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Crazy gets Crazier

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  1. MaryAnne Kennard

    Many thanks for your website and your voice to warn pet owners the dangers of treats and food! Ever since I found out that most pet foods were made with diseased, dead, or sick animals, not to mention road kill, I have tried to feed my darling Ginger the best possible quality food I can buy! I am sharing your FB posts with my friends so they can do the same. Purina kills!

  2. Elizabeth

    This is outrageous!

    Everyone reading this, please do what I did: go to the website Susan referenced above and post your comments. FIRST. Then comment here. Let them hear our feedback.

    I’m just so happy that I cook at home the majority of the time, and I don’t buy meat unless it is organic and I know where it comes from. I am very afraid for everyone else who may not always do extensive due diligence. At least they can’t outright lie on human food packages like they can with pet food. Of course, I don’t take that for granted either.

    1. Allison Nicolas

      But they do lie on human products too! They won’t even label products to let us know if they are GMO or not. We should have a right to know exactly what we are eating instead of trying to play this guessing game.

  3. Joanne Karaczun

    I am an online activist. Is there a petition floating anywhere that I can sign then pass on?

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      There is no petition, but the link provided above in the post allows anyone to provide FSIS their comment. Do comment there.

  4. Sandra

    According to our Vet, the only SAFE chicken/duck/beef jerky treats are the ones you make yourself! Use a little less salt, and go easy on any spices. Dry in your oven or in a dehydrator. Lots of recipes on line, and several types of dehydrators available in stores.

    Several stores now have DUCK jerky treats instead of chicken ones… it’s just as bad.

  5. Deanna

    is this just the chicken or is it the duck jerky as well? I have a bag of Canyon Creek Duck Jerky that is made by waggin train that i just bought from Petco…. should i be worried?

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      If the Canyon Creek Duck Jerky is manufactured in China (which I think it is) it is likely ducks in China are fed the same antibiotic laden foods as chickens. Thus the duck treats will probably contain antibiotics as the chicken did.

  6. Allison Nicolas


    I’m going to try to get these treats off the shelves in Canada. Any idea where I should start? Any help would be greatly appreciated! This is a disgrace that these products remain on our shelves here in Canada!!

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      I don’t understand why Canada isn’t recalling. Representatives from Canada are always in attendance at AAFCO meetings – it gave me the impression they enforce similar rulings as US does – but obviously that’s not the cause. This is – I believe – a regulatory issue. So laws will need to be changed in Canada. Start with the section of the government that governs pet foods/treats. Perhaps see if there are drug residue limits for other animal feeds such as cattle or poultry feed (animals that enter the human food chain). If the other animal feeds have restrictions, and pet food was excluded – the goal will be trying to figure out why pet food is excluded. With our government – we have federal food safety laws that govern all food – human and animal, but the FDA doesn’t enforce all of these laws with pet food/animal food (only human food). So this could be something similar – it could be Canada has laws established that would/should protect pet food, but your food agency has decided not to enforce those laws with pet foods. Hope I didn’t confuse you further.

      1. Allison Nicolas

        Hi again Susan!

        I contacted the CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) and was given the following reply:

        ‘The product was only available in western Canada and has been taken off the shelved by the retailer. Regardless of the foregoing the product presents no danger as the antibiotic residues detected a very low parts per billion’

        I have done further investigating myself as I live in Western Canada. The treats have been pulled from Pet Valu & Best West Pet Foods. I have yet to check if they have been pulled at Walmart & other pet stores.

        Thank goodness these pet stores have decided to remove the product without an actual recall in force!!

  7. Tracy Raypold

    In July 2012 we lost our Golden Retriever to kidney disease. It was a sudden onset. He had been healthy his entire life. I had recently switched vets. She commented on how incredibly healthy my sweet Ozzy was. How shocked she was to learn he was 9 years old. That he appeared 4 or 5 to her. 3 months later, we put him down. I started buying him wagon train treats from Costco, exactly 3 months before he died. Although my Oz man was 9 years old, is this just coincidence? Why are all these pets becoming sick after consuming these products? All be it, Purina or the Chinese jerky.

    I now feed our new Bernese Mtn. Dog, Acana grain free. He does amazing on it. It is Canadian made in Alberta, where we live. I feel it is much more safe. I will never feed my fur-babies anything made by Purina, Pedigree or any product made in China. I love my babies. I just wish I knew if this truly was food related, or if it was just the Oz man’s time? At there very same time, in Ontario, my best friend lost her 3 year old Old English Bulldog from the Costco food and wagon train contamination. We put them down 2 weeks apart. Again, Coincidence??

  8. dmiller

    Given what you describe, I would think it was highly likely.

  9. uggggwalgreens!

    Went to get pumpkin seeds @ walgreens. Had ” Nice” Brand in my hand. It was for our dog…I wanted to see ingredients. Instead I saw Made in China”. If that’s not a warning nothing is. At the corner of crappy & china. They poison their own, you think they care about you. Highly unlikely. Boycott china products. Boycott ” Nice” brand

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