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By-Product Ingredient Name Change?

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  1. Mary Anne Latham Kennard

    My question is, how do they know that dogs & cats “love rendered animal protein & fats”? Did they ask a group of dogs & cas their opinion? And, did they answer? I don’t think so. There’s the first lie right there.

  2. Ellie

    I think it was the Hills information site I was reading that was trying to assure consumers that by products were actually very healthy things for animals to eat. I suppose that is part of their “education” of pet owners.
    One pet owner I know is totally convinced by her pet food company and her vet that the commercial brand of food that she is feeding her pets is totally good and healthy feed. At one time she was concerned about corn being one of the main ingredients in her pet’s food but after doing her research she is satisfied with the ingredient list and avidly defends the company and ingredients.
    I can only shake my head and be amazed at how easily consumers trust companies to grade their own report card. However, what can you say when vets support such things? Pointing out that a vet gets very little nutritional training during their education process and that their schools are largely subsidized by the pet food companies is met with suspicion. I suppose it is easier to decide to trust the product that costs less and is easier to obtain.

  3. Tammy Baugh

    I almost didn’t read this. Since the very term By Product, knowing what that is is sooooo disgusting to me. Whenever I grocery shop I nearly heave in the meat department, still knowing I need to eat it. But I know what they did to it, how can I force myself too? Privately gagging to myself and out loud with actual tears in my eyes begging my husband not to make me pick out some meat for the week. This is an experience we live through each and every week. And it’s just what we have to eat. Now about the pets…Why is it we are only hearing about 4-D? When it is actually 5-D? Don’t you know not only dead, diseased,dyeing and disabled but also drugged animals and their parts? I am just wanting to know since it is my understanding that this is what the Ds actually stand for. And this is what By Product meats what all they can contain. Not nescessarily that they all do, but yet they may and still pass AVCO standards. Please forgive my spelling. I have to go to sleep.

  4. Peter

    Well, this is an art that pet food manufacturers have turned into a science. Look at the ingredients list of the food you bought: does it have “brewers rice”? This is just a made-up term, intended to make broken chips of rice (garbage, which cannot be used for any other purpose than be dumped into animal feed and pet food) sound appealing.

    Renderers do indeed need to work tirelessly to combat the growing awareness of what they produce and how they make it. In Susan’s book, there is a section where an employee of a rendering plant describes the environment, conditions, and processes at the plant. It is at once horrifying, and then revolting. I cannot imagine anyone having read it, being willing afterwards, to feed food with rendered ingredients to their pets.

    I think that use of the term “lie” is appropriate. Unfortunately, you’d be amazed at how many times we’ve asked people what food they use, and puzzle and scrunch their brows and can’t come up with what they buy and feed their pets. AAFCO and the pet food agribussinesses will be counting on duping them even further. But that won’t work for everyone.

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