me and my furry family. Thank you for all your time, concern and effort.

  17. Gina

    Natural flavors in pet food generally follow the human regulations since there aren’t really black and white regs. So, this means that natural flavors must meet the 21 CFR definitions of natural flavors and are listed in the regs. If you look at 101.22(a)(3) you can find the definition. Natural flavors are also proprietary in human food and along with “spices” do not have to be called out individually. There has to be some secrets in a recipe folks!

  18. Missy Brayton

    I appreciate your efforts so much! But, bottom line question what is the very best pet food I should be feeding my dog? I just want her to have the healthiest diet possible, and don’t feel confident or trust what that should be. I will cook for her, but afraid she won’t receive proper nutrients that way either. Thank you for your advice…MB

    1. Mollie Morrissette

      Missy, I know it can be very confusing with all the thousands of brands out there. But you have come to the right place and Susan can steer you in the right direction. Subscribe to the Petsumer Report and get The List. Take a look too at who has signed the Pledge and that should give you a good place to start.

      When you say “best”, I assume you mean commercial pet food, but many believe, including Susan, that homemade is best (she even wrote a book on how to do it called Dinner PAWsible with Dr. Cathy Alinovy).

      At the very least you can always add fresh, whole organically grown (preferably certified organic) food to a commercial diet.

      Go to a farmers market and buy locally raised, grass fed beef, poultry or lamb. You can buy it in bulk so it is not so expensive — plus you and your family can eat it too! Don’t be afraid to step outside the pet food box (or can).

  19. Bonnie N

    This is all so enormously interesting, Susan. Thank you so much for your update. Know that everyone here in my area is keeping abreast of your reports and looking forward to more. I hope that these pet food people understand how we ‘petsumers’ want things to change for the better with the foods for our pets. It’s like a jungle out there when we go into the pet stores and start looking at all of the different foods. The PFI people are going to keep throwing up barriers in order to squeeze the money out of us hoping we are not paying attention. We do so appreciate all you do and continue trying to do for our beloved ‘children’. Thank you, thank you.

    1. Bonnie N

      You remind me of “….a voice crying out in the wilderness”.

  20. Joni Lowther

    Susan, once again we are all indebted to your diligence. Thank you for being our voice. You are an incredible person, a blessing to us all, two legged and four legged alike.

  21. Gabrielle

    Mille merci Susan!

  22. Adriana Rojas

    Thank you Susan for all the hard work you put in keeping pet owners informed. I, for one, highly appreciate your investment of time, money and energy, as I’m sure do hundreds of other pet owners.

  23. Allison Nicolas

    Thanks so much for being there. It’s interesting to see what types of things they are discussing at these meetings. Sounds like a lot needs to change but you are pushing them to take a step in the right direction 🙂

  24. Andy

    Susan, thanks for all your time and effort in helping pet owners. I believe your finally getting their attention.

  25. Cris

    On behalf of pets all over the USA who do not have a voice, thank you!

  26. DEL

    Congratulations on your efforts, How you can stand being rebuffed so many many times by so called intelligent people just looking to line their pockets at our pets expense is beyond belief. I wonder how many of them have pets of their own and wonder also what they feed them…Rock on Susan My family has your back…..

  27. Ingrid

    There are no words that can thank you enough for your dedication to changing the pet food industry. You are the voice for countless animals and their pet parents and we stand behind you in this very difficult challenge!

  28. Maxine Schmidt

    You are special and all of your efforts are hugely appreciated. You’ve saved many lifes through your efforts.

  29. caroline bromm

    thanks so much for all the work you do so well —its hard to fight the “secrets” of the pet food industry but we know if its so secret –ITS NOT GOOD —or they would stand proud and behind their product —we are on to them–it happens to humans and we fight -and you lead the way for the pets with no voices and only TRUST —-

  30. Mollie Morrissette

    Amen and ditto to all the comments above!

