Coalition for Safe Affordable Food…sounds consumer friendly doesn’t it?  This group consists of some of the largest human and pet food manufacturing groups and their mission might not be in the best interest of consumers.

On the homepage of the Coalition for Safe Affordable Food it states “A federal legislative solution that will protect consumers by eliminating confusion and advancing food safety.” Further, the ‘coalition’ states “Today, foods that have been genetically modified make up 70-80% of the foods we eat.”

What this group (and its members) is trying to prevent – is state by state laws requiring GM ingredient labeling of foods. “America’s food safety laws should not be determined by political campaigns or state and local legislation. State-based GMO labeling laws would be misleading and costly to consumers and food and beverage companies.”

Coalition for Safe Affordable Food members are…(bold are high profile pet food related associations)
1. AACC International/ American Phytopathological Society
2. American Bakers Association
3. American Beverage Association
4. American Farm Bureau Federation
5. American Feed Industry Association
6. American Frozen Food Institute
7. American Seed Trade Association
8. American Soybean Association
9. American Sugarbeet Growers Association
10. Biotechnology Industry Organization
11. Corn Refiners Association
12. Council for Responsible Nutrition
13. Flavor & Extract Manufacturers Association
14. Global Cold Chain Alliance
15. Grocery Manufacturers Association
16. International Dairy Foods Association
17. International Franchise Association
18. National Association of Manufacturers
19. National Association of Wheat Growers
20. National Confectioners Association
21. National Corn Growers Association
22. National Council of Farmer Cooperatives
23. National Grain & Feed Association
24. National Fisheries Institute
25. National Oilseed Processors Association
26. National Restaurant Association
27. National Turkey Federation
28. North American Millers Association
29. Pet Food Institute
30. Snack Food Association
31. U.S. Beet Sugar Association

On the Coalition for Safe Affordable Food website, it encourages readers to write your representatives in Congress – their pre-made letter ready to send to Washington states…

“I urge you to act to establish a new, single federal framework for regulating the use and labeling of GM technology.  

Currently, FDA does not require foods to be labeled as having been produced with GM technology because it has found that there are no health effects associated with GM foods or any material difference between GM and non-GM foods.  However, recently some groups have put forward state ballot initiatives and legislation to require special labels for products containing these ingredients.  

A 50-state patchwork of GMO labeling laws would mislead consumers, raise the price of groceries for American families and do nothing to advance food safety.  Our nation’s food safety and labeling laws should not be set by political campaigns or state and local legislatures, but by the FDA, the nation’s foremost food safety agency.

GM technology is not new. It has been used safely in the food supply for 20 years.  Every credible U.S. and international food safety authority that has studied GMO crops has found that they are safe and that there are no health effects associated with their use. In fact, Italian scientists recently analyzed nearly 1800 scientific studies on GMOs, and found overwhelming scientific consensus that there are no harmful effects from GMO consumption.

GMOs are safe and have a number of important benefits for people and our planet.  GMO crops use less water and fewer pesticides and reduce the price of crops by 15-30%. They also help us feed a global population of 7 billion that will grow to 9 billion by 2050, especially those that suffer from hunger and malnutrition.

GM technology is a vital part of our food supply chain.  Congress must establish a responsible federal policy framework that both protects consumers and facilitates informed consumer choices and helps to ensure that farmers, processors and food and beverage manufacturers can continue using GM technology to produce the safe, abundant and affordable food supply that we all enjoy today.  

Thank you.”

This group wants the FDA to decide what information consumers deserve to be told.  We can safely assume these trade groups feel they can manipulate the FDA a lot easier than they can an educated consumer/petsumer.  “Remove the confusion and uncertainty of a 50 state patchwork of GMO safety and labeling laws and affirm the FDA as the nation’s authority for the use and labeling of genetically modified food ingredients.”  

Coalition for Safe Affordable Food…what are you so afraid of?  Label information is for the protection of the consumer. It’s simple – all food labels should provide the consumer (petsumer) with as much information as possible. GM ingredient, country of origin, full nutritional profile. Consumers should decide – not the FDA and certainly not industry.


Wishing you and your pet(s) the best,

Susan Thixton
Pet Food Safety Advocate
Author Buyer Beware, Co-Author Dinner PAWsible
Association for Truth in Pet Food

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