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Concerning Australian Cat Food Study with a Twist

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  1. Dianne

    Well, well, well! So I wonder if their study will receive the same kind of flack the TAPF study did. But then, they didn’t name names.

  2. Peg

    Wouldn’t I LOVE to do a comparison between the TAPF study and the Aussie study?
    Especially when so many had their snarky comments about OUR study

  3. Dr Cathy

    US institutions have the same sponsorships. Interesting they haven’t even tried to conduct such a study.

  4. barbara

    2 stray cats (Maine Coon) decided to stay, so I bought Woolworths Home Brand dry cat food. Although hungry, wouldn’t eat it. Spilled contents when throwing out, gobbled up by my Australian Silky Terrior. Next day, very sick necessitating urgent trip to Veterinary surgeon. Extremely traumatic and expensive. Cats knew not to eat it.

    Australian Woolworths- product was from Thailand – ingredients Corn. Cats are not vegetarians.
    Never giving any of my animals home-brand products again.

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