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Chicken Poop Burger…Anyone?

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  1. Debra


    1. tristtan

      me too!

  2. Jude from Maine

    Composted chicken poop and the litter it’s on makes great garden fertilizer and we’ve used it for years. However, there’s no way I would ever eat it or feed it to my dogs. That’s just plain wrong, in my opinion.

  3. fran

    This is discussing what they do for money so sad !!
    Just awful our poor animals and humans too !!thankyou Susan for all that you do !!your God sent for sure !!

  4. Louise

    I hope this kind of thing is not allowed in Canada, I know they are not allowed to feed animal products to cattle anymore due to the BSE thing, so is this considered an animal product or does it fall under some sort of other category so that they can get away with using it??? Yikes!

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      In the US the only restriction is to not feed ruminant material to ruminants. Feeding poultry litter to cattle (ruminants) is perfectly acceptable. I don’t know about Canadian law on this, but my guess would be it is allowed there too.

  5. soldiermom1

    Does this mean that if we only eat chicken that we are not eating chicken poop or are chickens feed this concoction in their feed also?

  6. Jessica

    “The large quantities of litter produced during modern poultry production are expensive to dispose of safely”

    Why can’t this “waste” be composted and used to grow REAL FOOD to feed to cattle. Sounds so much better in so many ways. Cows would get to eat real food and we could reduce chemical fertilizers by using compost. Sounds like it would also be another money making industry. The compost company comes and picks up the waste for free, composts it, then sells it and makes some money.

    1. Jude from Maine

      Good response, Jessica. Makes too much sense for it to be done. Maybe the pet food industry pays for the poop and litter?

  7. Pat P.

    The Big Ag and Pet Food industries are attempting to get paid for every waste product they can get away with from, and our gov’t permits, no matter how disgusting or toxic it is! Using Dried Poultry Litter in life stock feed, is not even comparable to making a good compost, adding it to enrich soil. What they feed our farm animals is so horrible, it makes me sick. As horrific as their mistreatment is, I don’t know how they make it through their artificially sustained unnaturally brief lives! Have they forgotten that cows are herbivores?

    As important as my cats are, as well as my concern for the toxic garbage offered them by these unethical greedy industries, I am, also, extremely devastated by the hell farm animals experience–as it negatively affects them, in addition to the human and pets that consume them. Is their even one moment of their time on this earth that is compassionate or healthy?!

    If I hadn’t already given up most meat (aside from a very rare wild salmon meal), I wouldn’t touch the stuff–and that’s only the garbage we are aware of!

    Factory Farms have no ethical lines that they won’t cross. (Many smaller farms are not much better, at least in the torturous slaughters.) Remember the story of the hundreds(?) of very sick diseased little piglets that were killed, ground up and fed to their own mothers?! I believe that all the corporation employees (at all levels) are classic sociopaths!

  8. Jessie Frederiksen

    Geez what the hell is going on with these companies heads, it’s not like don’t make enough money to pay for proper disposal. People and companies who condone such vile actions, there’s a special place in hell that the universe justice system has for them.
    They will get their just rewards.

  9. Ah Clem

    Ewwww… And now with “our’ government allowing more and more lax labeling laws who knows what crap (literally) we’ll be eating…

  10. Kailey

    My dogs would be ecstatic if they knew that their beef was fed chicken poop-besides newborn calf poop, chicken poop is their favorite snack! 🙂
    Joking aside, I do thhink it’s a nasty idea to feed cow chicken poop.

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