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Comment from Pet Owner in Australia regarding Orijen Pet Food Irradiation Issue

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  1. Linda Null

    So is all Orijen food irradiated or just the food that goes to Australia ? I am still confused on this.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Only the food that went into Australia was irradiated.

  2. Woofielover

    Regardless of whether ONLY Australia-bound foods were irradiated, who wants to buy from a manufacturer who openly lied, dodged questions and puts money before animal welfare when animal welfare is supposed to be their business?

  3. Libertarian

    Commenter: this is not Origen’s fault. The only way into Australia for a raw unheated pet food like Orijen is irradiation since the pet food is based on RAWness. It can’t be heat treated and remain the product it is. This is a limitation based on Australian government. Not Orijen. So if you want to blame anyone, blame your government for mandating this rule to make everything “safer”. After all it is your government who claims “raw pet food” is a danger to the Australian continent and can only be made “safe” by irradiation. If it were my pet harmed by irradiation I would be outraged, angry and mad as hell. But I would direct that at the true cause of the damage, and that is the government who says raw pet food is dangerous and must be irradiated. Not at a company trying to outreach pets with products which have improved the lifestyle of thousands of pets in North America… sans irradiation. When a company wants to expand and it is told irradiation is safer than offering the product as is, otherwise it can’t get in…. what do you think they will choose? The option told to be safe by “official government protectionists” or are they going to conduct millions of dollars in tests to try and convince your government it is wrong? I am sad irradiation caused the untimely deaths of the authors pets. Very sad. I would be steaming mad. But direct anger to where it is due, and that is NOT orijen, it is the government who tells you outside products must be poisoned to become “safe” for Australia.

    1. Sue Robins

      And you think Orijen wouldn’t know what the Australian requirements were?

  4. Julie

    I live in NZ and just started feeding my cat Orijen. Is it safe or not? I’ve just cancelled my next order

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