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Cooking for Fluffy and Fido in the real world

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  1. Jean Mccarthy

    I do not cook. But, there are some healthy mixes, such as SoJos, The Honest, Kitchen Preference, that I add water to, plus meat (raw or cooked, or Merrick 96% canned food) to create healthy meals for my dogs.

  2. Ellie

    I feed raw to both the cats and dogs. I do prepare meals in bulk. I get all the ingredients together, mix them up and put them in individual portions for the dogs and I do daily portions for the cats. It really isn’t that much work once you have established your food sources and have all the equipment you need. The little extra investment means we have only yearly vet checks with no illness nor need of any medical interventions.

  3. MaryTX

    Does the book cover diets to support dogs with kidney and liver failure? Can you recommend trusted sources for both purchased and home cooked food? Thanks in advance.

    1. Dr Cathy

      There is an entire chapter devoted to talking about health conditions and which recipes are appropriate for which condition in the new edition of Dinner PAWsible. As for a great place to list where to buy better quality foods – you are on the right website.

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