    It breaks my heart that I couldn’t attend (flat busted), but come Hell or high water I am going to the next AAFCO meeting in August — so help me.

    This will be the last meeting Susan will have to go to by herself.

    So, look out Big Pet Food, because next time there will be two of us ruffling PFI’s feathers.

  31. Sherry

    I am totally in awe of your dedication and perseverance! You are truly a warrior princess for our pets. Thank you!
    (And how might we donate to help with your expenses?)

  32. Sherry

    (So sorry! In my comment just submitted my email address was wrong. I have corrected it in this post.)

  33. John Hufnagel

    Thank you does not seem adequate…but it comes from the hearts of so many…Human and furries.
    Thank You.

  34. Mary Huber

    Thank you, Susan, for everything you are doing — MUCH appreciated!!!!

  35. m henderson

    Sounds like your hard work is paying off.Thank you so much ! I had two pets almost die of kidney failure when all the pet poisonings from pet food were going on some years ago.Thanks to your good advice, all my pets are enjoying good health including my 18 year old darlings.

  36. Lai-Lai

    While I’m all for accurate labling of pet food, I’m far more interested in just outrigh banning their money-saving low quality practices.

  37. Jubercat

    It’s kind of heartwarming to learn that your “enemies” can also be human! I appreciate your efforts to make your voice heard; you represent so many of us, and our animal companions as well.

  38. Annie

    Do you know who Dr. Melissa Brookshire is currently consulting for? I am curious to know why she would not still be at Diamond? For all we know, she could be “Bill”… (Having been in management my whole life, -and also being aware of the history at Diamond etc.- I would also have been very wary to hire her on, now, had she come to me).

    On the other hand, if her motive was peace, or even the beginning of it for the 2 of you; then the olive branch is a generous first necessary act.

    I thank you much for all of your zeal in dealing with our fur families. You are so very dedicated- The world certainly needs more like you addressing its many ails.
    It is an unenviable position to find yourself [almost] the only one there that is fighting FOR our animals, and our hearts; and not the almighty dollar.

    The very bottom line concerning the critter obesity epidemic almost always is our own fault. Too many do not read, or comprehend, or even care enough about the safety of their pets- to know what is on the label! They are only leaving themselves open to heartbreak when something horrible happens to their pets.

    My vet has told me that, as far as feeding instructions on the packages is concerned, that those ‘directions’ are also a reflection of the company’s need for money and greed. he has offered that for almost all of the brands to never feed more than ¾ (three-quarters) of what the recommended intake be; and to never use the gravity ‘silos’ to feed pets. Those eat-at-will feeders are only good for water, but to keep in mind that no matter the diet, that water *must* be fresh every day.

    Those are only the basics, still too many do not honor them. I am happy to know that we have you always going further and deeper for us.
    I thank you again.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Funny thing Annie – when she sat down and we started talking I asked her “Are you Bill?” She gave me a very confused look – I don’t think she’s Bill. But I did think that! I don’t know who she consults for – she didn’t say.

      1. Annie

        How very interesting!
        (Darn funny too)!

        Hmmm… 🙂

  39. Nola

    Dear Susan……Hello! Thank you so very much for being our eyes and ears (and in my case,my legs since I’m in a wheelchair)for our precious FURRY ANGELS (dogs & cats) I am sooooo blessed to have come across your site! I bless that day ! 🙂 It is so VITALLY IMPORTANT that we as consumers KNOW EXACTLY what ingredients we are putting in our pets’ bodies!! My daughter cannot have children, and her 2 dogs( a rat terrier & cheweneese havaneese/chiuahah)
    and their 3 cats all spayed and neutered……. are “their kids”! and they don’t want to feed them poison….we don’t either !! and we are just so VERY GRATEFUL to you for all of your hard work, and time & sacrifice you invest into this!!!! GOD BLESS YOU FOR IT!!! Keep up the GREAT work !! WE NEED IT! AND APPRECIATE IT!!!
    Sincerely; Nola T.

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